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Real Name: Odin Taragosh
Other Aliases and Nicknames: None
Public / Secret Identity: Has none
Place of Birth:rural area of Oregon
Citizenship and Legal Status: US citizen

Age: 36
Height: 8ft
Weight: 500+
Eye Color:Pitch Black eyes with glowing green pupils
Hair Color: brown
Other Distinguishing Features: sickly glowing green veins on arms, arms longer then previous encounters, strange rivets in the upper parts of his arms

Civilian Occupation: none, currently part of a villain reformation program in UNTIL
Known Relatives: mother and father, unknown if they are still alive
Marital Status: single

Known Allies: none
Known Enemies: Dr Galeheart
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: BlackGuard
Base of Operations: a cave in monster island

Known Metahuman Powers:
-Super strength, capable of lifting at least 6 tons and uses his strength in creative ways,
mostly when it comes to improvised weapons

-Super Speed and super jump, he is capable of amazing feats of speed and leaping capabilities,
exceeding those of normal humans at peak performance.

-Acidic projectiles and blood, he is capable of firing a glob of sludge that is highly corrosive to most if not all materials
he is also capable of making this acid into a gas from his pores, he has no control over the lethality but can choice when and where he uses them.
the acidic effect only lasts for a few seconds but that enough to melt through a 8 inch thick steel door,
only substance that can't be melted by this is questionite.

his blood is also highly corrosive, making blood tests nearly impossible, he is immune to his own acid
but anyone using normal blades or non magically enhanced claws will loose said weapons.

-regenerative capabilities, his ability to heal is remarkable given how volatile he is on the inside,
able to heal normal wounds within seconds while bigger more substantial wounds can be fully healed in less then an hour,
he has never had missing limbs so it is unknown how long that takes.

Other Remarkable Abilities: sight, smell and hearing are all at superhuman level, allowing him he tell who's sent is who's and have a sniper's scope level of vision.

Mental Conditioning, this is what we have called it, it seems that whenever some one try's to mentally control him he flies into a frenzy and seems to rely on more primal instincts.
should anyone try to interact with his mind in this state he will not only be unaffected by it but will stop what he's doing to charge straight to the person or object that attempted to do so.
this has lead to the deaths of many unaware psychic vilians.

-trained to use all manner of firearms most of which are too heavy for normal soldiers and highly adept at street brawling

-mind of a military strategist

Equipment and other Items:
-cybernetic circulatory system, one thing that helps with him not losing limbs is his cybernetic implants that make sure he doesn't become a pool of acidic sludge.
no amount of EMP's or electricity can stop it from working and its able to withstand a Groud level of punishment as witnessed when he unfortunately encountered Groud himself when helping Project Greenskin

-he own at least two flying vehicle, a military chopper and the other a grav bike both equipped for combat

-a long single chain made of questionite, when asked where he got so much he replied that BlackGuard had many resources and it was the last thing he had made before he left,
it is able to hold an substantial amount of Acid in it before delivering it in bursts when he attacks with it

Limitations: while he may be a force to be reckoned with in physical combat, mages and non mind manipulation psionics are a major counter to him
though he has been able to overwhelm the unprepared by going all out with all his powers

sleep magic was most effective on him, but should any mental manipulation start happening when the sleep magic is taking effect he will snap out of it and go in to that frenzy

**UNTIL Report**
Odin revealed everything we asked when he turned himself in, he was born with the Glowing veins and the way his eye were and didn't have any other powers until he discovered them when he accidentally murdered a bully that had pushed him to far by shooting poison out of his hand.
due to this accident he fled to the near by forest at the age of 16 where he was captured by Dr Galeheart and subjugated to a private Super Soldier Project by the Doctor, this is what grated him the powers he has now later in life he was captured again, given more powers, changing his poison to acid,
increasing his durability, speed and strength.

he spent most of his life since then "wiping out the scum of the city" when asked why he came to millennium city in the first place, he said that the Doctor had a base of operations here and he had been trying to find it.
it wasn't until Warblade, leader of BlackGuard recruited him that he really felt he had a purpose, he climbed the ranks quickly reaching military commander in a few years, in charge of leader the troops, watching more spies that would under mine their operations and plan where members of the organization were needed most.
when Warblade suddenly disappeared that the organization fell apart, saying that the other leaders had also disappeared and that he was left with the pieces, he doesn't know what happened to the other people of the organization.

he returned to his old ways but felt it was an empty life style so he walked into UNTIL HQ and turned himself in opting for our Reformation program where we send subjects to different groups that we have connects with so not only can they be around good influences but also can be monitored properly and he has shown willingness to our discipline training as he has been use to going all out with his powers, he has been improving quite well in this regard

we have asked if his hunt for the doctor will cloud his vision, he said that it won't due to him being vary tired of his fruitless hunts so he will investigate should anything about him crops up as his last encounter had him stop the Doctor from stealing something from a museum (we will be investigating this) but considering how often he doesn't show himself it should not be a worry
**End of UNTIL report**

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