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#13909889 Nov 26, 2018 at 08:10 PM
Professor Killswitch
Note: This bio is sent in by Officer Jack Denning, I am the lead parole officer and handler for ex-villains. This guy is a little...strange...but I can guarantee through our psychologists and our various doctors that he is ok.

Real Name: Frederick Joules Calamitous
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Formerly, Overlord Killswitch
Public / Secret Identity: Professor Killswitch
Place of Birth: London, England
Citizenship and Legal Status: Dual Citizenship in both England and America

Age: 32
Height: 6'
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde, but is bald
Other Distinguishing Features: Thin, very aloof look in his eyes

Civilian Occupation: Freelance teacher in Nano-Technology, inventor and engineer.
Known Relatives: Father: Niles Calamitous - Bio-Engineer, Mother: Janice Calamitous - Robotics Engineering. Ex-wife: Maria Calamitous - Model, unknown whereabouts
Marital Status: Single/divorced

Known Allies: Officer Jack Denning, 'Jeeves' his robot
Known Enemies: Galaxy Striker, various other heroes from the Denver Debacle.
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: None, was freelance villainy
Base of Operations: Millennium City, formerly MoonBase Calamity

Known Metahuman Powers: Just a human
Other Remarkable Abilities: 240 IQ, can do calculus in his head, can calculate various things in sheer seconds.
Equipment and other Items: Nano-Weave Armor - Titan, AI with Asimov Algorithm in suit, Digital Storage on suit, on-board computer linked to various nets and background information on villains, Nano-Emitters.

Limitations: Normal, mortal human, very bad at social interaction, still monologues to villains in traps, sporadic tendencies of intellect

Backstory: Frederick was born of a genius family, his father a bio-engineer and his mother a robotics engineer. He hit 14 and graduated highschool, going into MIT as a nano technician, graduated at 18. Out of college he joined as Dr. Brainjar's science department minion but was soon killed by The Galaxy Striker. Became a villain notorious for monologuing and setting up elaborate traps for heroes. When defeated, he was put into a facility to rehabilitate him. Nowadays, Frederick is looking for a group to take him in as per the psychologist at the Facility in Bailey, Colorado. He is fully regretful of what he has done and wishes to help those nowadays much to chagrin of Galaxy Striker.

Galaxy Striker on the other hand, was a headstrong, womanizing, jerk-like hero who took down the Overlord himself. But because Professor Killswitch is being known as a hero, Galaxy Striker went crazy, thinking that if he pushes the good professor hard enough, he'll revert back to being a villain as Galaxy Striker thinks he's not fully rehabilitated.
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