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Character Applications

Application: Jaguannybat

Real Name: Sarah HandannahafOther Aliases and Nicknames: Jag, Jaguannybat, Everyone's Favorite Fanservice Character, Vanessa Cardui, Vincent CarduiPublic / Secret Identity: Public IdentityPlace of Birth: Handannahaf's Tower, Sahara DesertCitizensh...
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Character Applications

Application: Valiance.

Handle: Anttman14Real Name: Solomon James Zachariah Other Aliases and Nicknames: Sol, Val, Solly ( He hates that! ) Public / Secret Identity: ValiancePlace of Birth: Fall Rivers, MassachusettsCitizenship and Legal Status: US CitizenAge: Twenty-thr...
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Character Applications

Application: Epsilon Eridani

Ingame Handle: @DafidenziReal Name: Epsilon EridaniOther Aliases and Nicknames: EriPublic / Secret Identity: Epsilon EridaniPlace of Birth: 57 Light-years anti-spinward of the Engraved Hourglass NebulaCitizenship and Legal Status: Extraterrestrial...
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Character Applications

Application: Da'kkim

Real Name: Da'kkim (Pronounced Da-k'kim sort of).Other Aliases and Nicknames: DakPublic / Secret Identity: Da'kkimOrgin: Another world similar to Earth.Place of Birth: The Great Ta'cahm Empire, Dragonspine Mountains, Valley of Ja'kka.Citizenship a...
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Character Applications

Application: Seeker

Real Name: SKr-004Other Aliases and Nicknames: SeeksPublic / Secret Identity: SeekerPlace of Birth: Sanderson-Kenders Robotics, LTD in Tokyo, JapanCitizenship and Legal Status: In contentionAge: 6 yearsHeight: 5'9"Weight: 396.82 lbsEye Color: None...
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Character Applications

Application: Aeron

The handle is @Atzet and I'm generally around on Pidgin all day. As for in-game, it can vary. I'm slowly making a comeback to the game, but I'm trying to be on more frequently.________________________________________________________________Real Na...
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Character Applications

Application: Fathom

Real Name: Carmen TethysOther Aliases and Nicknames:Public / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: DetroitCitizenship and Legal Status: AmericanAge: 26Height: 5'10"Weight:Eye Color: BlueHair Color: AuburnOther Distinguishing Features: N/ACivilian...
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Character Applications

Application: Judge

Handle is @Gabbo988. Tried to shorten the backstory as much as I could but...I might have failed a bit.Real Name: Unknown, goes by Dean MoxleyOther Aliases and Nicknames: The Judge, The Arbiter, The PhantomPublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of ...
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Character Applications

Application: Honey-B

In-game handle: @leonaheidernReal Name: DahliaOther Aliases and Nicknames: Zombee, Honey-B, Queen-BPublic / Secret Identity: Public Identity.Place of Birth: Detroit, Alternate-Earth (Hive-world)Citizenship and Legal Status: Registered with a numbe...
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Character Applications

Black Chaplain application

Real Name: Rose-Mary ArkwoodOther Aliases and Nicknames: Black Chaplain, Black Chaplain IIPublic / Secret Identity: Secret IdentityPlace of Birth: EnglandCitizenship and Legal Status: American, formerly britishAge: 689 years old, died at the age o...
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Character Applications

Application: Roadrunner

Real Name: Harvey HuxleyOther Aliases and Nicknames: Roadrunner, SOB from Croft, Pearce & ShawPublic / Secret Identity: Secret IdentityPlace of Birth: Santa Fe, New MexicoCitizenship and Legal Status: AmericanAge: 32Height: 5'11"Weight: 194 lb...
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Character Applications

Application: Whitescar

Real Name: Jason LarstonOther Aliases and Nicknames: Whitescar, Scar, The WhitePublic / Secret Identity: LatterPlace of Birth: West Side/Millenium CityCitizenship and Legal Status: U.S. CitizenshipAge: Middle of Twenty-OneHeight: 6,1"Weight: 182 l...
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Character Applications


Real Name: Thomas L. Hyde Other Aliases and Nicknames: Dr. Hyde Public / Secret Identity: Thomas Hyde Place of Birth: Manchester, England Citizenship and Legal Status: English Citizen, Applying for US citizenship Age: 30 Height: 6'9'' Weight: 47...
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Character Applications

Application: Immortal

Notes: Alt character of @Lebleu. Some of the weapons presented within this sheet are fictional, while some are real. Just thought it was fun to note that.Real Name: Kerian BeatriceOther Aliases and Nicknames: Immortal, Reaper, Reaper BeatricePubli...
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Character Applications

Application: Firewall

Real Name: Harrison Cole formerly Alexander PrescottOther Aliases and Nicknames: FirewallPublic / Secret Identity: Secret. Alex Prescott is considered deadPlace of Birth: West Hartford, CTCitizenship and Legal Status: US CitizenAge: 31Height: 6'3W...
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Character Applications

Application: Obscurity

Obscurity@vandermoreReal Name: UrumauOther Aliases and Nicknames: None knownPublic / Secret Identity: Michael Sidney PenningtonPlace of Birth: Comrat, MoldovaCitizenship and Legal Status: Moldova, though he claims to have not been there in some ti...
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Character Applications

Application: Natasha Roy

In-Game Handle: @LebleuReal Name: Natasha RoyOther Aliases and Nicknames: Formerly “Divael, the Masked Healer”, Nat, Natty Cakes, Natty, Tasha, Miss Nat, Elf, Halfer, Half-Elf.Public / Secret Identity: Public identity since a few years, formerly s...
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Character Applications

Hun Tra

Player Handle: @AkselmoiReal Name: Tobias, surname unknown (for now)Other Aliases and Nicknames: Hun-Tra, Hun, some may even call him HuntzPublic / Secret Identity: Well it's hard to stay secret if you're a walking talking lizardmanPlace of Birth:...
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Character Applications

Application: Maj. Matrix

Real Name: Jennifer Matrix Citizenship and Legal Status: U.S. CitizenAge: 40Height: 6'3"Weight: 232 lbs.Eye Color: BrownHair Color: BlackOther Distinguishing Features: Body builder's physiqueCivilian Occupation: n/aFamily: Paul (son), Ga...
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Character Applications

Application: Roughneck

Real Name: Jacob SlateOther Aliases and Nicknames:JakePublic / Secret Identity: RoughneckPlace of Birth: Castle Rock. ColoradoCitizenship and Legal Status: American CitizenAge: 26Height: 5'8"Weight: 185 lbsEye Color: BlueHair Color: BlackOther Dis...
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