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Character Applications

[Pinned] In-Game Character Bio Templates

I don't know where else to put these, but I figured this could be helpful to new users like my friend who just joined. This will be where in-game bios will be posted as templates for those who know less about formatting and just want a quicky post...
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Character Applications

[Pinned] New Visitors click here first

Just a heads up to all who may send in your app to this forumWhen you submit an application try formatting in this order as an example for future consideration.Also remember to not forget to mention your ingame @handle. Thanks very much.~@soulstar...
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[Pinned] Applications
Character Applications

[Pinned] Applications

Post those applications here for consideration. Character Applications posted here pleaseDon't forget to leave your @handle so we can contact you if you're chosen. Thanks.
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Character Applications

Application: Seraph

Real Name: SeraphOther Aliases and Nicknames: Sera YangPublic / Secret Identity: It's complicatedPlace of Birth: Millennium City (twice)Citizenship and Legal Status: It's complicatedAge: 20-something (approximate)Height: AverageWeight: HeavyEye Co...
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Character Applications

Application: Blue Bullet

((Yeah, I'd been looking for a SG for Bullet here, but figured it'll be easier, schedule wise to try On-Call.))Real Name: Vanessa Holiday RobertsOther Aliases and Nicknames: Holly. The Blue BulletPublic / Secret Identity: Secret Place of Birth: V...
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Character Applications

Application: Professor Killswitch

Note: This bio is sent in by Officer Jack Denning, I am the lead parole officer and handler for ex-villains. This guy is a little...strange...but I can guarantee through our psychologists and our various doctors that he is ok.Real Name: Frederick ...
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Character Applications

Application: Odin Taragosh

Real Name: Odin TaragoshOther Aliases and Nicknames: NonePublic / Secret Identity: Has nonePlace of Birth:rural area of OregonCitizenship and Legal Status: US citizenAge: 36Height: 8ftWeight: 500+Eye Color:Pitch Black eyes with glowing green pupil...
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Character Applications

Application: Mutt

Real Name: Matthew HollingerOther Aliases and Nicknames: Aldhaven Werewolf, Werewolf of WestsidePublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: Aldhaven, WACitizenship and Legal Status: US CitizenAge: Mid 20'sHeight: 6'Weight: 150/170Eye Color: Br...
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Character Applications

Application: Cel'si

@vylmaReal Name: Cel'siOther Aliases and Nicknames: Cel’si, CelPublic / Secret Identity: PublicPlace of Birth: Planet Kaary in the GN-z13 galaxyCitizenship and Legal Status: Off world immigrant, looking for permanent Earth residencyAge: 41Height: ...
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Character Applications

Application: Melphina Gallinago

Gallinago@JhunoReal Name: Melphina GallinagoOther Aliases and Nicknames: Space ElfPublic / Secret Identity: PublicPlace of Birth: Uncharted SpaceCitizenship and Legal Status: Intergalactic RefugeeAge: Undetermined, though mentally matureHeight: 5'...
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Character Applications

Application: Living Goop

Real Name:Other Aliases and Nicknames:Public / Secret Identity:Place of Birth:Citizenship and Legal Status:Age:Height:Weight:Eye Color:Hair Color:Other Distinguishing Features:Civilian Occupation:Known Relatives:Marital Status: SingleKnown Allies:...
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Character Applications

Application: Galactic Shaman

@JaokisReal Name: Sydney Crayna (When not merged), Galactic Shaman (When Merged)Other Aliases and Nicknames: Cosmic Shaman, Shaman, The Entity, EntityPublic / Secret Identity: Syd CraynaPlace of Birth: Midtown, Vibora BayCitizenship and Legal Stat...
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Character Applications

Application: Ophiionis Crethosise

Real Name: Ophiionis CrethosiseAge: 28 (Can live for about 800)D.o.B.: 1574Place of Origin: Aclaphas Capital City in The Oeshothal Dimension (A plane of mostly Lizardfolk and Lamia)Gender: MaleHeight: 9ftWeight: 1100 lbsEye Color: Candy Apple RedN...
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Character Applications

Application: Safe Room

Real Name: Isaac AndersonOther Aliases and Nicknames: NonePublic / Secret Identity: Safe RoomPlace of Birth: New EnglandCitizenship and Legal Status: US CItizenAge: 30Height: 5:10Weight: 175Eye Color: BlueHair Color: BrownOther Distinguishing Feat...
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Character Applications

Application: The Viscountess

@mydeadgrandmaName: Piper PauperdaleOfficial Title: The Viscountess Pauperdale of Woolfadrisworthy (Esquire)Place of Birth:Woolfadrisworthy (pronounced Woolsery), England , in the Land of Legends/Faerie.Citizenship and Legal S...
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Character Applications

Application: Mercury Mercinary (Mercuriel)

Real Name: Malcolm QuartzOther Aliases and Nicknames: Mercuriel, Mercury Mercenary, MercPublic / Secret Identity: Not applicable, Manimal.Place of Birth: Long Beach, California.Citizenship and Legal Status: Detroit CitizenAge: 34Height: 5' 9"Weigh...
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Character Applications

Character App.: Sabanto MK3

Real Name: Sabanto TekuOther Aliases and Nicknames: Sabanto MK 3, Seb, Robo GirlPublic / Secret Identity: SabantoPlace of Birth: Robotics Institute, ???Citizenship and Legal Status: Registered Robot, complies with all laws.Age: Meant to look/act 2...
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Character Applications

Application: Electro Spider

Real Name: Eric FullerOther Aliases and Nicknames: Electro SpiderPublic / Secret Identity: SecretPlace of Birth: The Facility simply known as the Underworld Site. Location unknown at this time.Citizenship and Legal Status: CloneAge: Physically, a ...
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Character Applications

Application: Master Enforcer

Real name: James "Jamie" ConnollyPlace of Birth: Millenium City, MichiganCitizenship: U.S. CitizenAge:29Height: 5'9Eye color: GreenHair color: RedheadCivilian ocupation: M.A.R.S. OfficerKnown relatives: Cassidy Connolly (Mother, Alive) Karol Conno...
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Character Applications

Caomhnóir, The Black Stag

Real Name: Aodhan Ó CoileáinOther Aliases and Nicknames: Black StagPublic / Secret Identity: Keith KellyPlace of Birth: Armagh, N. IrelandCitizenship and Legal Status: Resident Alien, USAge:28Height: 6'1Weight: 225Eye Color: GreenHair Color: Black...
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