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[Pinned] Project On Call is officially live.

Entrepreneur and bussiness owner of the company ASAP Nate Hiyabashi, age 26, has now finally come out of public hiding after his controversial reveal last month of using a spy network to monitor both UNTIL and PRIMUS in secret with his own private...
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The Goth, The Roho and The Inscription - Forum RP

Note: This thread is via Permission Only. Please speak to both @RavenForce and @SoulStarisborn, if you would like your character (s) to join in. This can be done via Discord Private messages, in game PM's or emails or via On Call forum messages. I...
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Warriors of Mettle Part 1: So you think you're lonely

OOC Notes/Rules: Ok folks here is where the forum rp will take place. Keep in mind this will all count as a different timeline compared to ingame timeline until the RP itself is concluded here. That means whatever happens in this forum rp stays ri...
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Force Of Will (Forum RP) Within The Narrative

The book closes amidst the apparatus. The children’s book had been transformed into a heaving novel, a tome of impeccable thickness and radiating magic, and now that it had gotten others inside, it would reveal its true shape. For those that enter...
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Forum RP: Verification of Command: "Aubree" (Part 00) – Ultra-naturalist Continent

OOC: I don’t really like enforcing rules but here’s basic guidelines for this RP Arc: Post compliancy is limited to 3 days, after which things will move to schedule or ahead of schedule. Time-Skips: Yes, there will be time-skips these are days in...
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Force Of Will (Forum RP) Prologue

"Mister Solvo, desktop's ready. Next time, be careful of the links you click. Maybe play Save the World for a bit if you need V-Bucks that badly."Mercuriel sets down a towering, clunky desktop computer at a client's desk. The wires connect themsel...
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Bulivar mansion.Night.Zechariah Bulivar staggered back against the bookshelf, its contents tumbling onto his shoulders. A gasping wheeze escaped him, and his hand tightened its grip around his side. Blood trickled from underneath his fingers.“Stay...
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Born of No One

Born of No OneSome time over almost two millennia ago....The trenches of mud,dirt, and dried blood splashed over the small band of warriors who gripped their weaponry tighter than the embrace of a love one's own hold. They hardly wore any physical...
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Happy 26th, Monkey!

Hello everyone, welcome to the RP!For purposes of bookkeeping more than anything else, the usual ground rules: No rounds/turn orders. Given that this will just be a social event, there shouldn't be need for them. Just try not to post too much too ...
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Mother's Day - Prelude

December 23rd, 2017.XXXXX Prison[REDACTED] , [REDACTED]12:XX X.M“...I’m here to see her. Please.”“..Are you sure that’s a good idea? She’s been looking for you.”“...I’m fine...just. Get me there. Please.”“As you wish...but...are you sure I can’t c...
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Suit Up!

LOCATION: FORCETECH INDUSTRIES, MILLENNIUM CITYTIME: 14:02PM, 3rd OF MARCH 2018R.J. adjusted his aviators as he sat in the corner of the reception area; he looked around the waiting area appreciating the interior design. He noted several men and w...
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Star* Season!

"In the deep space within the far corner of the universe, there lies an planet with the worst of the worst criminals in the known galaxy would hang out.With the likes of auctions for weaponry to the deadliest fight club so illegal that even The St...
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The People vs Bang

In the criminal justice system, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty, either by confession, plea bargain, or trial by jury. This is one of those trials. December 15th // 2nd attempted Court Hearing of ...“Please state the defendant’s na...
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The People VS Judge Invictus

November 28 2017. Millennium City Courthouse. 12:32 PM.The People VS Christopher MorrisonChristopher Morrison AKA Judge Invictus was brought before the Honourable Judge James Wick for the charges of vigilantism, destruction of public property, Ove...
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IC stories

The People vs Crimson Katana.

The following is a summary of the accounts that happened following the trial for Axel Locke aka Crimson Katana of the new defunct group Operation Demand.November 27// Court Hearing of-“Axel Locke?”“Present.”“…Is that your--?”“Yes that’s my real na...
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IC stories

The People vs Miss Repel

The following is a summary of the accounts that happened following the trial for Insta Ingrid aka Miss Repel of the new defunct group Operation Demand.dNovember 24// Court Hearing of Ingrid InstaThe People vs Miss RepelAfter the accounted events o...
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Not A Rapper But Definitely, Probably, Certainly; A Flyer!

"I cannot believe it!" Shouted out the six foot three Ami as she seemed disappointed in herself for not being able to Make Or Break more of Bernard's face into paint chips. The outcome of the fight with him against On-Call was still going over the...
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Playing Horse

The first thing Monkey did when he got home from his desert adventure was open a bottle of tequila and drink to his own magnificence. What was a victory without a little bit of basking? Really, the trip out to the desert would have been better tha...
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The Vow

"...Mari. It’s up to protect Gary and Margaret...okay? I know...things are scary right now. I...I know how it feels...because I've been in this situation before. Where...your world is torn from you. don't know what to think. Wha...
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Op Demand Aftermath - A Deal Concluded.

ASAP Research FacilityLate Night……Late.Dr. Foust noted the time with increasing apprehension.10 Minutes Late.Just perfect...That was the very last thing he needed – a dead man on his hands.A minute more. I’ll give him a minute more, then I’ll repo...
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