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OOC Notes/Rules: Ok folks here is where the forum rp will take place. Keep in mind this will all count as a different timeline compared to ingame timeline until the RP itself is concluded here. That means whatever happens in this forum rp stays right here only until it reaches the very end of it.

1)Everyone will be given 2-3 days to respond to each post. Your turn will be autoskipped if there is no action taken. No exceptions.

2) No godmodding please (Pretty obvious but it has to be said)

3) You may use jpegs,gifs, whatever images you like to help demonstrate a character's actions, appearances or what have you. Nothing over Pg-13 levels please. If completely unsure please ask.

4) There are no turn orders here just remember to not step over others is all. Whatever GM says happens will be the end result of anyone's turn.

5) Use as many of your own On Callers as you like here. I don't mind.If you don't wish to use an On Caller that is fine too just as long as they are relevant to the situation presented

6)If the rp itself takes far longer than what I project to be about a few weeks to a month? I will simply speed up the timeline and reach the conclusion earlier then scheduled so that we don't drag it out for too long.

7) Reminder: None of these events are officially canon until we reach the end of the rp. So remember to not bring up any events that happen in this forum rp in current role play until it reaches the end point.
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New Orleans



It's been well over a decade since the horrific destruction of Hurricane Katrina. The city went through a hard transitional period but it held on as good as it could and made it through such hardships. But right now within the ruins of one of the mostly heavily effected and now fully abandoned small district of GrisGris; things were going sideways real quick.

A half destroyed armored convoy with the PRIMUS insignia written on the side of it was half sunk in very damp grounds of cracked open crevices of concrete and debris.

The PRIMUS armed soldiers were running around in circles and finding cover as swiftly as they could. Taking shots whenever they could at their targets.

All of them were tall and metallic yet didn't show signs of mechanism but instead a fusion of organic and metal.

Either way this battle was escalating to grow heavier and heavier to the point that they had to send out a distress signal in order to hopefully get some superhuman aid. An in the midst of it all a simple tune played from their downed convoy while one of the soldiers tossed out a grenade.

Millennium City




The widespread distress signal that was sent out had hit their main communications tower and relayed out to the many heroes out there that were probably eager to answer. Within the main lobby were a few main staff roaming about getting their gear ready to go to the field while their main warp gate was getting set up and set to full power.

A few representatives from Project On Call made their way through the foray


Golden Retriever

Black Jack

Seems this was the place that many of the heroes were being told to meet up at.

(Post IC intros below)
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Following the On-Call Trinity was the legend herself, Valor. Wearing her usual uniform along with her mask and a helmet that covered her head and her eyes as they had a adaptive eye lenses to help her with debris and blinding lights.

"What's the problem now?" she wondered aloud to herself as she fixed the straps on her shield that was holstered on her back. "PRIMUS experiment gone bad?"
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Chaos in the streets. A battleground in the making. An enemy force made of living metal.

It only made sense that MacRyder would take this job.

But instead they have Monte Cristo.

He walks in shortly after the selection of top-tier heroes had entered, assuming his place by them. Just by looking at him they could tell he was eager for action.

"Gentlemen. And Lady."
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"That's crazy man." would announce the arrival of two extra helping hands.

"Yeah, and they still haven't called me about it." Devil would say smiling as him and Enforcer came into view, "Hey guys. And Grandma."

Enforcer would chuckle before shaking his head and raising his hand to great the others, "Hey."
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A few minutes after Devil and Enforcer entered, Chance appeared on the scene. She wore her normal suit and stood ready to take instruction as she looked around, nodding and offering a small smile to several On Call members she recognized.

She seemed okay, if quiet, a little tanned though, and to those with excellent eye sight, the tip of a healing scar curved up just above her suit's neckline.

As she moved to stand to one side, a swirling portal appeared a few feet behind her.

It warped for a moment before a figure sheathed in darkness stepped out, which was quickly revealed to be Silhouette. She promptly stretched a hand towards the portal and closed it behind her. The think layer of dark energy still clung to her, though she consciously began willing it away, allowing her strange markings (scars? tattoos?) to glow briefly.

Silhouette glanced towards Chance and then nodded towards the others in the room.

"So. What's going on?" she asked, her voice lacking any sort of inflection, as usual.
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Down In Good Ole P'Boy Town

"...These Americans often think so highly of themselves. It's...odd."

A voice slowly trailed off as they watched the soldiers try to desperately attempt to stand their ground under the assault of what was coming. There was a soft sigh as the figure that the voice belonged to, slowly began to crouch down. There wasn't much room for error. While the skin was indeed something quite metallic, the being knew full and well, it was not like the days of old. There was always a way to find a way through...a way to hurt...a way to harm. A way to ensure your point got across.

Several of the soldiers guns began to feel a bit heavier as the figure slowly came up on a few. A solid punch, one, after another, each with a speed that was numbing to the mind. Their assailant didn't say a word...then again they didn't need to.

This was battle.

There was no need for much more to be said.
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A figure stands atop the tops of the skyscrapers of Millennium City. They observe the streets below them. They activate a communicator inside their mask. Seems there is trouble ahead.

The figure leaps off the top of the skyscraper, then they shoots out a grapple hook, and swing their way towards danger!

... Meanwhile, while that's going on, We turn our attention to what's happening at HQ as Electro Spider enters in behind the two ladies. "Knock, knock? Ah, heard there was a thing happening?"

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Right behind Electro Spider Kathleen entered On Call's main lobby. Several other members had already answered the call. Some known faces, some known masked faces and a few unknown heroes. She acknowledged their presence as she joined the group.

"Greetings everyone. The situation seems pretty.. lively over there. Apparently it's a warzone."
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Arriving soon after was the newcomer Gemini Flare. Entering, she glances around before standing off to the side a small distance away from everyone else. She'd then begin to adjust her gloves and facial wear making sure there were no faults and were secure.

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New Orleans

Battle of GrisGris District


The woman covered in an organic silverish tinted metallic skin and clothing raced across broken down homes and over flipped vehicles.

Slashing her blade over and over again to deflect the oncoming bullets that were within her range.

"Move fast before they have a chance to call in reinforcements! Avoid killing any of them if you can! I'll see if--" A shriek erupted form the metallic hollows of the woman's voice as one of the shots manage to connect grazing the side of her plated helm. Her body crashing into the murky waters that covered the entire district street level.


The heavier plated man made of a bronze like metal material shouted watching his friend fall into the water. Even though she was within the shallow areas a piece of her metal was missing from the side of her metallic skull. Just as he was in the middle of smacking away some soldiers who were in his way and making a bee line heading straight over to her to ensure she was alright.

He ended up getting shot several times within the upper back by a survey of bullets from some of the soldiers who were still in cover.

"FUCKIN' HELL! What kinda bullets is that eh?"
His near scottish like accent rumbled irritant from the stinging pain his back was in actual pain!
"Dione! Careful of their ammo! They're packin' somethin' with an enchantment on dem things."Throws out caution to the other metallic woman made of some kind of platinum based substance who was currently in the middle of disabling another section of troops firearms.

Millenium City



On the other end of the country the heroes were finishing gathering up, both on time or just lingering somewhat behind to arrive at PRIMUS HQ. All anyone knew was that some kind of op in process had found some heap of trouble. Even when the metahumans were entering the PRIMUS soldiers were lining up right at the warp gate which was active.

A non combatant PRIMUS representative with the nametag of 'Gene' showed up in the lobby and gave the group a quick salute.

"Apologizes for the inconvenience this might cause for you super folks but we gotta move our asses now. One of our post sites in a New Orleans district had just sent out an emergency of an all out scale attack. We were studying the development of abnormal creature sightings there as of late. These metal people just ambushed our team already there about ten minutes ago. Needless to say it's hit the fan faster than a save Herambe meme."

Black-Jack:"Wow a dated meme joke. I'm almost a little impressed lady."

Golden Retriever:" Jack? It's quiet time now."

SoulStar:" What do you need us to do ma'am?"

Gene just pointed her finger right to the warp gate present.
"We're going to send all of you through the gate station connected to our site over in New Orleans from this thing. Just do whatever is necessary to contain the situation. That clear enough for everyone here?"

SoulStar:" I don't like the secrecy vibe going on here. But those soldiers do need us. I'll see you guys out there."
The padded goggle wearing hero already began heading straight to the warp gate and nodded his head to those he immediately recognized from his team with a hand gesture for them to follow if they were ready.

Black-Jack:" Here boy!"The sounds of a few barks came from a small chihuahua who had seemingly followed just behind the card theme hero. Little Spades as known by many just following behind his master with tail wagging excitedly.

Ozy grew eeriely silent after hearing the quick debriefing of it all. His thoughts unknown at this time but anyone paying attention could easily tell right away looking at him that this wasn't settling well for the golden plated warrior of old.

(if any others who haven't posted an intro yet you still can it will just be counted as late entry)
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Monte silently greeted all whole entered with a slight and friendly smile, which quickly returned to neutrality as he tuned in to the briefing.

The vague details and even vaguer plan didn't exactly instill confidence in Monte, but it wouldn't stop him from going in. He nods and begins to walk forward, stopping shortly after spotting Ozy.

"You alright?"
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Looking to her fellow On-Callers, Valor piped up and asked "Metal people? Got any ID on them?" towards Gene. She wasn't sure what the situation in new Orleans was but she figured if it involved metal then...

Crap where's Mercurial when you needed him? He'd be perfect for this job. Valor thought to herself as she dusted herself down and fixed her belt before following Soul as soon as she got her answer, pulling her shield out and yelling "Let's go people! We've got work to do!"
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Enters in, keeping quiet, as usual. Electro merely listens in to the debriefing. He's also not a fan of the secrecy, but whatever. A part of him is rather thrilled due to the fact he's never been in New Orleans before... But for now - there's that urge of wondering of how 'Metal' these Metal Men are as he enters the gate with the rest of his team.
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That's all that was going on in Dione's mind as she was knocking out as many as she could. But the moment the warning was made about the special bullets...she was doing more than just hitting them. She aimed to break as many weapons as she could. There was no way they could shoot them, if there was no guns to use in the first place!

"Didn't I always warn you? The humans are dangerous..."

As a bullet nicked her cheek, a feeling she hadn't felt in a while started to pulse through her heart. She was silent for a moment...before her eyes widened as she said softly,

"...I live. Hehe...I LIVE."

As her section was for the most part finished, she was starting to work with shifting the area a bit, trying to make the soldiers arms feel heavy, to make it a little easier for her compatriots them some hospitality.

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Chance checked her suit one more time as the PRIMUS representative 'Gene' spoke.

She opened her mouth to speak and then promptly closed it, thinking it was probably better to act than ask questions...especially in such an emergency situation.

She looked to Silhouette, utter lack of response didn't really phase her (anymore).

She was about to follow after Soulstar when she noted several others joined the group, those who she hadn't taken the time to familiarize herself with. She made a mental note to perhaps introduce herself to those when the opportunity arose.

She smiled briefly at Valor's rallying call and followed along after the esteemed war veteran and super hero.


Silhouette eyed Gene and then looked towards the warp gate. She paused for a moment then followed after Valor and Chance. As she walked past Gene she glanced at the woman almost stopping as if she wanted to say something but she continued walking without saying a word.

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Kathleen's ears twitched when the PRIMUS lady said 'doing whatever is necessary'. She wanted to ask what were the limits of these instructions but she decided to stay quiet as she suspected that questions coming from a UNTIL agent could spark some animosity.

Maybe her presence was already too much for them... But she wouldn't ask either. If they didn't want her help on this they'd better let her know rapidly as she was already making her way to the portal.
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After hearing the PRIMUS representative relay the situation back to them, Devil would notice the distinct lack of a plan being thrown around.

And after Valor's morale raiser the man would say "I guess we just do the usual then."

"... What even is the usual?"

"I dunno." Devil would say as he follows the others through the portal. Leaving Enforcer shaking his head and looking between the others and the portal.
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Millennium City



Gene would at least answer Valor before she would head off into battle
"We're not entirely sure who these people are but they've been on our radar on and off. All we know for certain is that they weild power from their adorned weaponry. Possibly magic related. That's all the intel we have to go on."

The rep would just blink staring at Silhouette and Chance as it looked they had something to say..but the moment had passed.

Ozy's gold tinted lidded eyes flashed as if he just snapped out of a brief trance. Gaze directed at Monte with his own face showing great concern for what is to come
"I think it might be them Sir Monte. My people.I..I don't know if I can.."

The golden metal plated golem wanted to just bit his lower lip if he could at that moment. Great hesitance coming from when his own gaze couldn't even look Monte in the eye at that moment.
"I am coming. I want to see if it is what I think it may be."

Clutching his fist in one hand, and in the other summoning up to manifest his enormous shiny mace made of the same material.

The remaining PRIMUS soldiers would finish gearing up and allow for the several superhumans to enter through the large warp gate first so they can follow behind them.

New Orleans


Everybody's here

The warp gate from the post stationed in New Orleans soon released a flash as the heroes had made their way through the other side. Just from merely 800 feet away distance it was pretty obvious of the battle taking place within the ruins section of the city itself that was completely chartered off limits.

Black -Jack:"Man they weren't kidding. It's bad. What's the game plan?"While the man was getting out his poker roulette stylized pop up hoverboard detached from the back of his belt to ride on, Jack also picked up his adorable white furcoat tiny canine from the ground. Afterall Spades was his back up muscle.

SoulStar:"I say we at least separate the soldiers from those metal folks and then work our way through it for the time being. Everybody just watch your flanks." Decided to throw out that suggestion being that was really the best they had to go on at the moment. Generating his energy board to traverse quickly on he took off in mid air flight going straight for the battle zone.

Silva began to get up from the murky waters as she winced in pain. Actual pain. The woman of silver tint rose back to her feet feeling a little dazed but otherwise in good health once more. Thankful for Dione's resourcefulness in making the other soldiers weaponry fall to the ground and disable them before they could do any more potential harm to them.
"Thankyou Di--Lady Platinum Paladin. Bronze!"


"More are approaching."

"Wha? Where--awww shite. It's dem super types ain't it?"


The woman of silver and the big burly fellow of bronze would just stare the incoming group down when they were getting closer within their own vicinity. Definitely coming to join the battle as well.

The instant SoulStar arrived there he immediately began attacking!

Releasing nearly hundreds of energy shots that only ranged from getting bigger and bigger by the second.

The overheard energy shots was just enough to push back Silver,Platinum and Bronze as they weren't exactly expecting them to be attacking so soon like this! Even for Soul this seemed to be a little much. Especially by just how much energy he was firing out at them with little to almost no remorse of the soldiers who were on the ground level scrambling around to regroup.

Black-Jack:"DUDE! DA FUCK?! SOUL STOP IT!"Both Jack shouting with his dog barking away at Soul's own actions showed the level of tension just escalated far more unnecessary than before. And then Soul turned his head back to Jack and fire off a powerful shot that knocked him right off his very board!

Landing hard into the wet mud in a fit of pain.

Ozy:"Sir Soul cut it out! THE MAN'S GONE MAD!"

SoulStar (?):"I'm not mad Ozy. Quite the very opposite in fact." His tone of voice.. it changed. It sounded calm. Cold. Almost zero signs of an emotional response." Hell... No One made me do it."



"I...I can't move..where..oh god what's that noise?! Hello? Shit I can't move. Where is everyone?! HELLO?!"There was no movement. There was no sign of even life. But the hero knew he was stuck somewhere. In a body that wasn't even his.
No One
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Monte understood as best as he could. But even he silently acknowledged that he had never been in a position like Ozy – to confront the last of his own people. ‘Hard’ wasn’t enough of a word for it.

“There may be a peaceful outcome to this, my friend. If there were any one of us they would listen to, it would be you.”

. . .

If only they were so lucky.


Monte was struck with shock as their leader unleashed hell upon the Warriors. “WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH YOU!?”

He ran towards the man, prepared to tackle him if necessary. If he had been 4 steps to the right, he would have promptly taken Jack’s place. The attack brought Monte to a halt.

The man’s gone mad.

No. The voice…

No One made me do it.

“This isn’t madness…” Monte gritted his teeth, and a ghostly figment of a shield flared into form around his left arm. "He's been taken over!"