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#13724167 Apr 06, 2018 at 11:47 PM
Living Goop@InquisistorVail
Real Name:
Other Aliases and Nicknames:
Public / Secret Identity:
Place of Birth:
Citizenship and Legal Status:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Other Distinguishing Features:

Civilian Occupation:
Known Relatives:
Marital Status: Single

Known Allies:
Known Enemies: Viper Agents
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: Black Watch Defenders
Base of Operations: Millennium City

Known Metahuman Powers: Living Goop is as her name implies. She is at her most basic core. A slime based creature that has sentience. She commonly keeps herself in a humanoid form, however, data suggests she could take the shape of other things. Her membrane is semi-permeable. This attribute allows her body to choose if it is to let matter inside of it, or to resist penetration. Her primary advantage is being able to scout out a situation with almost no chance she'll be noticed or trip an alarm. Often times she'll be mistaken as a puddle, or something really nasty in the mop bucket. Beyond that her high resistance to physical damage comes in handy during restraining a criminal.

Other Remarkable Abilities: The chemical compound that makes up most of Goop's body mass seems to be able to heal physical trauma, and help prevent infections. Though her using herself to heal another does reduce her mass until she is able to feed and regenerate herself.

Equipment and other Items: Due to her goopy nature, and inability to regulate her internal body temp in extreme situations. Goop has in the past been provided suits to wear in the event that she is required to go to these zones.

Limitations: With a semi-solid body such as Goop's keeping your internal heat to the right spot is difficult. With this information it is easy to conclude that any villain with intense heat, or cooling abilities could wound or kill her. Considering the lack of data on Goop when wounded there is next to no data on what wounds could kill her.

Backstory: Goop was once an above average Doctor intent on finding a way to stop aging of human cells. The war on wrinkles she called it. During her work it was shown that her research could be used to make a rather awful chemical weapon. One that would cause mass cell death on any inflicted with it. Viper got a hold of this information and went about trying to take her work. When Viper raided the office labs she was working in. Goop had no idea they were after her work. She hid inside one of the test chambers as she was more worried about it being a terrorist attack than anything else. She waited in there for what seemed like hours to her until Viper agents found her hiding. They seemed unable, or unwilling to unlock the chamber to get her out and instead turned it on after Goop refused to come out.

The resulting experiment that took place was believed to have killed Goop. As all that was left was a puddle of strange slime. Her death was mourned and as the years passed the world moved on. The slime was buried as it was the only remains found. Goop herself has no idea how long she was non-sentient goo. She only remembers waking up in her grave and wiggling out. Her old friends and family have never been alerted of Goop's survival as was her request.
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#13724171 Apr 06, 2018 at 11:51 PM
Inq Vail
That moment when you hit post and forgot to fill out the rest! Whooooooops!

Real Name: Ashley Tanner
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Living Goop, Goop
Public / Secret Identity: Goop
Place of Birth: The Ozarks
Citizenship and Legal Status: US Citizen

Age: 34
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue goo
Other Distinguishing Features: Semi-Transparent blue Goo lady

Civilian Occupation: None
Known Relatives: Parents, and younger siblings.
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