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Real Name: Seraph
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Sera Yang
Public / Secret Identity: It's complicated
Place of Birth: Millennium City (twice)
Citizenship and Legal Status: It's complicated

Age: 20-something (approximate)
Height: Average
Weight: Heavy
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black
Other Distinguishing Features: While usually covered, Seraph's body is clearly artificial, inlayed with geometric panel lines that conceal her armory. She also lacks ears. Her legs from below the knee are one-part foot and two-parts jet thruster.

Civilian Occupation: PRIMUS asset
Known Relatives: Douglas Yang (father/creator, alive), Michelle Yang (mother/creator, alive)
Marital Status: Single

Known Allies: PRIMUS
Known Enemies: PRIMUS
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: None
Base of Operations: Her basement

Known Metahuman Powers:

Robot Body
Seraph is an artificial being. While her mind is quite human, her body is not. She does not need to eat, sleep, breathe, or so on. Her body is resistant to most forms of small-arms fire. She is stronger than most people but not regarded as having any significant super strength threshold. Her body is also flight-capable and can maneuver at supersonic speeds if required.

Hardware Mind
Seraph's mind is a very powerful computer. This gives her some significant advantages when it comes to processing data, including an at-will connection to the Internet. However, because her hardware holds a simulated human mind, she does not truly possess superhuman intelligence.

Stellar Core
The Stellar Core is the greatest invention of Seraph's father-creator: an energy source that can generate a fractional output of the sun. It powers Seraph's body and is what she draws upon for many of her weapon systems, flight capabilities, energy shield and so on. Despite this, she doesn't utilize more than a fraction of it, and drawing it beyond 100% could result in disaster for herself and everyone around her.

Swiss Army Bot
Seraph is packed to the brim with all manner of weapon and device. Minigun? Check. Mini-missile racks? Check. Energy projectors? Check. Blowtorch? Check. If you need it, she probably has it.

Other Remarkable Abilities

She can rock out on an electric guitar like no one's business.


Robot Body
As a machine, Seraph possesses no way of healing herself normally. When damaged, she requires specialized repair systems. She is also made out of metal and packed full of equipment, making her dense: in water, she sinks. Her hair does not grow and her 'skin' doesn't feel quite right. Similarly some of her weapons, like her missiles, can run out of ammo in the field.

Simulated Human
While robotic, Seraph's mind is based on a human neural pattern. While she is probably not susceptible to most forms of psychic attack, it just means that she is vulnerable to technopathic or technological attacks. While she does not need to sleep, she does like to sleep.

Existential Neuroticism
Seraph doesn't know who or what she is. She is a copy of Sera Yang's mind slammed into a hard drive and put into a robot body. To say she has angst is an understatement. Normal people have moments of self-doubt where they think people dislike them - in her down moments, Seraph simulates people's voices and hears them saying it.

Electro-magnetic pulses and other electrical attacks can mess her up good.

Seraph is beholden to PRIMUS and must remain in their good graces. She is seen as a technological asset and not a person. She does not like PRIMUS and PRIMUS sees her as a walking weapon of mass destruction, and make sure she knows it.

Backstory: Douglas and Michelle Yang were award-winning scientists for Dynamic Horizons Corporation, part of a military thinktank to create offensive and defensive technologies for the next-generation of metahumans. Douglas worked on energy sources while Michelle was an expert in robotics.

Unfortunately for them both, at a young age, their daughter, Sera, was diagnosed with a terminal wasting disease. She fought for years but would eventually die. Unwilling to lose their daughter, the parents Yang created a direct neural pattern of Sera's mind and, shortly after her death, began work on a robot body in secret so they might resurrect her.

Seraph is the result of their labor. She is a robotic construct who possesses Sera's memories and mindset but not her sense of self. Her remarkable power source - the Stellar Core in her chest - was integrated into her body to protect it, after her parents understood its potential as a weapon of mass destruction. Her father destroyed all notes and data, leaving Seraph's core as the only working example. Seraph's body was designed and built to make her the ultimate superhero.

It's too bad PRIMUS found out about it.

Seraph, PRIMUS argued, was not a person but a sophisticated device - an asset no different to a tank or jet. It took all of her parent-creators efforts to prevent her from being immediately dismantled. PRIMUS, in turn, accepted a form of servitude, using Seraph against dangerous targets and monitoring her closely. Her classified PRIMUS files reveal that she has never failed an assignment, although she has taken some orders quite literally (an act of rebellion, it seems). The files also reveal remarks from her handles claiming that she is, among other things, a 'cold metal bitch.'

Despite this, Seraph uses her hardware to fight crime. She is careful to hide who and what she is, and the hooded, mysterious techno-knight has been spotted around Millennium City on several occasions. Like all good superheroes, she operates out of her parents' basement.
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