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Character Applications

Application: Impact

Real Name: Chase ChapmanOther Aliases and Nicknames: NonePublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: New YorkCitizenship and Legal Status: Dual citizenship, U.S and BritainAge: 18Height: 6'4"Weight: 235lbs.Eye Color: BlueHair Color: BlackOther...
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Character Applications

Application Agent Fang

Real Name:Vincent Malakith XenehanortOther Aliases and Nicknames:VincePublic / Secret Identity: Agent FangPlace of Birth:Vibora Bay,LACitizenship and Legal Status: AMericanAge:25Height:6'00Weight:120 poundsEye Color:Blue when suit is hiddenHair Co...
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Character Applications


Real Name: Nathalie ChildsOther Aliases and Nicknames: Duchess, TopsiePublic / Secret Identity: Uses a call-sign but wears no disguisePlace of Birth: London, EnglandCitizenship and Legal Status: British citizen, visa of indefinite leave to remain ...
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Character Applications

Application: Aim Master

Real Name: Trevor Daniele GandalfiOther Aliases and Nicknames: "Aim Master"Public / Secret Identity: PublicPlace of Birth: Rome, ItalyCitizenship and Legal Status: Currently relocated to Millenium City.Age: 34 years oldHeight: 6'3"Weight: 189lbsEy...
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Character Applications

Metre Per Second

Metre Per SecondReal Name: Mercedes JunttilaOther Aliases and Nicknames: Merce, Mercy, MimiPublic / Secret Identity: Metre Per SecondDate of Birth: 1994, May 6thPlace of Birth: South Karelia, Finland Citizenship and Legal Status: Primus Registered...
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Character Applications

Application: The Avatar of Justice

Real Name: The Avatar of JusticeOther Aliases and Nicknames: JustinePublic / Secret Identity: N/APlace of Birth: The Tau Volantis Cluster, Sigma IV, Beta QuadrantCitizenship and Legal Status: Former citizen of the Interstellar Created Technocracy....
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Character Applications

Application: Prometheus

Real Name: UnknownOther Aliases and Nicknames: Project Prometheus mark3, Mark3, Mark, The West side Monster.Public / Secret Identity: PrometheusPlace of Birth: Argent Underground LabCitizenship and Legal Status: DeceasedAge: 28 Height: 5ft 6inWeig...
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Character Applications

Application: Reverb

Real Name: Noah Nicholson Other Aliases and Nicknames: N/APublic / Secret Identity: Public Place of Birth: New York, New York (moved), Wichita, Kansas Citizenship and Legal Status: US CitizenAge: 26Height:5’11”Weight: 156 lbs.Eye Color: Dark BlueH...
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Character Applications

Application: Sophia "Zero" Smith

Real Name: Sophia {Formerly John} SmithOther Aliases and Nicknames: Zero, Soldier Seven, SparkyPublic / Secret Identity: ZeroPlace of Birth: Underground Bunker, Science Wing, Room 5ACitizenship and Legal Status: Registered Citizen of the US as of ...
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Character Applications

Application : Swolesista

Real Name: Jodi May Taylor-LewisOther Aliases and Nicknames: Swolesista, Walking Lawsuit, Oh God Put That Down PleasePublic / Secret Identity: KnownPlace of Birth: Talahasee, FloridaCitizenship and Legal Status: American CitizenAge: 21Height: 6' 6...
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Character Applications

Application : Curl

Real Name: Ami ChristmasOther Aliases and Nicknames: Curl, BoomPublic / Secret Identity: Semi-SecretPlace of Birth: Santa Monica, CaliforniaCitizenship and Legal Status: American CitizenAge: 26Height: 6' 3"Weight: 245 Lbs (Can shift with Channelin...
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Character Applications


Real Name: Anastasia Farrier (Formerly Thomas)Other Aliases and Nicknames: ReprisellePublic / Secret Identity: Publicly knownPlace of Birth: Waterford, IrelandCitizenship and Legal Status: Legal US citizenAge: 32Height: 5'6Weight: 135Eye Color: Bl...
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Character Applications

Application: Warp

Real Name:Gabrielle AshtonOther Aliases and Nicknames:Gabby, BlipPublic / Secret Identity:SecretPlace of Birth:London UKCitizenship and Legal Status:United KingdomAge:20Height:5'8"Weight:140 lbsEye Color:BlueHair Color:BrunetteOther Distinguishing...
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Character Applications

[Application] Carcere, the Crimson Martyr

Real Name: Carmelia DanescuOther Aliases and Nicknames: Crimson Martyr, Carcere, Lady DanescuPublic / Secret Identity: PublicPlace of Birth: Constanta, RomaniaCitizenship and Legal Status: American, Romanian; No Criminal RecordAge: 33Height:...
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Character Applications

Application: Delilah

[Was confused by the instructions of applying so applying both here and on the page that the "apply" button leads to on the left of the side].Real Name: Delilah PriceOther Aliases and Nicknames: DelPublic / Secret Identity: DelilahPlace of Birth: ...
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Character Applications

[Application]: The Warhawk

Real Name: Robin Jaye FenixOther Aliases and Nicknames: Formerly known as the hero Metal RavenPublic / Secret Identity: [Public Hero] The WarhawkPlace of Birth: Detroit, MICitizenship and Legal Status: Legal US Citizen, Legal Resident of Michigan....
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Character Applications


@LebleuReal Name: Zustella DmariiOther Aliases and Nicknames: Zusty, Stella, QuasarPublic / Secret Identity: PublicPlace of Birth: City of Aldenri, Urel (located the Aether Galaxy)Citizenship and Legal Status: Canadian/US legal citizenship (took t...
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Character Applications

The Equalist

Real Name: Bruce JacksonOther Aliases and Nicknames: The EqualistPublic / Secret Identity: Secret IdentityPlace of Birth: Millennium City, MichiganCitizenship and Legal Status: Legal CitizenAge: 18Height: 6'0"Weight: 198lbs.Eye Color: BrownHair Co...
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Character Applications

Application: The Wonder Wasp

Real Name: Kalya CarpenterOther Aliases and Nicknames: N/AIdentity: SecretPlace of Birth: Millennium City Citizenship and Legal Status: AmericanAge: 23Height: 5'6" (Varies)Weight: 110 lbs. (Varies)Eye Color: BrownHair Color: BlackOther Distinguish...
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Character Applications

Application: Veil

Real Name: Avenn VolkovOther Aliases and Nicknames: Veil, Pale Protector,White DogcatPublic / Secret Identity: Secret; publicly goes by "Veil"Place of Birth: Yuma, ArizonaCitizenship and Legal Status: American/Russian Dual CitizenshipAge: 19Height...
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