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#13660997 Feb 18, 2018 at 11:20 PM
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Real Name: Isaac Anderson
Other Aliases and Nicknames: None
Public / Secret Identity: Safe Room
Place of Birth: New England
Citizenship and Legal Status: US CItizen
Age: 30
Height: 5:10
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Other Distinguishing Features: None
Civilian Occupation: Owner of Innovatech, Contractor & (Formerly Perfection Technologies.)
Known Relatives: Mom: Mary Anderson Dad: Ike 'The Iron' Anderson
Marital Status: Single
Known Allies: Blue Bullet, Professor Mystic
Known Enemies: William Mengele
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: The Order of Justice
Base of Operations: Innovatech Company Tower & Underground Facilities.
Known Metahuman Powers: Enhanced strength, adaptive healing factor and the ability to summon Power Armor around him via Quantum Entaglement.
Other Remarkable Abilities: A remarkably high IQ & the ability to create advanced technologies.
Equipment and other Items: Numerous Suits of Power Armor & other types of advanced technologies.
Limitations: Magic, Fear.
Backstory: Isaac was & has always been a prodogy since he was a child, an incident in Kindgarten caused him to develop Agoraphobia at the age of 5 due to an incident that haunted him for years. His first noticable achievement being the creation of a Nuclear Reactor in his Parents Basement at the age of 7.

Catching notice of his prodigal genious, young Isaac caught the attention of numerous schools & benefactors, eventually graduating MIT at the age of 12. His OCD combined with his high IQ has given him an edge in his field of Robotics.

Years of hard work & problem solving eventually allowing him to form his own company, Innovatech, (formerly Perfection Technologies). Another highlight of his career was serving as Project Clockworks Lead Consultant. Unfortunately a series of recent events forced his departure for the foreseeable future.

Having finishing phyiscal therapy for new Meta's, Isaac now wishes to delve into hero work, using his new insight combined with vast wealth & resources to change things for the better.
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