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The entire situation with Soulstar being possessed made Valor curse as she started barking orders "Ozy! Enforcer! Monte! Keep Soul busy and help him snap out of it!" she yelled "Everyone else! Focus fire on those crazies!" she yelled as she quickly threw her shield towards Soul to try and distract him whilst she rushed to try and get poor Jack up onto his feet.

One that was done, she prepared for the consequences of her actions.
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"Well...that's different." mused Silhouette.

She eyed Soulstar and was about to engage when she heard Valor's calls mixed in with cries from the soldiers on the ground.

She shifted into a shadowy form and weaved past her allies and several soldiers, seemingly heading for the Metal assailants.

Upon arriving a few meters from them, she'd materialize and unleashed a three pronged dark energy assault at them!


Seeing Soulstar blast Jack out of the sky was definitely a shock, but Valor's orders quickly replaced the shock and Chance knew she had a job to do.

She was slightly taken aback by Silhouette's rather proactive assault but nodded to herself as she too ran towards the Metal humanoid creatures.

"Time to pull out old faithful..." she muttered.

Chance jumped onto a stray car hood and propelled herself into the air, spinning as she pulled out and threw a slim blue tube from her belt at the assailants.

When it hit the ground it would explode in an storm of expansive ice, encasing whatever it impacted with in thick ice!

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Electro is rather surprised by Soul's attack. However Valor's orders distract him and he leaps into action. He draws out one of his knives, and goes to leaps at and lands onto some debris.

He then goes to pounce on onto one of the assailants and flicks his knife at another one, aiming for their left shoulder, while his sticks to assailant, he'd try to release a electric charge onto them, following that up with leaping off that assailant with a kick and firing some webbing at his knife, and yanking it out of that shoulder blade.

"...", He's rather quiet, odds are focusing on the task at hand.

Electro would continue this pattern of dealing with the assailants, unless something happens.
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Gemini listened to the PRIMUS Representative before shaking her head and watching a few head to and through the gate.

"Secrecy. Going in blind. No plan... what could possibly go wrong?" She muttered quietly to herself before heading to the gate. Once through she surveyed the scene and the ensuing battle.

Stopping to watch Soul attack with energy shots she thought to herself this seems a bit aggressive. That is until she saw him turn and fire at Jack knocking him off his board. Gemini instantly froze as her heart started to pound and race. Her chest felt tight as her breathing became rapid to the point where she started to hyperventilate.

Falling to her knees she quickly crawled over to a vehicle to hide behind. Pulling down the mask that covered her mouth she tried to get herself to breath slowly. Balling herself up, she closed her eyes to get herself to calm down and collect herself.
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The Paladin was more than fine with more people that needed hurting. She could live with that...and with the PRIMUS people being somewhat taken out of the picture, she let out a soft breath before her eyes rolled upon the announcement of heroic arrivals. She uttered underneath her breath,

"The mortals crutch. Wonderful..."

But as "Soul" began to attack... her eyes narrowed. So they were even worse than that.

They were agents of...that man. The following screams of Valor only solidified it. She narrowed her eyes, as she said something, loud enough for her compatriots to hear...something she hadn't a VERY long time. Especially when it came to conflict.

"....I grow tired of this."

Ripping a car door off, she rotated it in her hand before launching it like a fast discus towards Chance. If it connected, it would have hurt, quite a bit. As she felt the dark energy crash into her back, she sneered slightly before the ice that expanded caught her leg. As her eyes narrowed she let out a soft voice of frustration,

"Fine then.... No quarter it is."
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Master Enforcer

As Jack got hit by Soul of all people Enforcer would be at the same time confused and frightened, but that woulden't last long as Valor started to give orders and bring focus back into the man. "Sure... Just leave subduing to the guy with a gun." but albeit his complaining Enforcer would already focusing on Soul, but only when trying to pull a gun out would he notice how heavy his arms were feeling.

But nonetheless Enforcer would pull his pistol and open fire on Soul, hoping that non-lethals would be enough to knock sense back into the man.

Daring Devil

As Soul started to fire mega beams at the metal people Devil would look wide eyed toward the man... hoping he missed the part where they had kill orders on them. But once Soul fired at Jack and say the thing Devil would respond with "Ah shit, not that fucking guy!".

Thankfully after that Valor would have started to give orders to bring focus back into the group, not so thankfully Devil would be torn between trying to help a friend or running headlong into action.
But before he could make a choice Spider and Chance took the lead toward the metal men... The former making Devil cringe with his actions, "Spider you crazy motherfucker..."

After witnessing Spider's kamikaze attack, Devil would be motivated to attack. And so with a white knuckle grip the man would charge toward the metal men. But something would take Devil's attention before he could attack, one of them would be grabbing a car's door. Now the man had only seen that go two ways before, and as they tossed the door Devil would make a split second decision.

"LOOK OUT!" Devil would yell as he slams his foot into the ground, using the exo to propel himself toward Chance in hopes to tackle her in time.

Meanwhile near the edge of town...

A figure would stand above local backup from PRIMUS, which have been... Disabled.

But then that flash.

"What... Was that?"

And so, they figure would float before taking off toward the light.
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Kat wished things had taken Monte's route and the team found a way to talk to the metal warriors but her hopes got crushed prematurely when Soul unleashed his energy bolts barrage without any restrain.

"Really Soul, is this On Call's way?" She shouted, completely taken aback by his dispay of reckless and uncalled for violence.

Then he hit Jack and Kat was even more confused. She was about to rush on Soul when Monte spoke. If Soul had been taken over... that would make sense. She was processing the implications of that revelation when Valor gave the order to attack. She responded out loud:

"Hold your horses. There's a third player at work here and given what they did to Soul I'm pretty sure they want us and these metal creatures to tear each other apart without asking questions. We can't jump blindly into this mess without the begining of an idea of what is going on here."

She continued,

"We must help Soul first and we probably shouldn't aggravate the situation with the metal warriors even more. I'd say we disengage for now. One group focus on Soul and the other covers them. Once we've brought Soul back we'll see if there's no other choice than taking the fight back to these metal guys."

That said, as Valor had sent a few On Callers after Soul, Kat assigned herself to the protection team. Standing between them and the fight, ready to defend herself if she had to but not taking any offensive action for the moment.
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New Orleans

Battle of Gris Gris District


Silver Lining:"Bronze? Take care of that."Silver would nod her head on over to man of mentioned plating type just as the shadowy tendrils that shot out towards their small trio.

Bronze Fist:"Aye I'm on it."

Without any further instruction, Bronze came rushing straight for the downpour of dark energy that was heading for himself and his companions. And that's when he decided to go on and show off his own level of power by just swinging one arm to negate those prongs before they become a problem!

And man was he literally bashing it all away with those knuckles of his. They just seemed to shatter like dust right on contact.

Silver Lining had quite the puzzling look to the young masked acrobatic man who approached them tossing out a simple knife followed up with landing on her and releasing a bolt of electricity. It had little to no effect to her metallic covered body.
"You judged poorly..."
When Electro shot out the web to retrieve his blade, once again Silver would slash at the atoms of the air itself to briefly disappear from complete sight avoiding any of his further actions, only to reappear within another 'cut' of space itself.
"Metal conducts electricity and simple knives don't harm us. That's your free lesson boy."
Using the blunt side of that sword of hers, she delivered quite a hard hit into the hero's side and rib area.

Repelling his body to slam into a part of a broken down abandoned house that was within the battlefield.

The ice that Chance threw out to try and halt their path was somewhat effective but that wasn't going to last long. At best buy maybe extra slot of seconds to try different tactics. But Platinum just wasn't having it when she hurled that car door right at the heroine. Her own nimble muscle memory saved her from getting struck by said door, but it also ended up getting her tackled but an understandably worried Devil as the two half slid on the ground.

Black-Jack took a moment to recover from his fall as Valor came to assist her teammate.
Black-Jack: " I'm okay I'm okay! A little dizzy tho. Fuck man.." Proclaims as he pulled up his mask for a second to catch a breather then returned a look back to Valor
"Wait a sec..where's Spades?"

He is a good boy.

A very good boy.

The pup was generating his seismic emissions activated by his own canine meta gene which increased his speeds,strength, and over confidence to join in on the battle to take down this twisted version of SoulStar.

Ozy was the first to try and confront the hero as the two traded blows in an almost lightning fast clash! Kinetic strikes merging with energy fueled strikes while grass and dirt flew all over the place.

When a fired shot from Enforcer and a thrown shield to draw away from the taken over hero's attention, his energy shield expected swelled up.

Making him leap off from Golden Retriever and headed right for Monte!

A thunderclap level of shield hitting shield smashed into one another like a tsunami wave.

The use of energy being thrown was definitely a level Soul would never really unleash unless it was deemed necessary at all.
SoulStar (No One):"Look at you all go. So valiant and noble. It's cute. Truly."

Black-Jack was still taking his breather but he overheard what Katerra was saying. And she made an excellent point at that. Their reaction to the task at hand was at least reasonable but this was all a little too coincidental. No One is trying to get both sides to hurt one another! The hell was he doing here anyways?
"Kitty Kat's right. He's fuckin' with us. Knows something we don't."



The sounds of battle happening were still getting louder and louder. It sounded like..his team and friends? Whoever the hell this was he This wasn't him. Dre was taking in deep breaths and concentrating in his futile attempts of movement but with no success. It was like being a prisoner. But he knew he was inside somewhere.

A broken down flooded home?

He was still here! But where? Had to be not far from the battle. way to signal the others.Yet.
8:01:58 PM) _Psi_: For every [redacted] and [redacted] there are those in CORP who will try to be helpful such as Epelesker, Soulstar, and Seeker.
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It’s amazing how quickly things can get out of hand.

As Valor called out her orders, Monte turned his head to her. “Wait a moment! Something’s afoot, we can’t just attack!”

But by the time he spoke, it was already too late. They were engaged in a split battle.

Monte gritted his teeth and he stepped back from the unfolding chaos in front of him. He looked to Katerra.

“If you can at all, try to get a dialogue open. I don’t want a repeat of—!”

His next word was drowned out by the sound of rippling thunder. And soon after the sound came - there was lightning.

A magnificent, chime-like clang! echoed off of Monte's shield. He wasn't prepared for that much force. In the midst of his shock, his shield shatters, and he's sent rolling across the floor!


Monte quickly forced himself back to his feet, charging another shield and brandishing a short sword with it. Playing on the defensive was the best strategy he could think at the moment.

Soul wasn't like most opponents, even under mind control; he could adapt at a moment's notice, completely shifting his style if need be. Monte needed to watch closely.

"I should...warn you. This battle will not end the way you hoped."
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One of the many benefits of Chance's more active abilities means her perception is altered when she releases control, she deftly avoided the thrown car door which was more of a spinning blade of metal and shattered glassy death. She looked to her left a moment too late as she heard Devil's voice echo in almost slow motion, and she watched as the car door sailed through the air, safely past her but of course...Devil was millimeters from her and she swore internally and shut her eyes... he barreled into her. His weight and speed wouldn't have been much of an issue if she had been prepared and properly grounded, but as she was twisted at an angle...and not prepared for Devil to crash into her. She tried to brace herself but they both still collided, Devil's momentum carrying them a little ways across the concrete...

She recovered quickly considering the situation, and offered Devil a hand up if need be. She then made her way back towards one of the abandoned SUV's crouching behind it. She caught the tail end of what Katerra was saying, and the other woman was right of course.

"You're right but we needed some sort of response. Clearly we didn't anticipate Soul being compromised. Equally, if we can keep the fight focused on us we can hope to minimize civilian least cap them so there aren't any more than there currently are. If Soul is being mind we have anyone other than Silhouette who has any sort of psychic ability? We need something to burn that demon out of his head."

She looked to Silhouette who was rapidly approaching a confrontation with something which appeared to be 'punching' away her tendrils...


Her initial assault had partially done its job by connecting with at least two of them. She had tuned the tendrils to carry an enervating property from The Endless Void, as well as giving her ever present hunger for the fear of others...a taste for her new enemies. She had little time to process this as the Bronze assailant flew into action and was aggressively making its way to her location.

"Super." she stated, as her projected tendrils were knocked away, the tips of the tendrils dissipating on impact.

Silhouette relented for a moment, likely disorientating the Bronze assailant momentarily. She flew into the air and unleashed several different waves of punitive dark energy waves at various speeds, each designed to arc in confusing fashions towards the metallic trio, before she vanished in a swirl of shadowy energy.

A few moments later, a pool of shadow gathered by Chance, and Silhouette materialized out of it, lifting her hand to her comm and spoke.

"So it looks like 'Bronze Punch Man' can punch and deter my energy tendrils...there's not many things which can do that. I'm thinking enchanted metal. Maybe if we get him to punch Soul, he'll return to normal."

Chance and Silhouette both started at the sonorous crash which echoed through the battlefield and Chance turned to Silhouette.

"That's incredibly risky. If he can...negate your tendrils...what if him punching Soul wipes him out of existence? Or removes his powers?" asked Chance.

"If that guy could warp reality, they'd have won already. Whatever enchantment there is on him or perhaps his fists...we might be able to break it."

"Might?" asked Chance.

"Just avoid letting him touch you, until we can figure out more." frowned Silhouette.

Chance raised an eyebrow and Silhouette blinked.

"What?" she asked.

Chance shook her head, muttering something as she began digging around in her gadget belt.
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Electro's spider senses go off, but it seems to be a slight delay with them senses as Electro Spider get's repelled with a swift strike with Silver Lining's sword. Taking the blunt end of Silver's blade.

He's become the human Football ( Soccer ) ball... getting hurled into the abandoned house.

"Awww!" he let's out as her hits the side of the house. He slowly recovers He's clearly a little ill prepared for this, but no matter. His goal is still to keep the assailants busy, but clearly Silver Lining has clearly gotten his attention at this moment.

After finally, slowly making his way back up to his feet. He'd go to clench his fists and start charging up, "Well... lesson is... I'm clearly not exactly prepared for this situation! .... Again."

Electro goes shoot some more webbing at some debris, and he'd take a couple of steps, huge steps back, he' be tugging as hard as he could on the webbing as he takes his step. The webbing has been stretching enough, and he'd do a bunny hop off the ground. as he'd try to catapult himself at Silver Lining. Wanting to knock her to the ground. then delivering a furry of punches as he'd knock her down. even if he's do doing no damage. He is still being a nuisance.
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Valor quickly caught her shield and looked to Jack, Monte and Katarra as well as Chance's plans. She didn't like it but she got the sense the Trio were onto something. At this point, she didn't have a better plan for the moment. "I got a feeling you're right on that Monte but we're between a rock and a hard place at the moment..."

She looked over to Monte, Jack and Kat as well as Silhouette "If we can break though No-One's influence on Soul, we might have a chance. Beat him until he's unconscious if you have to but we need to help Soul fight it! Do what you think is best and I'll cover you!" she answered as she prepared herself incase these metal crazies decided to attack them again. "Jack, you got anything electric on you?"
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Master Enforcer

As Ozy got bounced off of Soul's shield, and as the same seemed to be rendering his shots ineffective, frustration would be getting the better of Enforcer. Visibly so as even the others would have no luck getting through and the man would start gritting his teeth.

But as the others decided to take a step back from the attacking and begin planning Enforcer would decide to try to give them room to do that, as he moved to take cover by one of the parked/abandoned cars before taking pot shots at Soul.

Daring Devil

As Chance dodged the door Devil would instantly regret many life decisions, as he had no way to stop now. Maybe he should have remembered the luck powers part.

After Devil scoffed away his embarassement and accepted Chance's help he'd try to say sorry but... A spider getting thrown into the wall got his head back into the game, he'd just have to make mental note.

After that Devil would hop over a flipped over car to get a better sense of what was happening, only to see Sil's attacks be... punched away? That sounded bad, but now there was no one to hold back that guy or that other metal person. But then right on cue Spider jumped back at the Silver one.

"What fuck is he doing..." Devil would wonder aloud before putting a hand over his ear to speak over the comms, "Hey, guys? Sorta outnumbered here, get your plan together and help the new guy... not die."

And so Devil would begin to make his way to Silver and Spider, if and when Spider was kicked off Devil would throw a couple of his sharp boomerangs at them. More to get their attention than anything.
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Kathleen was still trying to put the pieces together, everything was going so fast, too fast. Especially in a context were the two opposite sides were probably being played against each other for somebody else's benefit. Despite the urgency of the situation she took a few seconds to plan her next move.

So far everyone, both the On Callers and the metal warriors, had been reacting and their actions could have been predicted by those pulling the strings. The heroes were at a disadvantage here though as they were fighting on two fronts at a time because of Soul's hijacking. Kat felt like even if bringing Soul back to normal was a priority something should also be done to derail the course of events they had been put on by the mysterious third party.

She gave Valor a quick acknowledging nod as she was indeed about to do what she thought was best, about to do something unexpected. By all sides.

"Don't get distracted by what is going to happen. I'm trying to buy us both more time to focus on Soul and see what these metal fellows are after." She responded to the WWII veteran before turning her gaze on the fight between the others On Callers and the metal warriors.

As Electro catapulted himself toward Silver Lining and attempted to knock her down Kat leaped right after him. Whether he succeeded in his attempt or Silver Lining managed to dodge his attack wouldn't matter as Kat intent was to push him aside, not too roughly but in a theatrical way that would hopefully leave the metal woman wondering for a second or two was going on. And if she happened to be hit in the back by one or two of Devil's boomerangs in the process that would only add more to the dramaturgy of her maneuver.

Kat would then take advantage of that short moment of confusion to look at her in the eyes and then speak out loud as she glanced at Silver's metal brothers and sisters in arms:

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Dre knew he had to calm down. He's stuck in a body that isn't his own. The fight he was originally a part of was going on at least a quarter of a mile or less away. While this body was virtually unmovable his consciousness and sight was still intact. He knew he was inside part of a an abandoned home that was in shambles. But what really shocked him was what else was occupying this;Bodies.A whole lot of them.

Not just random bodies either..they were wearing PRIMUS uniforms and armor. The way they were stacked and piled on one another seemed to be that of great haste. The stench of death mixed in with the rigormortis settling in also being key signs that they have been like this for some time.

New Orleans

Battle of Gris Gris District


PRIMUS Soldiers regrouping

The downed PRIMUS operatives were in the middle of getting back up from the earlier assault they had endured. Being aided by the extra helpers that came in following behind the On Callers, the soldiers would try to regain their composure once more while they decided to take this time to get pulled off the field and see what is it they can even hope of doing.

As they were gathering back up their knocked over weapons due to the fight they had minutes ago, one of the aiding officers looked over their guns and was just checking on the ammo count. And that's when he took notice of the ammo type this particular group had.

"Wait a second... we don't carry ammo like that. Where the hell did you get this?"

"It's a top secret one. Need to know basis."

"Top secret my ass! These are MRL-N5 Types!This is the kind of ammo that's illegal to even use! I'm asking you again soldier where the hell did you obtain this?"

"You're really asking me that as a battle is happening right now on our turf?"

"A good soldier follows orders but an even better soldier knows when something is wrong. You have one more chance to answer us soldier. Where did you get this?"

"From me."

"Who the hell are..wait.. that armor."
"We need to move fast gentleman. I'll get the cargo. The boss will handle the heroes. Kill the PRIMUS monkeys."
Without even so much as a flinch, the PRIMUS officer killed the one who was trying to get the truth out of them right through his helmet visor with the loud pop of his smaller firearm


Mere seconds was all the group needed when they disengaged the camouflage to reveal the true identities of those soldiers; The Perfect Gentlemen.

And they no longer needed guns to fight neither. Their own hand to hand skills were more than sufficient.

It was a slaughter.

"Remember; No One did it."

He is still a very good boy.

That tiny dog was emitting so much seismic explusions that he propelled himself right into SoulStar(No One's) back just as he was in the middle of still bashing energy shields with Monte!
SoulStar(No One): "That mutt is extremely annoying." Gritted his teeth behind the mask of the hero he's taken over while Spades continued to strike in in the sides and back where he was most vulnerable at the moment.But the distraction was more than enough for Ozy to sneak right up from behind him. Using his large mace to hook around the neck and started yanking the corrupted hero back into his arms, doing his best to interrupt him from using Soul's own powers to toss around energy in such a dangerous manner.

Silver Lining was just about to leave the young adult Electro Spider be. But he just kept coming.
"Appears you need a few more free lessons boy."
Electro was swift, but her lighter body frame made her just about almost at equal. Maybe more. Once again swinging from the blunt side of her blade to strike into the hero, but she was having difficulty landing her hits due to his own enhanced senses and agility giving him only just the slightest of edge, but she did at least nick him a few times.
"While we waste time fighting you people our own brethren is being taken from our hands. Stand down boy!"

Just as Silver's sword handle was about to try and bash the hybrid arachnid fighter, The large feline woman suddenly came rushing right into the fray ! Getting struck by Devil's boomerangs,Electro's own body, and the hard hilt of Silver's blade, the woman endured all of the above as she was struck down hard into the dusty ground.
Silver:"What madnesss?!"
Yet she soon realized what the true intent came to be when she began apologizing.
"Wait...oh shit..we're being played! Bronze!"

"I heard already. The tiny witch is quite mouthy for a wee goth. HEY WEE GOTH LADY!"
Bronze proudly shouted out to Sil while he was in the middle of now abandoning their fight and running straight for Soul and the large brawl he was having with his very own teammates.

Ozy was just in the middle of still trying to hold Soul in place when he saw the appearance of a very familiar old metal face "Aleastor?"


And with that He delivered a mighty one hit punch right into Soul's gut.

A strike that dealt such a devastating blow that it rendered the possessed hero completely unconscious within mere seconds.

Black-Jack:I do...but..I think we managed to avoid the catastrophe...I think."Answers Valor seeing SoulStar pass out in a more normal fashion after the strike.

While Gemini was still in the middle, and starting to recover from her traumatic PTSD triggers, she certainly was the closest to both overhear and witness that reveal of the now confirmed false PRIMUS soldiers! This was all a ruse all along!
8:01:58 PM) _Psi_: For every [redacted] and [redacted] there are those in CORP who will try to be helpful such as Epelesker, Soulstar, and Seeker.
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Valor had to pause as she noted the Bronze man knowing who Ozy is. She paused and looked to Ozy "You know him? you know these people?!" she asked in complete disbelief and slapped her face to her palm. All of a sudden, Valor paused and then looked toward the direction where the PRIMUS soldiers were. "Say does anyone hear screaming or am I going mad after all these years?"

She definitely was sure her hearing was still pretty good, part of her superhuman physiology included enhanced general senses after all.
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"Thank you, Ozy!" Monte exclaimed as his golden partner locked Soul into a hold. Without further hesitation, Monte readied his blade - "Sorry my friend. This will hurt." - and then he inserted it into his leader's side! Those familiar with Monte would know the blade didn't cut unless he willed it; the only damage it would do to Soul's body would be to send it into a state of shock, sluggishness, and possible unconsciousness.

That's when he heard someone shout behind him - and the fast approach of metallic footsteps.

"Fist who--OH!" Monte impulsively stepped out of the way, as Soul was dealt a harsh blow to the gut!

The impact caused Monte to wince, and he turned a glare to Bronze, fixing to turn his sword to him. But as he overheard Jack, he stayed his hand. For the moment. "Alright...Have we all calmed down now?"

Before he could get his answer, however, he heard Valor pipe up. "Screaming? No--did anybody else hear it?"
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As Electro Spider continues his assault on Silver Lining.... Said Assault comes to a stop as Silver shouts at him. "Uh- What?" He said, slightly confused now.

He's then pushed over by Kat. No longer assaulting He remains silent as he quickly feels foolish for his actions. He holsters his knives, putting them away. Not saying much only, "I'm an idiot! Sorry, honestly!"

Then all of a sudden ES over hears screaming over from them PRIMUS soldiers
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Gemini was slowly recovering from her episode as she kept repeating a phrase over and over to herself. It wasn't until the loud thunderous sound snapped her back into reality. Staggering up to her feet she'd take only a moment to get her bearings. Clearing her mind she had a job to do and she was failing. Her attention focused on the fight to stop Soul as she noticed the Metal Warriors seemed to be helping the team. Strange she thought but who was she to judge?

Pulling up her mask to cover her mouth she was about to act and head over to see how she could help. Her attention turned to overhear arguing then a single shot from the PRIMUS Officer's firearm. She watched the PRIMUS Soldier drop dead in front of the Officer before seeing him change along with several others.

"What the hell...."

Gem had to act quickly the real PRIMUS soldiers were being slaughtered. Looking around she spotted a single man heading away from the slaughter. Gem assumed he was the big man in charge of the slaughter and was readying to strike. Thinking if by attacking the leader the followers would stop and turn their attention to her. She also had to warn the others of what was going on in doing so.

Gem getting her footing right took and deep breath and smirked to herself. She then took off running towards the man the team knew as Chocolate Bar. Gaining speed and momentum she creates a fiery wall in front of her. The wall gets brighter and stronger and when she was close enough she'd attempt to push it out into the man with enough force to send him flying back.

Turning in the direction of where the team was at she'd open her mouth and scream out one word as loud as she could, "....TRAP!"
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Master Enforcer

As Soul got sense knocked back into him, and it seemed the metal people were on their side after all Enforcer coulden't help but sigh in relief.

And then there was that flash of fire, and then "...TRAP!"

What was Gemini doing? the man thought before noticing the PRIMUS soldiers that were getting killed left, right and center by those... things.

"Damn it!" Enforcer would say as he realized he had tunnel-visioned, but now the fighting was back in the man.

"LET'S GET THOSE CREEPY ASSHOLES!" And with that Enforcer would use his powers to strengthen himself and charge in, trying to super punch a gentleman away.

Daring Devil

As Kat rushed past him Devil would stop on his tracks and raise an eyebrow, even as his boomerangs cut into her back the man woulden't know how to react.

"Huh?" Devil'd say before realizing what was going on, "Oh... That son of a-" but before Devil would finish Soul would already have gotten his exorcism.

"That works... i guess." Devil would say looking between the groups.

"Well, that's i--"


"Oh what the hell now." Devil would say before rushing back to the see what was happening.

So close now...

The dark figure would finally come into view as they turn a corner to see the gentlemen attacking the soldiers, "No... not him, not now!"