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Reserves profiles here
NPC personnel that works for Project On Call. Free use for all.
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Character Profiles

Personal File: Electro Spider

(( WIP currently ))Real Name: Eric FullerOther Aliases and Nicknames: Electro SpiderPublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: The Facility simply known as the Underworld Site. Location unknown at this time.Citizenship and Legal Status: Human...
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Character Profiles

Personnel File: Gemini Flare

Real Name: Jazmin VogelOther Aliases and Nicknames: Gemini Flare, AquilaPublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: Tel Aviv, IsraelCitizenship and Legal Status: Israel, Germany, and AmericaAge: 33Height: 5'5Weight: N/AEye Color: BlueHair Colo...
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Character Profiles

Personnel File: Galactic Shaman

((This will most likely be a copy-paste of the application with some added story or info))Real Name: Sydney Crayna (When not merged), Galactic Shaman (When Merged)Other Aliases and Nicknames: Cosmic Shaman, Shaman, The Entity, EntityPublic / Secre...
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Character Profiles

Personnel File: The Viscountess

@mydeadgrandmaName: Piper PauperdaleOfficial Title: The Viscountess Pauperdale of Woolfadrisworthy (Esquire)Place of Birth:Woolfadrisworthy (pronounced Woolsery), England , in the Land of Legends/Faerie.Citizenship and Legal Status:A citizen of he...
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Character Profiles

Personnel File: Monkey

Real Name: Gabriel NavarroOther Aliases and Nicknames: MonkeyPublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: Monterrey, MexicoCitizenship and Legal Status: American CitizenAge: 25 (DOB: April 9)Height: 5'8''/ 1.73mWeight: 158 lbs / 72 kgEye Color:...
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Character Profiles

Personnel Profile: Metre Per Second

Metrè Per SecondReal Name: Mercedes JunttilaOther Aliases and Nicknames: Mimi, Mercy, MPSPublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: South Karelia, FinlandCitizenship and Legal Status: American Citizenship, Finnish citizenship accord. to legal...
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Character Profiles

Project On Call Personnel File: MacRyder

Alias: MacRyderReal Name: Samuel Ulysses MacRyder Other Aliases and Nicknames: Ryder, Mac, Sam.Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois Public / Secret Identity: KnownCitizenship and Legal Status: American CitizenAge: Subjectively 30, technically 81. Hei...
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Character Profiles

Project On Call Personnel File: Monte Cristo

Personal InformationAlias: Monte CristoReal Name: Wesley Montoya RodriguezOther Aliases and Nicknames: Wes, ‘The Dread Pirate Rodriguez’ Place of Birth: St. Augustine, Florida. Citizenship and Legal Status: American CitizenAge: 21Height: 5'10" ...
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Character Profiles

Personnel Profile: Daring-Devil

Real Name:Howard McKnightAlias and Nicknames: Kevin Smith, The Silver Feather.Place of Birth: Tacoma, Washington.Citizenship: US citizenship.Age:~25Height: 5'6Eye Color: GreenHair Color: BrownCivilian Occupation: CEO of Knight R&D.Known Relati...
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Character Profiles

Application Stinger

@daisysky#6585Real Name: Arcadia RamirezOther Aliases and Nicknames: Stinger, Lt. RamirezPublic / Secret Identity: NonePlace of Birth: London, EnglandCitizenship and Legal Status: United Kingdom, United States, Mexico.Age: 22Height: 5'5Weight: 130...
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Character Profiles

Personal File: SoulStar

Real Name: Dredrick("Dre" or "Dread") WilsonHistory:Born and raised as a cop's son, Dredrick was always taught to do what he felt was the right thing by his own moral compass; his father, an Chicago police officer. Teaching him basic hand to hand...
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Character Profiles

Project On Call Personnel Profile: Veil

Real Name: Drake AlabasterOther Aliases and Nicknames: Veil, The Pale Protector, Fluffy DogcatPublic / Secret Identity: Pseudo-secret; Hero persona is not human, while public ID appears human.Place of Birth: Yuma, ArizonaCitizenship and Legal Stat...
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Character Profiles

Personnel Profile : Black Jack

Black-JackReal Name:Jackson "Jacks" MichealsBio:Professional Casino gambler Jacks was always a calculating type even at a very early age. Always seems to get by scuffles , grades, sports and relationships through very extraordinary means at t...
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Character Profiles


(All art is edited, none is original artwork)(Original by DanteWontDie)Name: Princess Vicia TriniumRace: RaetruxianPlanet: EchiyphusCurrent Location: The UndauntedClass: Cosmos CommanderHeight: 6'3" (8ft in Armor)Languages: Galactic Basic, Raetrue...
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Character Profiles

Personnel File: Andromeda

Civilian Identity: Gabriel CorgaitOther Aliases and Nicknames: AndromedaAge: 21Height: 5'4"Weight: 139Civilian Occupation: Student [Archaeology Major]Marital Status: Single=======================================================History: Gabriel Cor...
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Character Profiles

Project On-Call Personnel File: Darksyte

Codename: Darksyte Civilian Identity: Jessica Marie BerkeleyAge: 26Race: Metahuman (Praetorian [see below], Mutant)Height:5'06''Weight: 175Occupation: Biohazard-Certified Sanitation Specialist, ArtistMarital Status: Single=========================...
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Character Profiles

Personnel File: Burnout

Real Name: Russell "Rusty" Breckinridge Age: 24Race: MetahumanHeight:5'09''Weight: 182Occupation: Pro-Circuit Drag RacerMarital Status: Single==================================================History: Born in Santa Ana, California to the famed we...
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Character Profiles

Project On Call Personnel File: Noah Ark

Noah ArkEthnicity: African AmericanOccupation: Musician/Bodyguard Bio: Noah was just a simple guitar player who was always looking for the next gig to play. Always available to play for a band whenever needed and able to get himself into the nices...
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Character Profiles

Personal Profile: Valor.

Full Name: Nicole Amelia WashingtonAliases: ValorRace: MetahumanGender: FemaleBirth-date & Birthplace: July 17th 1910 Manhatten, New YorkApparent age: Early 30sReal Age: 108Hair Colour: BlackEye Colour: BlueSkin colour: WhiteKnown Training/Ski...
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Character Profiles

Project On Call Personnel File: Silhouette

PRIMUS Database File: SilhouettePersonal InformationReal Name: Esmeralda DarkholmeOther Aliases and Nicknames: Silhouette, The Void Queen, Esme, Esmeralda, Miss DarkholmePublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: Dulwich, LondonCitizenship an...
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