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The following report is a summary of what has been transpiring for nearly half a year regarding the mysterious apeparances of the criminal known as No One,The Deck of Many Things, The Warriors of Mettle and the group known as The Perfect Gentlemen.

The following is a compiled bits of information from related ventures of the individuals of Project On Call. Reported directly from the CEO of ASAP and Project On Call himself Nate Hiyabashi.

"Well plenty has happened since nearly the start of this year but I am compiling all the relevant notes and will leave links for reference below in case somebody wants to read into these affairs further. So here we go.

Of Many Things
Say Amen
Bronze Heart
We Shall Become Perfect
The Price of Perfection

Earlier this year On Call investigated a strange issue over in Rhode Island about a town that had been overrun with unusual magic related ocurrences that was steadily growing more and more out of hand. Black-Jack,one of our own, investigated into it but ended up missing for a couple of weeks with no feedback, forcing us to send out another team to look deeper into the investigation only to eventually find out that a strange deck of cards full of wild magic and effects were distributed throughout the town of Taylor from the people. Even though the team eventually figured out it was the town's own Mayor Maurice Johaan. But the unexpected twist of it all was the fact that he was being manipulated by some outside force controlling him known only as 'No One'. The deck of cards that were later collected up were identified as the possible fabled Deck of Many Things; a dangerous set of magic tarot cards that can create all sorts of various effects.

The Deck of Many Things and what they can do

No One's been a pain in our collective asses since. The incident in Prague comes to mind especially when he overtook the mind of one Darryl Oznek who led a pacifist group of cybernetically enhanced group known as AMEN ((Augmented Members of Encrypted Neuro-Enhancements). To put it bluntly they were all corrupted by No One's own secret agenda of upgrading their gear to the highest tier and causing menance and chaos all over the streets and within the St. Vitus Cathedral. It seems this planned terrorist attack was nothing more than for No One to officially make his presence known to all with a live televised demonstration as a show of intimidation. Mr. Oznek has since been cleared of most charges but had to be forced to disband his peaceful cult along with their illegal upgrades.

A short time later there was in incident in Bangkok,Thailand at a museum that was holding delicate pieces of ancient art and various artifacts. A strange metallic man made of a bronze plating was smashing through the place and causing a ruckus, forcing On Call to arrive at the scene and engage. But as it turns out he had a secret accomplice all along aiding him deeper within the museums weapon display exhibit where another metallic person, a female who was silver plated, stolen a card off of one of the shields. After the team further engaged in combat with the duo they aburptly left where it was later deduced that the stolen card in question was indeed part of the same deck that caused much chaos back in that Rhode Island town. This newest faction was later identified as The Warriors of Mettle by our own On Caller known as Golden Retriever,aka Ozymadius, who consequently was once a part of their collective many centuries ago. Ozy's body is gold plated.

Things really came to a head in Athens, Greece when the long standing enemy cult group known as The Perfect Gentlemen had gotten hold of one of the most powerful cards from the Deck of Many Things identified as the Moon Card. It has the ability to grant any individual any wish they wanted. These sickos wanted to become 'perfect beings', in other words 'Gods'. Their first encounter in Athens was met with near disaster as Ozy led a team that attempted to stop the group from using the card but were unable to prevent the results. Later on the team chased them down to the city of Flint,Mi where they were attempting to use the same card to transform regular people into their more 'perfected selves'. The On Callers bashed through their compound. It was here were things had gotten more complicated when looking through some of The Perfect Gentlemen's old records that their group had been around since the early 1800s or longer.Once the team finally subdued the cultist and retrieved the card back, they managed to find out the one connection that held them altogether: No One.

No One has now numerous reports about taking over people of high leveled power either in politics or just in superhuman scale alone. All of them somehow either relate to the Deck of Many Things cards being collected, and a few times these people known as The Warriors of Mettle have been doing the same but seem to act as an opposition. We do not know if they are friend or foe but we must eventually find some way to get in contact with them. This is a giant chess game at this point and No One is in charge of certain pieces. We will update the latest of what the hell is going on and try to put all of these pieces together.

End of report for now."
8:01:58 PM) _Psi_: For every [redacted] and [redacted] there are those in CORP who will try to be helpful such as Epelesker, Soulstar, and Seeker.
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