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A PRIMUS outpost over in New Orleans,The abandoned Gris-Gris district, was reported under attack by a group of strange warriors made from even stranger metallic alloy that covered their entire bodies, ambushing their convoy of unknown content. An emergency beacon was sent out for any kind of aid. That aid came in the form of Project On Call.

{On Callers:SoulStar,Valor,Electro Spider, Gemini Flare, Monte Cristo,Black Jack (And his pet chihuahua Spades),Chance, Silhouette, Golden Retriever,Katerra,Enforcer, and Daring Devil}

The heroes made their presence known at PRIMUS HQ where they were debriefed on the situation that was currently in development. PRIMUS added some of their own soldiers to accompany the superheroes and were given access to ue their personal warpgate in order to arrive at the outpost faster than normal.

Upon arrival the heroes jumped right into action to defend the PRIMUS soldiers that were still under attack from their ambushers ,now identified to be the group known as The Warriors of Mettle, and were met with a surprising amount of resistance from the small grouping. During the battle, SoulStar unexpectedly became far more reckless and aggressive than neccessary against the warriors, including attacking his very own teammates! Although a couple of heroes were able to pick up right away that Soul would never commit such acts so thouhgtless and came to realization that he had been taken over by a third unseen party. All suspecting to be the reoccurring threat identified only as No One.
This revelation became so distracting that even the Warriors of Mettle stopped attacking the heroes in order to instead help them out with their possession controlled ally. Golden Retriever .aka Ozy, recognized and identified the warriors as his original tribe from many centuries ago. And in return they too recollected him as well. This moment of clarity as just enough for them to switch up their allegiances to find a common ground and ended up helping one another. The bronze plated man identified as Bronze Fist, aka Aleastor, delivered a powerful strike into SoulStar using his power of purification with just using his knuckles to disrupt the control that was holding him.

Meanwhile, the commotion going on with the On Callers and Warriors were distracting enough that when the PRIMUS soldiers were questioning the soldiers already stationed there protecting the downed convoy. One private took notice of the ammo they had in their equipment known as MRL-N5; An illegal type of ammunition that stores mystic properties. Considered extremely unpredictable and dangerous to use in any type of firearm. When the rescuing PRIMUS team pursued the original team into answering them on where or how they obtained it, that is when their true treacrhcy emerged upon the arrival of the deadly mercenary many have met before called Chocolate Bar ,aka Charles (Chuck) Barr. Next came the second reveal of the questioned soldiers have been wearing camo tech to conceal their identities; The cultist group The Perfect Gentlemen.
Before any true answers could be found out, The Perfect Gentlemen murdered every single PRIMUS soldier there upon orders from Chocolate Bar.

Realization of this deceit eventually came for the On Callers and Warriors when they went on the attack by the droves towards them. As many of the heroes and the metal men combined their abilities to battle them, others went after Chocolate Bar and commenced a very intense climatic battle. Discovering very quickly that he was no longer how he was from previous battles. Chocolate was the one to confirm that he had undergone a change that had proven to be more of a permanent solution; he had become a golem. Much like that of Ozy and The Warriors of Mettle.
With this new knowledge brought upon them, it was Monte who decided to face him off directly into a climatic and deadly battle since his spiritual magic constructs were more than a match against this type of threat. Bravely Monte fought back and forth against Chuck through the ruins of the Gris-Gris District. The both of them locked in a heated bloody battle which ended up with the eventual defeat of the mercenary, earning Monte the win.

The battle underway with the Perfect Gentlemen throughout the Gris-Gris District was quite chaotic for all. Things only grew worse with the presence of No One constantly interrupting many battle tactics and disrupting any kind of teamwork cohesion the On Callers could muster. However, it seems No One wanted all of this just so he could specifically weaken one person;Black-Jack. Once he took possession of the hero, that is when the entire tide of the battle itself really shifted when he used Jack's ability of reality probability alteration to transform the Gentlemen into powerful demonic creatures. A horde meant to overwhelm the heroes, which they nearly doing just that! Things only escalated from bad to worse when No One kept using Jack's abilities to cause all sorts of odd occurrences such as powerful unexplained forces attacking anyone, even corrupting little Spades.

A few heroes noticed No One's true body perched atop a parking structure and did what they could to try and interrupt his hold, but it seems the villain already anticipated this and sent out some of his horde after them as well. After so much fighting against everybody, No One eventually released his hold on Jack while causing a massive time dilation. After using a magic card identified to be the "Throne" to leave the battle grounds, things once more returned to normalcy along with the effects of the transformed Gentlemen brought back to their original states. There were many casualties of them as a result.

Black-Jack's soul was removed from his body, ending up to become just a living husk of a person.


PRIMUS' calvary made their arrival too late to further assist the heroes but it seems circumstances had long gotten out of control. The heroes were of course absolved of any potential murder charges due to Katerra's own accounts, not to mention her conenctions with UNTIL were a much appreciated bonus.
The Warriors of Mettle were allowed to be left alone, however Ozy has insisted that he become their direct liasion with all since they have a large distrust with PRIMUS.

{Warriors of Mettle; Silver Lining (Silva/Leader), Bronze Fist (Aleastor/Second in Command), Platinum Paladin(Dionne/Liuetenant), and Tungsten Tornado (Tahbat) }

A long talk with some officials did finally bring some things to light. In particular to the reason that the Warriors attacked the outpost in the first place. PRIMUS was harboring bodies of golems made of a metal property that was exactly the same as them. The Gris Gris district was in truth a sanctioned off graveyard for intact golems that were discovered there some time ago. The organization kept the site under wraps sometime after the Katrina hurricanes several years prior. They had high cocern that the dormant bodies might end up turning into a threat, yet now it seems the Warriors were successful in getting said bodies back.
Speaking of golems, Chocolate Bar is now under heavy confinement and observation. Jackson Micheals (Black-Jack) is also under surveillance due to his current state and being monitored by the On Call Center's Med-Bay. Some mystic experts both with and not with the organization are currently being consulted to determine what they can do for the man.

Many On Callers were injured during the battle, most notably Devil and Monte, Silhouette has already gone through healing as many wounds as possible so this might have changed.

The whereabouts of No One is still unknown, but we now suspect he is even stronger than before. A detailed dossier will be made for him soon.
8:01:58 PM) _Psi_: For every [redacted] and [redacted] there are those in CORP who will try to be helpful such as Epelesker, Soulstar, and Seeker.
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