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Several hours earlier…


Silhouette looked back at Chocolate Bar, or more accurately the golem containing the man’s essence and life force, for a few moments as he spoke to Gemini Flare and then walked out of the heavily warded holding cell. The heavily armed PRIMUS guards were grouped up outside the cell, gripping their weapons as the cell doors parted to reveal Silhouette.

She could smell their simmering fear as they gave her an unnecessarily wide berth as she walked out.

Silhouette had a brief exchange of words with Gemini Flare, where she was reminded of the ‘punch’ incident.

She left stepped into the hyper lift alongside two PRIMUS guards, who all but pressed themselves into the sides of the lift.

The Endless Void’s voice drifted into her consciousness.

<A rather impressive foot soldier…with a little more training…you could make one too. But perhaps a stronger one…imbued with our magic.> ~ The Endless Void.

<No, this isn’t a competition and I’ve got no use for a golem. I’m more interested in figuring out what happened to Black-Jack. It was as if his life force core…or soul…was ripped out.> ~ Silhouette.

<Your ally’s situation is unfortunate. There are high arcane ways to overcome his unfortunate situation.> ~ The Endless Void.

<I’m guessing you’re not going to help?> ~ Silhouette

<The only way you will become highly accomplished as a User of the Arcane Arts, is through research and practical experience, more so than you have already. I will say this much however; between your ally and The Archive…you may just find what you need at this stage. Good luck.> ~ The Endless Void.

Silhouette stepped out of the hyper lift and soon exited the Holding Facility. She looked out at the Bloodmoon tainted Millennium City. She transformed into her intangible wraith-like form as she made her way to the one place she knew she’d at least have to start.

The Endless Void’s presence took a backseat; she could almost see the smug expression on The Endless Void’s face as she made her way to the Arcana Library.




Silhouette had spent several hours selecting the most useful books and consulting with Cabal Delphios. She left the Arcana Library's hidden Archive with several tomes and ancient texts. Among them was The Gallaeyen Scrolls.

She made her way to the Med Bay, where she was met by several on site specialists who were looking after Black-Jack. She was greeted by none other than Nurse Justine Bradshore. She smiled as brilliantly as Silhouette last recalled, but there was a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"Good evening Silhouette, welcome back to the Med Bay. I hope you're here to see Black-Jack?" she smiled.

"I am. Have there been any changes?" replied Silhouette, nodding once.

The pair walked through the Med bay towards where Black-Jack was being monitored. Nurse Bradshore consulted her data pad and pulled up Black-Jack's charts.

"Nothing much to report, his vitals are within a normal range when we've compared it to his medical data from previous. Although...Black-Jack has been through significant we can only go on what we've got here. Clearly something isn't right though, I mean...there's minimal brainwave activity, presumably its allowing his body to sustain itself, but not enough to achieve consciousness." she explained.

Black-Jack was loosely secured to the medical bay bed; he was hooked up to several monitoring machines which were positioned around him as well as an IV, likely providing necessary vitamins and minerals to aid his body's ability to sustain itself.

Silhouette nodded as she looked at Black-Jack's still form through the glass; the man's wounds were healing at a steady rate, for all intents and purposes, Black-Jack should be conscious and more or less himself.

A few moments later, Silhouette stepped into the room and walked over to where Black-Jack lay.

"Alright, thank you Nurse Bradshore. I'll be sure to alert you if I sense any changes in his vitals that I can't explain. Roho should be here soon as well." replied Silhouette.

"Oh, no problem, I'll show him to where you are when he gets here." Nurse Bradshore nodded twice and turned away.

The woman smiled and closed the door behind her and Silhouette examined at the inscription on his forehead and frowned.

It was definitely some form of binding spell, but it seemed to have been layered with other other words, a complex layered-spell which would take time to decipher.

Silhouette had contacted Roho a few hours earlier and had agreed a time to meet. She looked up at the digital clock on the wall; half an hour before she expected Roho to arrive.

She summoned several of the ancient texts she had borrowed, muttering an incantation under her breath causing them to float up in a circle around her as she herself floated into the air, legs crossed as she flipped through them, reading as she waited for Roho to appear.

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"Heh yes Vanessa I saw it on the facebook. Congratulations to both you and David. I know we're not married anymore or anything but I am quite honored you have requested I become the godfather as it were,yes."

Roho was chatting on his smart phone while going up the lift that led to the Med Bay area of the On Call Center. Donned in his ebony black mask, well dressed suit and the long flowing white coat of his, the African man 's boots echoed with each step he took.

"Am I wearing the mask right now? How did you know? Oh. I see. I'm doing the 'yes' thing aren't I? Yes."

Chuckles some while flashing his On Call touch screen comm that doubles as a scanner to the double plated doors but this was a med bay for supers after all. But he knew he would be seeing Esmeralda quite soon.

"I'll check up on you and David later this weekend. A dinner date as it were. I think we're chummy enough to at least do that ,yes? Yes. Okay Vanessa I'll chat with you again later. I pray you invite me to the baby shower. Goodbye, yes."

After hanging up on his call he would step through the foray that did its automatic scanning sequence before allowing him in. And of course there was Sil searching through her scriptures and texts trying to solve the problem that was afflicting Jack.

"I assume the patient is the same as before then yes?"

Spoken up to her so she could draw her focus more so onto him as he kept his hands collapsed from behind himself.Peering over Jack's body since all the guy was wearing right now was just a medical gown. The main uniform had to be cut and removed so they could check him over which wasn't a surprise. Had been this motionless living person for a couple of weeks now.

"I do want to perform a specific procedure here today. But before we get into that? I did check up on his recent physicals and found something most..unnerving. Yes."

The coat pocket was opened up to reveal a data pad screen which holo displayed regulating vitals.

"Not only is Jack very much alive and well, physically speaking? Even his own metagene isn't even showing as active anymore. Clean. The boy has no super powers whatsoever."
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Silhouette paused her reading and she looked up as Roho arrived, exactly on time.

"Hi." she stated.

She nodded in response to his question and then once more at the mention of a specific procedure he wanted to carry out. Silhouette turned back to her books, reading a particular passage from one of the dustier books she had borrowed. She continued reading as she listened to Roho and then responded,

"That would fit with what I sensed...or rather saw when No One left him that day. The life force behind his very being was missing. Almost like, his essence had been ripped out...and his vessel is just left behind. Which probably means we should set up some protective wards, the last thing we need is something else inhabiting Jack's body." she nodded.

She paused again

"I mean, that's a mystical explanation until we know more...are we then saying No One's altered Jack's DNA? It could be a magical side effect..." mused Silhouette.

She thought for a moment, mulling over what she had said and looked between two of the several books floating around her.

"That's not unheard of, I mean...there are a range of powerful spells which can weaken or nullify most meta human abilities, but that's normally a short term deal. However...since his body has been kept alive...its clear that No One must need it for something...either that or this is a distraction." she continued.

Silhouette flicked her wrist, shunting the books out the current dimension as she floated closer to Black-Jack and the inscription on his forehead. She stretched a hand out; a weak purple field of arcane energy coated her fingers as she contorted her fingers as she focused on the inscription.

The inscription glowed and slowly rose up from Jack's forehead, but not without some difficulty. The inscription was still inextricably linked to Jack, but the several layers to the binding spell could now be clearly seen.

Silhouette continued speaking as she maintained her spell, the expanded inscription fighting her every so often, attempting to ping back to Jack's forehead.

"I've managed to gain access to the Gallaeyen Scrolls, they are part of a set which make up the foremost authority on binding spells. The Gallaeyen Scrolls set specifically list binding spells that actually work on this plane of reality. Based on the pattern of the runes we can see here...I've narrowed it down considerably...from a possible twenty thousand spells to around one thousand different spells." she continued, then releasing the spell.

The inscription quickly collapsed back to its previous state. She then looked to Roho.

"You know Jack better than I do...I know he's you know how and why his abilities changed? At one point, his abilities were similar to Skye's right?" she asked.

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"I only know what the reports say but there were some who did witness the moment it happened."

The spiritually in-tuned practitioner began removing his long coat jacket off his body while undoing the long sleeves to his button up black shirt.

"It happened early last year when he and a small group of fellow On Callers were in a locked battle with the now defunct Operation Demand in the Qlipothic Realm . When young Jack was struck in his eye he ended up losing it as you are probably aware of. But at the same time it seems it caused a side effect of elevating his abilities from being just probability manipulation to reality probability manipulation. I suspect it more had to be with being within contact of that realm that helped advance it.Yes."

Stiffening his lips, Roho just watched on as Sil used her powers to scry and decipher the binding spell that kept the subject under its effects.

"This No One's work is incredibly powerful. Although he doesn't strike me as a mage whatsoever. But his knowledge of very old and complex scriptures shows in the craftsmanship to the hodge podge of a spell that can put one under. But you are correct about something. He is purposely keeping him alive. Which tells me that this vessel we see here is more than likely his main battery. If Jack were to perish right now? He would probably lose if not all then at least most his power. Yes."

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Silhouette listened to Roho as he explained what he could infer from what had happened.

"Interesting. Gemini Flare went to visit Chocolate Bar, I sort of...tagged along. He was there when No One and the Perfect Gentlemen attacked. He was...unusually helpful. I wasn't interested in most of what he said, until he mentioned Jack," started Silhouette, looking back to Jack, ",he said Jack made 'a deal without knowing it'."

She then looked at the inscription once again and then to Roho, her facial features betraying the fact that she was pondering something.

"You're right, this work is powerful. Powerful enough to be some way shape or form. It's incredibly rare...and incredibly difficult to forge a brand new type of magic, let alone a binding spell that isn't already known in some way. I wouldn't be surprised if No One, or someone he knows used Dimension Lord magic to pull off something as complex as this." she mused.

Silhouette turned and reached out into the air around her, which, to someone like Roho, would seem...almost charged...or in a strange way...seem heavy; she pulled out several reams of parchment which folded itself into a thick tome in a matter of moments. She gripped the book with little difficulty and muttered something and the tome supported itself in mid-air and then split into several smaller books.

She frowned as she picked one up and began flicking through it, she tapped the edge of the book she was holding and spoke.

"These are a part of the Gallaeyen Scrolls. I remember reading through a section on Higher Plane Bindings. The section covers Dimensional Lords from the Higher Realities and which of their binding spells they shared with others."

A few moments passed in silence before she nodded once and passed the book to Roho.

"I'm wondering if he used one of these; they're a suite of spells from one of the Ordainers of Urizen the Lawgiver. In other words, Dimension Lord Bromion." she said.

At the top of the page was a quote, which read:


Following that quote, was a complete listing of roughly seventy different binding spells, of varying strength which could reliably work within what the scrolls called 'Assiah'.

"If he's used these, I could understand why this will be so difficult to deal with. The Bindings of Bromion are well known in the mystic world, difficult to master and even harder to break. The foreword pretty much sums up what he was all about. Also, Assiah is the name used to refer to this plane of reality." she continued.

A familiar, welcome dark presence drifted closer to Silhouette's consciousness.

<He mentioned a way that you could interrupt this creature that plagues your allies. You should do it. You could remove his life force...and then replace it...but of course...without a soul...> ~ The Endless Void.

<...there's no telling what I'd bring back. It's too risky. What happens if we break a Bromion binding?> ~ Silhouette

<I will answer this one question. Bromion decreed that those who escaped or broke his bindings deserved to be punished and then re-bound. In this instance, it depends how long the binding has been active and what it contains, as it is not just a binding spell. If it has pierced the mortal mind then every morsel of knowledge or experience since when the binding was applied...would be lost forever, neither No One nor Jack would be able to recall it. It would cause...intense pain to both Jack and No One, even if No One is not the caster, No One's energy is bound to the spell. Bromion made it so few to no beings from the Lower Planes could even attempt to escape his bindings unscathed.> ~ The Endless Void

<So finding out what else is there is more important first...before breaking it?> ~ Silhouette

She heard no response, but she felt The Endless Void's approval in her mind.

Silhouette zoned back into the conversation, her unique connection ensuring she did not miss a beat or seem to be temporarily distant.

"Roho, you mentioned a procedure you wanted to carry out. What did you have in mind?" she asked.
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"My dear just cause I can't necessarily hear your friend doesn't mean we can't pick up some things here and there. The looming gloom and doom presence gave it away. Yes."

Warmly smiled to Esme before drifting on to her question regarding what kind of procedure he wanted to do today.

"I have a theory actually. I'm betting more than likely that there's a tether of sorts that we're not able to easily determine or track. And I feel it might be key to help figuring out how to break this said seal. Even ancient practitioners like Bromion would still need a backdoor for virtually any of their spells. And since we are confirmed dealing with a wraith type who is aiding himself with archaic cards that manipulate the mystic leylines to bend at his very whim. Yes."

The mystic spiritual man would explain his thoughts to her while still reading over the scribe she had presented to him.

"I plan to use my ancestors to act as my many guides through the astral planes itself. Essentially a spirit walk. And I am more than willing to share this alongside you Silhouette. If you do not mind my company which I suspect you do not.Yes."

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Silhouette listened as Roho spoke, nodding once as he finished speaking.

"I don't yet know much about Dimension Lord Bromion, so I'll take your word for it. I'm more concerned with what else No One has weaved into this variation. But, if you're sure, then I'm willing to try alongside you."

Fortunately she'd gained some experience of astral projection from her studies and practice, so it was not an alien concept to her. She looked to Roho, and lowered herself into a meditative pose; half closing her eyes as she readied herself to embark on the spiritual man's ancestor guided tour into the astral plane.

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"Very well. We shall begin the process. I know not what we'll find but it is best to not do it alone." Once the two were upon agreement, Roho merely took his own space to get into a meditative position. An ether cloud swirling under his tush while putting his legs in a lotus pose. Head and eyes rolled back before they started glowing.

A few moment passed. Nothing. A few more moments passed. Still nothing. It was turning to be a little bit of a bore. Then FINALLY SOMETHING!

Both were pushing through what seemed to be a more alternate version of the world beyond worlds. Even the patient room had its own unique appearance to it. Yet what was most intriguing was what was shown from Jack's own perspective.

The body was surrounded with dozens of multi colored swirls that represented the binding placed on it. Yet there were two different trails of power that led to two separate directions.

"Huh..well now will you look at that."
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Silhouette looked around briefly taking in this new location that they had been guided to on The Astral Earth plane.

The bright clashing and sometimes complimentary colors, as well as the persistent low level thrum of arcane, psychic and dimensional energies echoing through the Astral Plane were a far cry from the relative peacefulness of Plane Between Realms, albeit far less dangerous.

Silhouette took a few moments to adjust, taking a moment to down at her astral form, finding small solace in the dark energy which sheathed her form.

Whilst her features were still visible, they were slightly more difficult to discern. She glanced across as Jack, who was surrounded by multicolored strands of energy.

She narrowed her eyes, noticing thin, almost imperceptible strands of red arcane energy which ran through the center of the coil and around the outside, just above the pulsing multitude of energies.

"So, this is definitely a Bromion based binding spell. That much is clear. It's not one of his strongest binding spells though, that would be far too inflexible for No One to use. That doesn't make our task that much easier though. Now that we're here...what did you have in mind?" she noted.
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Once Silhouette had joined him, Roho would take a cautious approach to Jack's suspended body while the swirling binding energies were trailing in in two very different directions. With but a comforting smile, the African spiritual practitioner just slightly placed his hand within the energies as they flared up! Swishing it back and forth like an endless river of colors .

As he did so there were several other spirits that drew immediately close to him, each one virtually different from one another but with one key commonality;family.

"Look closely Esmeralda. What do you see here?"

Asks her while the two binding directions were being tugged by his combined essences.

"Even though this binding inscription is very tough? It's going in two very specific directions. Which can mean only one thing; It has tethers. Do you understand? Yes?"

Pointing this fact out to her as he started to pushing himself into one of the lights of mystical lights.

"As a wise Toucan Sam once said? Follow your nose to the rainbow yes. Come along. I shall show you. Yes"

Extending his hand out to her as it seems he was about to treat this similarly to a white water rafting ride.
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Silhouette nodded as Roho spoke, following Roho's movements with her eyes.

The Endless Void's warning echoed in her mind as she reached forward to inspect the binding coil closer.

"It would have been odd if it didn't. I mean, we know the binding spell is just keeping things in place...but you're right. I guess we should see where at least one of these paths lead." she reasoned.

She accepted her team mates' proffered hand, preparing to find out where it would lead...and pick up some other information along the way.
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The trail transformed to a near interdimensional zipline that beamed the duo from where they were. Traveling through both light,space, and time itself. The blinding lights whizzing by,through, and all around them.

Roho keeping his grip on her hand as firmly as possible just to make sure that neither of them go off the beaten path. This was after all their one good source of information they could use to better solve this conflicting conundrum of the outer realms.

Within a blink of an eye the both of them ended up within a large prison facility.

Highly advanced and clearly meant to house metahuman types. The two of them were within range closed off private cell that read in english text just above to identify the prisoner, which Roho himself read aloud.

"Prisoner #08161984. Richardsons,Miguel"

Curiously the African cant his head to the side rather surprised that it would lead all the way to this place. The man in question within said cell was just seemingly minding his own with hands clasped together making a murmured prayer in what sounded to be in the latin language. His prison jumpsuit was half hanging off his current disheveled appearance where at the center of his chest was a strange obstacle that made the occasional glimmer of purple haze.

"That name is familiar..where have i heard that one before?"
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Silhouette quietly looked around their new surroundings, looking for something familiar to clue her into where they were, but there was nothing she could yet identify.

"Where are we? This...doesn't look like Stronghold...or Guardhouse? Unless this is somewhere off the radar?" she mused.

She frowned slightly as she re-read the name Roho read out. She took a moment to think, but shook her head.

"...I'm not sure. It sounds like I should know it or maybe I've come across it before but...I'm not recalling anything right now. Your ancestors able to help?" she replied.
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"I actually already know the answer to that. We are on Belle Isle. Well the New Belle Isle to be precise.Yes."Informs her about the facility that is for more specific types of threats.

"I believe I may know how this is but I shall let my ancestors gather out the information. A moment.Yes."

Still holding onto Sil's hand tight, Roho would start to make low various whispers as the many spirits that harbor around him spread out like fireflies away from them.

Only for a moment or so to pass in their hurried return. Allowing for Roho to suck in the information as needed.

"Ah hah! I thought this one was familiar. This is Miguel Richardsons, also known as Builder. Sometime during the summer he took over Lansing,Michigan in an attempt to protect the people from No One. He just didn't bother to inform the officials of his plans and thus it made him become too overzealous in his attempt to protect others. On Call were forced to go in after him and take him down before he became a true threat himself. However he did inform the team of No One's intent to take him over. For some specific reason that wraith sees him as something of great importance. I am not sure of what though.."
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Silhouette listens as Roho speaks, and glances down to see Roho's hand on hers and then looks up and around as the various projections are emitted from his astral form, which in and of itself had an odd quality.

To Silhouette, it seemed as if his astral form had been...compressed in some way?

She paid little attention to it and continued to listen as Roho's information jogged her memory.

"I think Skye told me about that. I read the file shortly after. If No One is interested in him, then it's probably only for one thing. His Powers. Maybe he's immune or resistant to something No One is vulnerable to. If No One can either control him or get him to work for 'Chocolate Bar' then we've got another issue to contend with." she replied.

Silhouette looked around the facility, eyeing several large rectangular machines which protruded slightly from the corridor ceilings; each one was shielded by some form of artificial shielding matrix. She willed her form to levitate, removing her hand from Roho's as she floated closer to the shield matrix for a closer look.

There was a small inscription with two distinct logos on them:

'ForceTech Industries in association with the UNTIL Technology Division'

She pressed her hand against the shield matrix, which surprisingly offered some resistance to her astral form, before, with focused effort, she was able to partially breach the semi-porous security shield. She got an odd burst of energy which pulsed out from the machine within the shield, making her feel slightly off balance.

She regained her composure and looked to Roho.

"This place utilizes similar meta ability suppression machines as the Guardhouse. So taking anyone with 'powers' magical or otherwise into this facility without disabling it entirely...would fail. Astral projection could work but...interacting with physical world objects isn't easily doable, let alone for a wraith-like creature. doesn't stop No One's apparent mind control abilities from affecting others. So perhaps it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the personnel working here...check for any oddities." she mused.

Silhouette paused, running over something in her mind before she looked to Roho.

"Bromion bindings are typically dangerous, but this binding is joining two seemingly unrelated people together in connection with No One. If this vigilante dies, that will affect Jack and No One too. Bromion was quite big on punishing those who sought to escape his bindings, even through death. This does make me wonder, if No One is even aware of that's a huge risk, unless he's using something like a Vitaeus Soprivivrae to ensure Jack nor Richardsons dies. I am curious though, what exactly could this vigilante do? I recall his alias was 'Builder'. There might be a link between what he can do, powers wise, and No One. What can your ancestors find out about his abilities?" she continued.

Silhouette silently regarded Roho and their surroundings as several guards walked past and/or through them, likely on their rounds.
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"An excellent observation but I have a suspicion that I may already know the answer.Yes"

Informing Esme of this, Roho steps right through the gates that held Miguel within and knelt right down before the man . For whatever reason, probably due that both were in their astral forms, he couldn't see nor hear a single word the both of them including their very presence. Yet that obelisk figure that was merged with his chest did give off a small glimmer when Roho was close enough.

"It's this thing. Even know it can sense us when he cannot. After all this place is a guard against the metaphysical and supernatural. Yet not the spiritual. So you are correct. No One could very well easily take over this entire complex if he is as crafty as he appears to be. Yet he doesn't. Which makes me suspect that there is a secret we are not seeing yet that only Mr. Richardsons knows. Yes."

Gloved finger would point to that strange artifact that is welded into Miguel's chest. When doing so this caused a small vortex to slice open before them both. Another entry point unseen to the naked eye, unless you were on this equal plane.

"I knew it. A gateway into the artifact itself. And the trail still leads directly into it. Sil..Esmeralda. We must venture forth. The truth must be within. He is harboring a secret that I'm betting even No One is aware of.Yes."
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Silhouette peered at the miniature portal which had appeared as Roho pointed towards it.

"This all seems...very convenient." she said.

Silhouette turned back for a moment, stretching her hand towards the walls of the cell...and nothing happened? She eyed the wall and then turned back towards Roho.

"You seem to know quite a bit about what's going on here...are you sure you need me tagging along? I'm thinking you don't. I'm still inclined to pick apart this binding, continually following this strand without knowing what makes it up isn't wise, it's dangerous. You could be walking into a trap which No One has crafted for you specifically. Especially considering that entry point appeared as you came close." she mused.

Silhouette paused, waiting for Roho's answer.
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"Truth be told? I don't know everything. I need you as my second opinion. Yes"

Roho would answer her back while standing near the portal that seemed to be there which only they were aware of seeing.

"I only suspected there might be more here than what we see. And this is indeed proof. I have no earthly clue what is going to be on the other side. It could very well be a trap. Or it could very well be the real clue or answer we need. I don't even think Mr. Richardsons is even aware that he is causing such a contusion. But you do bring up a point. We don't want to lose one of us incase this ends up going sideways. Yes."

Hand would rub the bottom of his chin contemplating what to do here. Finally an answer would be provided for him, and so he threw a suggestion her way.

"Do you think you might be able to say weaken the bond even if only temporarily? We could try to use one another as a tether so we can at least take a peek inside this portal. My ancestors can't exact directly effect this string but even a slight altering would be enough to at least provide a lower risk. Yes."
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Silhouette listened to what Roho had to say and then sighed.

"I don't know enough about what else is in the binding spell to even attempt to manipulate it. I mean, attempting to alter a Bromion binding has a high chance of failing, but if it worked? It could disrupt whatever else has been weaved into it. If there's a spell in there, keeping Jack alive...weakening it, even by a small amount could permanently damage him...or even kill him. Besides, it could alert No One to what we're doing...if it's not aware already. I'm not going to take that risk." she replied.

She paused and looked back to the wall she had gestured to earlier.

She stretched her hand out towards it again, twisting her hand slowly as a shadowy construct faded into view; it was entrenched in both the wall and astral plane itself.

"I've just made that visible for your...well...peace of mind. I was planning on anchoring to this location if you really needed me to go in with you, so I guess staying here, I could act as your anchor. As for a tether...I can provide that also." she nodded.

She turned to face Roho, her translucent astral form retreating from the tips of her fingers as she forced through her dark powers.

She created a coalescence of dark energy which she went on to fashion into a thick strand of dark energy. It snaked across the distance between the two heroes and ensconced itself on Roho's astral form, quickly fading from view.

"As long as I'm still conscious, I'll be able to pull you out with this. It'll also act as a way for communication, just touch your chest when you'll translate your words to me. If you're in danger and need a quick exit...tap your chest twice. If that doesn't work? Then you know something's happened to me and we're likely doomed." she stated.
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"We feel that makes just enough sense, yes."

Agreeing to these terms that would at least help lower the risk of the exploration of this other unearthly plane he knew they had to venture through, Roho allowed for her dark energies to latch onto his astral self. Checking just to be sure it was firm enough of a tether, the man blanketed by both the protection of his personal spirits and Silhouette's own aid. With a slow and cautious approach to the portal, Roho would briefly hesitate as he was starting to feel a snag on his own astral self. Trying to get himself a footing when being in such a close vicinity.

"Hmm.. a strong pull. It's a good thing I have an anchor I can trust. Silhouette! I am going to attempt the breach."

And just like that? Roho was gone in a flash! Yet the tether she used on him still remained.Roho briefly spun in what felt like uncontrollable suspended animation.

From even Silhouette's side she could overhear the many harboring spirits that usually would be around protecting his projection to let out an echoing sign of screams!
The new place was like an endless void of sorts. A dimension all of its own. Roho was struggling to even keep himself stable here due to the fact that he really shouldn't be here at all. Even in his physical form in the real world the man had a severe case of the nose bleeding.

Touching his chest in order to commune he would manage to give a status report.

"Do not break the tie Silhouette. I need you to keep me focused on your voice.I am unsure if this is part of the effect of the binding or the fact that we are invading new space here. I know the trail ends somewhere in here.. I intend to find it. Do not pull me out yet.Yes."
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