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These events are related to an ongoing development that's taken place for several months now. They can be found here:

Warriors of Mettle Part 1
The Goth,The Roho, and The Inscription

After getting a special request from PRIMUS to help escort a small number of prisoners, including person in question Miguel Richardsons, members of On Call traveled within a private security plane along with many personnel and prisoners.

On Callers:{Golden Retriever,Safe Room, Electro Spider,MapShaper, and Katerra}

After the plane went airborne, the On Callers went off into different sections of the interior performing basic security checks. Katerra decided to exclusively keep an eye on Mr. Richardsons since he was the one being targeted by the meta killer known as Boogie. A good portion of the mission was very mundane up until an unknown flying vessel was passing by what was supposed to be a reported empty skies. When the vessel failed to respond to PRIMUS' hail, MapShaper investigated into the matter. The vessel as it turned out was really Boogie himself disguising his entire body as a vessel using the strange new supernatural flexible cloth. While battling against Maps he deliberated made their outside combat end up on the PRIMUS airship. This is when Boogie sprang his surprise on all of them by displaying the power of his unusual cloth outfit, which showed small hints of mental sentience, by turning the entire vessel upside down.

Using this distraction to his highest advantage, Boogie broke into the ship by force and began to do battle with both the security stationed within and the On Callers themselves. Katerra managed to get Miguel Richardsons to safety, but in a panicked haste Mapshaper not only released Mr. Richardsons depowering restraints but also imbued his powers exponentially right into his obelisk that rest within him. Resulting in nearly sending the man into cardiac arrest which he needed time to be revived from. The alien hero learned that his actions were both foolish and should never be attempted again without full knowledge of what his abilities can do to one like the person in question.

Boogie's attacks were both ruthless and merciless when the assault on the plane went underway. Ozy (Golden Retriever) ordered for Safe Room to help get the plane back in order once more since the controls were heavily damaged while the rest of them handled taking down the psychotic assassin. After much needed teamwork and the lucky chance of heavy turbulence knocking the assassin off his track, the heroes managed to take him down and neutralize his suit as well in thanks to Richardsons assistance using one of the cards from the Deck of Many things.

Later after the emergency landing, the heroes learned that Charles Barr aka Chocolate Bar was killed in his holding cell during their mission.It's highly suspected No One had a hand in this as well.
8:01:58 PM) _Psi_: For every [redacted] and [redacted] there are those in CORP who will try to be helpful such as Epelesker, Soulstar, and Seeker.
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