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Character Applications

[Application] Una Nocturnal "One with the Darkness"

Real Name: Selena 'Selene' Brand Other Aliases and Nicknames: Una Nocte, Public / Secret Identity: LatterPlace of Birth: Unknown (Presumably in another realm)Citizenship and Legal Status: U.S CitizenshipAge: Twenty-OneHeight: 6'2"Weight: 195 lbs ...
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Character Applications

[Application]: Moonlighter

Real Name: Adrian RianoOther Aliases & Nicknames: Moonlighter (formerly Stitch)Public / Secret Identity: Secret; known to most authoritiesPlace of Birth: Tucson, ArizonaCitizenship & Legal Status: US CitizenAge: 20Height: 5'11Weight: 218 l...
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Character Applications

Application: Twonky

I uh....sorry I am not sure how one does this. I have never really had a job or job interview so this will likely be awkward. My name is Twonky. I used to be a, please keep reading after this, a test robot for Dr. Destroyer, well more like a targe...
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Character Applications

Application: Dr. Proton

Dr. Patrick ArksonAge: 35Weight: 178 lbs.Height: 5' 10"Dr. Arkson was a young doctor in the cancer research field. He had many promising ideas though still many many trials ahead to prove them. Still he was smart enough to realise that while a cur...
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Character Applications


Name: Nina WhitemoreAlias: NoneAge: 19Weight: As if! Height: 5'7"Hair Color: BlondeEye Color: BluePowers: Nina was born with the ability to project force fields, as well as manipulate them to her will. She is able to use these force fields as pro...
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Character Applications

Application: Fantomask

IC BriefThough the name Fantomask mask has only existed in a number of years, dating her first public appearance during the Boxer Rebellion of 1899, the ideal of that became Fantomask have existed since before the Xia dynasty as the Avatar of Yn, ...
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Character Applications

Application: James Stafford

IC BriefJames is a (retired) military veteran and (active) nurse, with superpowers that she prefers not to use but do give her an edge in muscling out competition for more interesting jobs. Served a full tour of duty with the U.S. National Guard ...
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Character Applications

Application: Dr Bugly

Name: Dr Anton BurgessAlias: Dr. Bugly, Bugs, Carapace(formerly), The DoctorAge: Late TwentiesWeight: variable, typically 57 lbsHeight: variable, typically 40 lbs.Body Type: Thin, with oddly proportioned limbed, and insectoid features.Hair Color: ...
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