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The Island of the Capes Opens It’s Doors

By – Isherde Mahershala

Fabulae Insulam.

The name sounds like a crazy incantation from a kids magic movie right? In most cases, not only would you be right, you’d be dead on accurate. But this fairy tale that has been long talked about, hardly ever explored or even visible to the general population has always remained in a tiny corner away from the world. But, today’s world is different and a lot of what we see has been changing along with the times. Times have apparently changed so much, that this isolationist nation that has remained onto their own sovereignty, away from the UN and other organizations has finally begun to open it’s borders as historic deals with the UN have finally gotten underway. A supposed sanctuary… a place of peace for those that in many ways seem a bit, extraordinary by any set of normal standards, has finally decided it was time.

This past weekend, there was a closed doors meeting between the UN Security Council and the delegation from the island in what has been called the first real open talks. As of deadline, we have tried to get added details from sources close to both parties, but we have not managed to get much more information. For those at home, wondering just what this island of capes exactly is...we honestly cannot answer that without mentioning what is public knowledge of the island. Which...surprisingly isn’t much. Fabulae Insulam, or what the public has generally called “The Island of the Capes,” is located several hundred miles away from the coast of Japan, a bit closer to Hawaii. It’s citizenship for what has been made public seems to be a very complicated process.

But while there is a very heavy aura of mystery about this island, there are several options that the nations of the world are trying to use to open up discussions. Even if the UN manages to get a proper dialogue going with Fabulae Insulam, getting into the country itself is a completely different story. Versus other nations which would allow you passage while you worked towards your citizenship, Fabulae Insulam seems to work in a way where you would have to await clearance before they allow you on. For all intents and purposes, as of this writing the press needs to apply for several different permits and visas before we can actually touch land to investigate further. According to some sources on island though, it sounds like it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

As this story is still ongoing, we will try to report back as soon as we can.
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