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Real Name: Melphina Gallinago
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Space Elf
Public / Secret Identity: Public
Place of Birth: Uncharted Space
Citizenship and Legal Status: Intergalactic Refugee

Age: Undetermined, though mentally mature
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 126lbs
Eye Color: Solid Black
Hair Color: Blue
Other Distinguishing Features: Facial scar over right eye, assorted battle scars covering body

Civilian Occupation: Mercenary
Known Relatives: N/A
Marital Status: Single

Known Allies: N/A
Known Enemies: None noteworthy
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: N/A
Base of Operations: A cheap basement in Westside

Known Metahuman Powers: Innate spellcasting ability, psionic potential
Other Remarkable Abilities: Physical adaptations for survival in space - vacuum resistance, telekinetic maneuvering in zero-g, diminished nutritional requirements supplemented by a form of photosynthesis, diminished sleep requirements, specialized ocular adaptations.
Equipment and other Items:
"Ungarato-Agaime", a custom-built laser weapon which glows a sickly green in the presence of undead and allows short-term summoning of creatures. Outfitted with an atypical bayonet resembling a falchion.
"Bag of Holding", which is what it sounds like.
"Greaves of the Spider", boots that allow the wearer to traverse walls and ceilings as though they were ground.

Limitations: Melphina is nearly entirely foreign to earth cultures, still in the process of picking up the finer details of things like pop culture. However, she's not an idiot - she might accidentally offend people, but she can still function well enough. A Jane of All Trades, Melphina's biggest weakness would be a lack of specialized knowledge or skills with anything outside of her magic - which is, itself, highly specialized around healing wounds, raising the dead, and manipulating minds - the latter two she keeps on a strict need-to-know policy. Raising the dead might sound like a powerful ability, but it comes with a steep price in that it consumes an object of extreme personal value to the departed, and functions more as reincarnation than true resurrection.

Backstory: Whether an intergalactic traveler, or an interdimensional one, Melphina isn't quite sure. All she knows is where she came from, she was a somewhat typical adventurer thrust into highly unusual circumstances. It started with a fairly typical murder investigation, which led to something more, and continued to do so until the whole situation had been resolved with the destruction of a doomsday cult that had gotten their hands on a superweapon capable of killing entire solar systems.

Melphina had spent the earnings of her adventures on the construction and development of a small space station of her own, and spent her free time chasing artifacts and esoteric magical knowledge. She's not certain whether she stepped on a god's toes, triggered a magical curse, or simply suffered sheer bad luck, but something happened and she found herself on earth, effectively penniless as her digital currency is worthless here. Since arriving on earth, she's gotten herself a simple enough job working at Royal Burger, but she feels her particular skills are suited for grander undertakings.
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