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No One
Age: Estimated to be over 2000 at least.
Race: Wraith
Bio: There is card in the Deck of many things known as the Flame. It's main function is to create the ultimate enemy of anyone who activates it and that only the one who summons said enemy can defeat them. This was how No One was born.

Through a simple off handed conversation with the Warriors of Mettle during some down time, Ozy (Golden Retriever) Aleastor (Bronze Fist), and Silva (Silver Lining) accidentally uttered the words 'No one can defeat us' while each holding the Flame card simultaneously. When No One was created he was in truth a summoned wraith with virtually no background nor any history whatsoever. Identified as masculine, the wraith only had one goal and one goal only, the complete and utter destruction to the Warriors of Mettle.

No One accomplished these goals by using a special metal that came along with his summoning to create several types of golem bodies. With his power to transfer his own essence and others essence into another body, he trapped as many souls as humanly possible into the golems, also known as hummonculi, and use them as his own private mindless army.

While many are still within his hold, there were still some that managed to escape his hold on them. Now his latest endeavors have taken him to slowly collect the accursed Deck of Many Things.

Powers/Abilities: He is able to transfer his soul /essence with another living being. A form of bodyswapping as it were. Observation has hinted that it is restricted to just organic types.
No One's body seem to be able to sustain a large amount of damage and can even use his body as a sort of housing facility for those who get trapped within it. It's suspected that the victim within is the one who receives a great deal of pain instead of himself while in this state.

Due to his body naturally being a wraith trying to sustain physical damage is a challenge but mystic forces or even supernatural energy type might cause damage.

Weapons: No One wears a strange metallic helmet on his head. The helmet is a very flexible metal that is able to shapeshift and form into almost anything of his wish within reason. (Usually as weapons and/or tools) The property of the metal is mystically tied and suspected to be the same metal type that he has inflicted to the golems(example: The Warriors of Mettle)

Personality: Shows lack of empathy, psychopathic behavior,emotionless, views himself to be better than most, and is somewhat of a snazzy dresser.

Associates: The Perfect Gentlemen (Private Army), Chocolate Bar (captured) and Boogie (At large)

Danger Level: Evidence suggests an omega level threat.
8:01:58 PM) _Psi_: For every [redacted] and [redacted] there are those in CORP who will try to be helpful such as Epelesker, Soulstar, and Seeker.
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