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January 14, 2019
Present Day
Isaac’s Company, Antech

Jazmin had just left Isaac’s company Antech and hailed a cab. When one arrived, she got in and spoke her destination. With a nod the cabbie then drove off as Jazmin stared out the window. The sun had gone down long ago, and night was in full effect. The city lights flashed by as Jazmin watched them come and go. Her eyes glanced down to the street as her mind drifted off to a specific day. The day of the last robbery she planned. The worst day of her life.

December 24, 2007
Christmas Eve
13 minutes before the robbery

Jazmin sat in the passenger seat of a small 2 door car staring in the side view mirror at the white van following behind. The sound of some popular song plays low on the radio as she glances to her left. Marcus sits there silently as he drives cautiously to avoid drawing attention to them.

“We pull this off, it’s going to be a great Christmas.” Marcus joked.

“Sure, for some, others not so much.” She replied troubled.

“Why do you say that? What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Zara told me she has cancer.” Jazmin softly spoke, “Didn’t say of what but I guess that doesn’t really matter.”

“Shit… I’m sorry to hear. Is she…” Marcus went to speak but was quickly cut off.

“She’s fine or at least she seems to be taking the news fine.”

“And you? How are you taking it?”

“I don’t know to be honest. Just not the news I expected to hear.” Jazmin said sounding down but quickly changed to being excited, “But on the plus side I happen to have some good news for you!”

Marcus turned his head quickly perking a brow at her words, “Oh? Do tell.”

“You, Mister Shaw are going to be a Father!”

Marcus came up on a four-way intersection with a red light and stopped. He stared at Jazmin with wide eyes before a huge ecstatic smile came across it.

“Shut up… you serious right now?” He questioned excitedly.

“Dead serious! We’re having a baby!” Jazmin nodded with a laugh.

January 14, 2019
Present Day
Haven Point Diner

Paying the cab driver, Jazmin thanked him and proceeded to head inside her Diner. Upon entering she saw several customers sitting in varies spots enjoying the night and food. Her eyes looked to the TV and saw the beginning of The Dark Knight playing. Staring deeply at the screen as she watched the crew betray each other. Distant yelling was heard coming from behind her when she slowly turned around the Diner turned into the bank.

December 24, 2007
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Washington D.C.
18 hours since Heist started

“Aquila, they’ve waited long enough now. I don’t think they’ll wait any longer. They have had plenty of time to plan and to be honest I feel like they’re going to breach soon.” Trent warns with a slight panic in his tone.

“Taurus, I know, really I do. You don’t need to keep telling me every five fucking minutes!” Jazmin replied annoyed, “You forget why we’re here?”

“No… I understand why and I’m with you. It’s just we shouldn’t overstay our welcome.”

“Printing untraceable money takes time. It’s the whole reason why we had to convince the police if they breached the entire block would go up in flames.” Marcus chimed in.

“And when they finally realize they’ve been played and all your little tricks and plays stop being believed then what?” Trent asks.

“Taurus, did you not pay attention to my plan. When that happens, we get the fuck out and fast.” Jazmin said clearly irritated.

The three of them were walking down a large hall when the sound of a gunshot echoed making them stop. Jazmin went running around a corner towards the sound when she arrived at the spot. Stopping dead in her tracks she stared at a lifeless body a few feet from her. She saw Cole come running from the other end as her eyes began to tear up and her body started to shake. Dropping her gun and walking towards the body slowly she didn’t want to believe it was them. There lying on the floor with a bullet hole in their forehead was her sister, Zara.

Jazmin fell to her knees next to the body and let out a haunting scream. Wrapping her arms around her sister she started to shake her as if attempting to wake her up from a deep sleep.

“Corvus, what the fuck happened!” Marcus screamed out.

“It was Hugo, man. I was in the next room and heard arguing and next thing I know, bang.” Cole answered quickly, “Saw him running with a bag towards the hatch out of here.”

“They’re going to be coming like right fucking now guys. It’s time to get the hell out while we can!” Trent warned as he started heading towards the pile of large duffle bags.

At that moment several loud explosions were heard as several entrances were being breached. FBI Swat teams were now storming the building quickly to put an end to the situation. Everyone began to panic and run to the duffle bags to flee, everyone except Jazmin who remained by her sisters’ side.

January 14, 2019
Present Day
Haven Point Diner

Jazmin lowered her head as a single tear fell to the floor. She headed towards the back to the kitchen area where she greeted Hector her main cook. Making her way to a small bathroom she closed and locked the door. Resting her back against the door she slid down quietly crying. After a few minutes she forced herself to get up to head to the sink to wash up. Removing her shirt, she reached behind her to get a clean one to put on. When pulling it down she paused staring at her stomach where two large scars were visible. Lowering a hand, she felt the scars before closing her eyes and pulling the shirt down completely.

December 24, 2007
Safe House A
Washington D.C.

Jazmin sat on a couch balled up completely silent and still. Marcus was watching her as well as keeping an eye outside through a kitchen window. He didn’t know what to do or say, he could only remain silent like her. Grabbing a bottle of water nearby he twisted off the cap and chugged the entire thing down. Marcus moved to grab another and slowly made his way to Jazmin.

“Drink, please.” He said holding it out to her.

Jazmin looked up at him then to the bottle and took it proceeding to drink half. Both stared at one another as if silently talking with their minds. The silence was shattered when both were startled by the sound of loud knocking. Their heads turned quick towards the door, but they dare not move or make a sound.

“Open the door! It’s Cole!”

Jazmin jumped up and swiftly moved to the door peering through the peephole. Turning to Marcus she mouthed that he was alone. Marcus gave a nod to let the man in, but he sensed something was off. Jazmin unlocking the door, opened it turning her head to stare at Cole with a slight smile.

“Cole, what are you doing here? You’re suppose to be at the other safe ho…”

Jazmin suddenly stopped speaking as she winced feeling a sharp pain in her stomach. Looking down she’d see Cole’s hand gripping a knife that pierced into her. She watched him pull it out before glancing up at him just as he stabbed her once more. Cole let the knife go as he watched Jazmin stumble back and collapse to the floor. Marcus watched in horror and quickly reacted by pulling his gun out from behind him. He aimed at Cole but could only stare at him as he to was aiming at him. Cole’s gun had smoke emitting from his barrel and smiled as Marcus fell back on the floor with a thud. Cole then proceeded to take their duffle bags of money before stopping over Jazmin.

“You aren’t the only one with a plan. Also thought she was you. She was very convincing, sorry bout that.” He mocked as he left her to bleed out.

January 14, 2019
Present Day
Haven Point Diner

Some time had passed, and the Diner was empty apart from Jazmin and the cook. She sat at the counter sipping a cup of coffee watching some late-night show. The door to the Diner opened by the sound a bell ringing from it.

“Hey, welcome in but I must inform you we’re just about closed.” She spoke without looking at who entered.

“Then I’ll make this quick.” A voice replied.

Jazmin’s eyes went wide as she dropped her cup and quickly turned only to be greeted with a punch to the face. Trying again only this time ready to attack she felt a hand grab the back of her head. The hand forced her head forward and down slamming it hard on the counter breaking her nose. Falling off the stool to the floor her vision seemed to be blurred. She stared at the blurred figure as the sound of a gun fired. The figure standing in front of her seemed to vanish as her vision slowly came back to being clear. Staggering up using a stool to help her the cook came rushing out to help as well. The lights of the Diner went dark making the only source of light come from the city outside.

The cook hurried towards the kitchen to start the back up generator only for him to be impaled and lifted by a shadowy figure. Jazmin could only watch as the cook was then tossed to the floor she seemed to be frozen with fear. The shadow walks slowly towards her ready to attack only to be caught off-guard as a steady stream of fire came rushing for it. Jazmin’s hands were raised and glowing bright from the fire coming out. Once the shadow vanished again, she ceased her attack and looked around.

“That certainly is a nice surprise!” The voice spoke from behind her.

The figure grabbed her by the shoulder to spin her around before repeatedly pummeling her with punches to the face. Jazmin was then thrown into the kitchen area landing on the grills and tumbling to the floor. The figure walked into the kitchen and Jazmin finally saw who it was. Corvus looked down at her with a mischievous smirk as he was no longer a shadow.

“Good to see you again and this time it’s just us. So, let me just get right to it. During the robbery we or should I say you took a hard drive full of info that would have made us rich.” Corvus calmly talked as he walked over to the grills, “See thing is I was tasked with obtaining that as I made plans of my own for that heist. When Zara came walking to me acting so damn well as you, I thought I would just kill you and take it. When you came running, I knew then what I had done so I blamed Hugo. He was helping me with the whole thing to. Then the place got raided and well you know what happened.”

Jazmin turned on her side coughing out blood as she started to crawl towards a shelf. Corvus paused as he approached her and kicked her hard in the back. Turning back around he made his way to the grills once more. Crouching down he broke each gas line happily before popping back up to speak again.

"Did you know she was working for the FBI, your sister. When we got out of there she was going to give all of us up. Including you. Now that... that is fucked up. Betraying your own sister..."

Jazmin laid there her eyes tightly shut ignoring him as a voice not of his started to speak.

Look at me. It said. Open your eyes and look at me.

Jazmin opened her eyes to a bright light fading quickly to reveal her sister. Smiling at her she reached out to grab her sisters’ hand. Zara took her hand and held it tightly in her own.

Get up. You need to get up and get out of here. You can beat him, but you need help.

Shaking her head, “I can’t… he will always win.”

Corvus spun around when Jazmin spoke arching a brow as she continued to talk. Squinting his eyes and looking confused as she was talking to nobody.

If you stay you will die. Reach more and you will find the way out.

Jazmin blinked and her sister was gone so she reached her hand out more to grab a small box. Pulling it towards her she quickly reached inside and pulled out a small pistol. At that moment Corvus took her by the neck lifting her up and dragging her out of the kitchen into the eating area. He gently set her down on a stool and took a step back.

“You have got to tell me how you got those powers of yours and I may tell you how I got mine.” He playfully joked, “But first I need you to tell me where the hard drive is. Make this easy for yourse…”

Jazmin jumping up not only interrupted him but surprised him by placing a hand on the side of his face to burn him. She then balled that same hand and swung sending him stumbling over the counter. When he quickly recovered, she was aiming the pistol at him.

“Come on Jazmin. You know aiming that at me is useless now.” Corvus said.

“I’m not aiming for you. I’m aiming for the gas.”

With that said Jazmin pulled the trigger and shot to the right of him. Corvus realizing what she’s doing quickly becomes a shadow disappearing. In an instant the result of her actions causes a spark from the gun to ignite the gas. Closing her eyes, the entire Diner is engulfed in fire and explodes as the shockwave flings her back through one of the large windows. Smashing through it she flies towards the street and into the windshield of a passing car. The driver quickly stops getting out seeing the woman is severely injured. He carefully gets her into the backseat and speeds off to the hospital.
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