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Galactic Shaman

Real Name: Sydney Crayna (When not merged), Galactic Shaman (When Merged)

Other Aliases and Nicknames: Cosmic Shaman, Shaman, The Entity, Entity

Public / Secret Identity: Syd Crayna

Place of Birth: Midtown, Vibora Bay

Citizenship and Legal Status: Citizen

Age: Syd 25; Galactic Shaman unknown

Height: 5'6'' - 5'8'' (Depending on the influence of The Entity)

Weight: 130 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dirty blonde but may be dyed different colors

Other Distinguishing Features: The Entity views through her right eye, causing there to be no pupil. Her left eye always has a pupil even when merged.

Civilian Occupation: None currently.

Known Relatives: Father Sam Crayna and mother Victoria Crayna

Marital Status: Single

Known Allies: None that Syd is aware of, The Entity will not share.

Known Enemies: Galactic Heretics, Qularr, Gadroon

Previous Supergroup Affiliations: None

Base of Operations: None.

Known Metahuman Powers: While merged, Galactic Shaman can call upon magic from different realms and planets throughout the cosmos. These include restorative as well as devastating bolts or beams. The Entity chooses to not reveal the location these powers are drawn from for fear of losing them to the enemy but admits they are not her own, but simply channeling and opening gate ways to direct these natural cosmic abilities.

Other Remarkable Abilities: She can teleport, as well as make herself miasma. She can also shift between the physical and ethereal planes, teleport to any place is the cosmos she has visited in an instant, and merge with Syd at any moment when needed.

Equipment and other Items: The only "equipment" The Entity has are her Galactic Gauntlets she uses. These are the gates connected to her powers.

Limitations: Syds body eventually tires and is mortal as well as the mental struggle for Syd to reclaim her body does take a toll. The Entity, therefore, can only stay merged when Syd wishes her to have control or can over power her mind. The Entity can also not open too many gates too quickly or risk mixing opposing cosmic powers which, they say, could kill it or its powers.


The Galactic Shaman is more an entity than a real person or thing. It does, however, have the ability to take a host. Syd Crayna, the host of this entity, does not posses special powers, abilities, or strengths but with the Galactic Shaman within her she can now do so much more.

The Galactic Shaman powers allow her to super naturally heal others, as well as use the power of the cosmos to strike down any one in her path. The two share the same body, but do not enjoy each others company. While Syd likes having power, the entity simply sees her as a vessel in the way of the greater good of the galaxy. This inner conflict has draw backs such as phasing in and out of the "Cosmic" form as Syd puts it causing great stress on her body if too many phases happen rapidly. The entity, also, gets weakened from having to force itself back to the surface and suppress Syd.

The Entity is reluctant on disclosing who or what it is, or where it came from. Only that it has a duty it must fulfill and Syd just so happened to be the first being it made contact with.
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