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Manakeep 728x90
(Feb 26, 2019)
A little delayedbut now here summary report of Warriors of Mettle Part 2
(Jan 22, 2019)
Decided to try and get this event launched again
(Oct 19, 2018)
And finally as requested;No One's profile:
(Oct 16, 2018)
The summary of the first part to Warriors of Mettle is live:
(Oct 04, 2018)
The lightning round has arrived!Newest forum post is up:
(Oct 02, 2018)
A shift in things may have tiurned the tides in the lastest forum post:
(Sep 29, 2018)
It's fucking on! Battle of Gris Gris District post is up!
(Sep 27, 2018)
Next post is up and things are already going sideways:
(Sep 16, 2018)
Now for those who are interested to get involved in a new event forum rp that kicks off The Warriors of Mettle arc? Just check here:
(Sep 16, 2018)
Okay for folks who want a quick summary of what has been going on to lead up to the 3 part Warriors of Mettle arc just check this out here:
(Sep 09, 2018)
Just giving a quick word up: Project On Call is now officially 4 years old and running!
(Aug 27, 2018)
We doin' alright how bout you man?
(Aug 27, 2018)
Hey, OnCall! How's it going?
(Jul 13, 2018)
Summary of last weekend's rp event right here:
(Jul 07, 2018)
split into two parts as it was longer than expected. part 2 will follow with responses.
(Jul 05, 2018)
(Jul 05, 2018)
Welcome back from your trip raven! Hope it went smoothly enough