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Real Name: Matthew Hollinger
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Aldhaven Werewolf, Werewolf of Westside
Public / Secret Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Aldhaven, WA
Citizenship and Legal Status: US Citizen

Age: Mid 20's
Height: 6'
Weight: 150/170
Eye Color: Brown/yellow
Hair Color: Blonde, though he's prone to dying it whatever color suits his fancy at any given moment.
Other Distinguishing Features: Wicked mohawk, tribal tattoos on arms, piercings in his ears and eyebrows.

Civilian Occupation: Vocalist for the punk/metal band Robot City Roundhouse
Known Relatives: Sarah Hollinger, mother
Marital Status: Dating

Known Allies:
-The Great Lakes Pack, a small group of lycanthropes living in Millennium City.
-Jen Baker: Bassist to Robot City Roundhouse. A witch with minor magical powers
-Keith Sanders: Drummer to Robot City Roundhouse. Has encyclopedic knowledge of the paranormal.
-Neil Andrews: Guitarist to Robot City Roundhouse. He hits things hard.

Known Enemies:
Previous Supergroup Affiliations:

Base of Operations: His house in Westside. Some people can't afford a fortress of solitude

Known Metahuman Powers:

Lycanthropy: Mutt has been an infected lycanthrope since he was 21. He's capable of transforming at will, but the full moon will lock him in his werewolf state.

Super strength: Capable of lifting about a ton in his werewolf state.

Super Breath: Like the Big Bad Wolf, Mutt can huff, puff, and unleash powerful blasts of air. This has proven to be one of his more versatile powers. He can use it to blast himself around, increase the volume of his voice to deafening levels, or simply breathe in to expand his body to larger sizes.

Regeneration: Mutt has an advanced healing factor, even by werewolf standards. Minor breaks and cuts can heal up in minutes, while severe injuries can heal within hours. He can even regenerate from death itself, given a long enough time, making him effectively immortal.

Other Remarkable Abilities:

Super Senses: Mutt has advanced hearing and smell, making him an excellent tracker.

Equipment and other Items:

Little Red: Mutts main weapon of choice is a magical Fender Stratocaster guitar which he's dubbed Little Red. Its exact origins are a mystery to him, as he just found it in a dumpster one day and only discovered its power some time later. The guitar seems to be powered by the strength of its weilders rock and roll soul. It has multiple abilities:

*Very resistant to damage, making it a good bludgeon.
*Whenever lost, stolen, or destroyed, Mutt can always call his guitar back to him, good as new, by holding out his hand. It's promptly tossed to him by some sort of unseen, offscreen roadie.
*By playing his guitar in unison with other music-based heroes, the guitar will empower everyone performing with him. This power seems to be done exponentially: the more people rocking out, the more power everyone draws from each other.
*If given enough power, Little Red can begin to create stage effects like pyrotechnics, spotlights, smoke, etc. The more power, the more elaborate these become.
*Minor Shapeshifting: The guitar has been discovered to cause temporary minor changes in Mutt in order to allow him to perform his music better, such as changing his sex to allow him to perform female vocals. Not super useful in a fight, but worth noting.

The Van: A beat up Dodge Ram. It drives places. Matt and his band keep their stuff in there. It has an odd tendency to avoid being completely totaled despite all the abuse it takes.


Silver: Injuries made with silver bypass Mutts healing factor, and must be healed at a normal persons speed. It's unknown, but assumed, that any fatal wounds made with silver will kill him permanently.

Sensory Overload: Particularly piercing sounds or powerful smells can be hellish for someone with senses like his.

Immortal, not invincible: It's worth noting that, while Mutt can regenerate from anything, he is barely more durable than your average person.


Matt Hollinger was born in the quiet town of Aldhaven, WA. A troubled outcast with little direction in his life beyond a punk band that barely paid the rent and a community that cared little about him. When a recent loss of his job, girlfriend, and house spurred him to drink his sorrows away, a drunken Matt stumbled out of the bar one night, down a random alley in search of a place to empty his guts out onto the concrete.

...And into the waiting jaws of the biggest dog he'd ever seen in his life.

After coming to the next morning at the local morgue (not the weirdest place he'd ever worken up in), Matt would spend the next month recovering on his bassist, Jens, couch. Only for another unexpected surprise when the rise of the full moon resulted in him undergoing a sudden, agonizing transformation to a snarling wolfman in the middle of practice with the band. While the others were able to subdue their friend before he could do any real damage (as it turns out, you can drop a werewolf quite fast with a speeding van), it had become clear that none of their lives would be the same. It would take a bit of doing, but Matt would ultimately learn to control his transformations. Coming to realize the supernatural horrors lurking underneath his sleepy hometown, he decided to make use of his newfound powers and begin a crusade of drunken monster punching and ass kicking.

Sadly, he wasn't as good at keeping hidden as the other monsters in the city, and Aldhaven quickly proved to be less than welcoming to a werewolf stalking around at night. When one too many murders at the hands of the local beasties got blamed on the mysterious Aldhaven Werewolf, Matt and his friends decided it best to get out of dodge and move to Millennium City. Since then, the newly dubbed Mutt has become something of a local legend in Westside, and a hero to the oppressed and downtrodden.

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