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Real Name: Ophiionis Crethosise
Age: 28 (Can live for about 800)
D.o.B.: 1574
Place of Origin: Aclaphas Capital City in The Oeshothal Dimension (A plane of mostly Lizardfolk and Lamia)
Gender: Male
Height: 9ft
Weight: 1100 lbs
Eye Color: Candy Apple Red
Nationality: Kneesin Court
Marital Status:
Known Powers: Ophiionis possess a certain number of physical attributes such as being to move (with minimal armor) 35 feet per second (or 23.8 miles per an hour). He harbors natural snake scales on his body, that allow him to take slightly more physical damage (compared to standard/mid-tier protected military personnel), and allows him to hold pressing physical strength (comparable to a mid-tier body builders) with that in mind, Ophiionis's duties excellent dedication with war scythes, axes, spears, scepter, javelins, swords, shields and so on (He owns a special set of enchanted-golden armor [A chest guard littered with triple layed amber glass; inside 5 sets of gemstones{two volcano, one emerald, one zircon and one sapphire}, dual shoulder pads; littered with minuscule rubies/garnets/diamonds, a matching belt; aquamarines in a pattern of a hexagon at the center to keep it in-place, to his left would be a sword lock; a broadsword about 36 inches {clean and well sharpened to the highest degree}, and lastly a helmet; ]). His eyes can visual detect people who are a mere 60 feet away (even in low-lit and darkness), is akin to being able to smell (due to high scent perception - pm for further indication on what he could smell) things not known to his eyesight himself, and lastly good understanding of the environment and can instantly recognized nature creatures of the natural world.

"When posed with the question of 'Why'd you go out in the world; they'd said was it for adventure… not knowledge?'." Excerpt from the Book 'Statue Of The Caves; Undoing Of Freedom written by Ophiionis Crethosise in 1578 (this year is the equivalent of A.D. 1226). He has also shared this book with company members of UNITY staff.
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