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Real Name: Cel'si
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Cel’si, Cel
Public / Secret Identity: Public
Place of Birth: Planet Kaary in the GN-z13 galaxy
Citizenship and Legal Status: Off world immigrant, looking for permanent Earth residency

Age: 41
Height: 6'
Weight: 960 Lbs
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Shiny Golden, Brown
Other Distinguishing Features: almost flat nose, her hair seems to be made of metal, beefy build.

Civilian Occupation: None
Known Relatives: None
Marital Status: Single

Known Allies: None
Known Enemies: Her former teammates
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: Was part of a special commando team back on her home world
Base of Operations: undertermined.

Known Powers:

Superhuman Strength:

Cel’si possesses a massive physical strength vastly above her species standards. She can casually lift well over several hundred tons and increase her strength level through mental focus. Her performance is tied to her ability to remain focused, and her upper limit is still undetermined.

Cellular reconstruction:

Cel’si has become a master at disassembling and reconstructing her own body tissue, allowing her to heal and recover at an extreme rate. She can close most open wounds in a matter of minutes if not seconds. It also allows her to « teleport » herself on short distances by disassembling then reassembling her body. Teleportation doesn’t heal her however as her reconstructed self reproduces her prior condition.

Enhanced Durability:

Her cellular density allows her to absorb vast amounts of punishment and trauma. She is highly resistant to blunt and kinetic force, elemental and magical sources of damage can cause her more direct harm. This ability is strengthened by her accelerated healing factor.

Other Remarkable Abilities:

Cel’si is more or less her own energy source : she could survive months without eating (but she still does, just for pleasure), she’s isnt required to breathe, she can tire but it is more mental than physical.

Equipment and other Items: Uses various high-tech tools of alien origin, mostly scanners and sensors but no weapons.


Peak performance tied to her level of focus and concentration :

The most distracted she gets the worse she performs. Even if her base level remains high by metahuman standards strong emotions and feelings can disrupt her focus and decrease her physical prowess and potential.

Superiority complex :

Coming from a technologically advanced civilization she tends to look down on Earth and its inhabitants, assuming that their ways must be archaic. Needless to say that it hasn’t helped her integration among Earth natives and she isn’t really doing any sort of efforts to make it easier.


Cel’si comes from a far away galaxy, unknown to mankind before her Earth admittance interview with UNTIL. Her people was once a proud race before its subjugation by an even more advanced civilization. Under their new masters’ rule they were treated like second zone citizens if not straight out slaves. After centuries of an overwhelming domination Cel’si’s people eventually found the means to form a liberation army by reverse engineering their masters most powerful weapons. The conflict lasted for another century and culminated in the destruction of both civilizations and a large chunk of the galaxy. Cel’si race is now on the brink of extinction while their former enemies are believed to have been almost entirely wiped out. The last survivors of her people are scattered across the universe, roaming from galaxies to galaxies to find and eliminate the last remnants of their hated foes.

Cel’si was part of one of these hunting parties. Her team’s obsession was to find the last and ultimate secrets of their powerful enemies, make them their own and rebuild a force that would be unrivaled in their sector of the universe. With time she began to doubt the soundness of such a goal. These secrets had turned her galaxy into ashes and she didn’t want history to repeat itself. Unable to convince her former comrades of the foolishness of their enterprise she was branded a traitor and forced into exile. After years of wandering she eventually reached the Milky Way. As it was the most busy and lively galaxy she had found so far she decided to narrow her search for a new home there. Her half wrecked ship wouldn’t take her any further anyway. A half wreck of a ship that soon became a full wreck after being shot down by UNTIL’s planetary defenses as Cel’si was entering Earth’s space...
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