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The hero known as Builder has been showing signs of decline for the past several months ever since he took over as the city of Lansing's very own protector. At first things were indeed at peace and crime was plummeted to an all time low, unfortunately his own power of the spires, a sentry like series of obelisks that emerge out of his person that can create all sorts of effects, were pushing his own boundaries as well as others. So much so that even the Governor along with PRIMUS had to reach out to anyone that would be willing to visit the capitol city of Michigan itself and see if they can somehow resolve this entire thing peacefully. Project On Call came to answer
{Team: SoulStar,MacRyder,Chance,Safe Room, Mapshaper, and Daring Devil}

When the team arrived they were surprised to see the looming tower that was planted there at the capitol itself which was infact a gigantic spire that was acting like an all seeing watchtower. The eerie quietness of the streets and corners were also tell tale indicators that something was just way off. Many of the On Callers already knew that this man had fallen over the deeper end of things and needed to be steered in the right direction. Whenever they tried to question any remaining patrons who still lived in the city, the look of fear on their faces when trying to avert their gaze was all the narrative needed to know just how downhill things have gotten.
Once the team finally caught up with Builder the On Callers had quite the extensive back and forth conversations with him regarding both in terms of morality as well as boundaries being pushed too far. The man seemed quite uncooperative to fully share just what was making him act in such an irrational way. Many suspected it was due to his quite tragic past in regards to losing his family while others speculated other things. That is until he unexpectedly removed both himself and the heroes away from Lansing itself and into another dimension created by his own spires ability.
Within this realm Builder was able to tell them, or at least hint what was truly going on with him. Someone was trying to corrupt and take him over. The man was unsure of just who and why but was at least aware there was a presence out there attempting to fully take over. And he was doing all of what he was previously doing in order to both protect himself and the city, but the stress of it all was making him reach his breaking point. Now more understanding of his situation, the team promised him they would do whatever they could to try and help him, yet he still let them know that he was close to being fully taken over and needed them to take him down as quickly as they can before things really pop off.

Moments later the entire team was dropped off at a large trash heap area just a few miles outside of Lansing itself. It was there that their inevitable confrontation took place due to Builder now being completely possessed by the unknown entity known only as "No One". The team engaged to take down Builder before he was able to cause further harm,intentional or not. The fight was very unexpectedly harsh with many people getting nearly blown up in the process due to his unique powerset. If not for the surprise attack of gravitational pulses released from a mysterious ally(?) made of nothing but metallic materials, the team's chances of making it out of the fight were looking grim at best.

After the stranger plucked what seemed to be a card off of Builder, they immediately made a hasty retreat before the heroes could get a chance to try and ask her of any questions they had. As of right now Builder has been captured and put under temporary lock down by PRIMUS forces including stripped of his titles for the forseeable future. His power of the spires are still intact and active.
8:01:58 PM) _Psi_: For every [redacted] and [redacted] there are those in CORP who will try to be helpful such as Epelesker, Soulstar, and Seeker.
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