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Name: Piper Pauperdale
Official Title: The Viscountess Pauperdale of Woolfadrisworthy (Esquire)
Place of Birth:Woolfadrisworthy (pronounced Woolsery), England , in
the Land of Legends/Faerie.

Citizenship and Legal Status:A citizen of her own home realm. Rubber stamping and other drudgeries for all in sundry in Millennium City are done and dusted.

Distinguishing Features: Her gait is certainly becoming of only the most distinguished gentlewoman. Rarely seen in public without her monocle and Admiralty hat.

Civilian Occupation: As her Viscountess status is largely honorary, her duties, when not delegated to the help, mostly consist of magical game hunting, attenting ceremonies, and hosting expensive tea parties.

Equipment and other Items: A rather large rucksack she brings on her travels which acts as a waypoint between her world and ours. While some question the spirit of adventuring when one's home is easy accessible at all times, the Viscountess stresses the importance of not neglecting one's duty to one's title, and its equal importance to that of the common good gained through heroing/adventuring. Noblesse oblige. Also functions as a regular rucksack, albeit one with 'bigger on the inside' storage space. She also carries a walking cane, that sheathes a rapier, naturally.

Base of Operations: Le Chataeu Dynamique - her enchanted estate in the world of Faerie. Complete with magical manservents and a menagerie of exotic beasts, including those that avoided the fate of the many trophies mounted on her walls.

Known Metahuman Powers: Piper as she is, despite her protests and fae longevity, is altogether unremarkable. However, her personality and her desire to be a heroic legend in her own right 'resonates' with the wisps of long forgotten and lost artefacts in our world, that echo in the fae. While not sentient and therefore could not be considered 'spirits' in their own right, these imprints, or memories of weapons, amulets and other items of interest nevertheless 'react' to her will, and for all intents and purposes are at her command. These wisps when they enter into our world have the ability to possess both inanimate objects and low cognizant lifeforms/mechanical devices, bringing them 'to life.' In effect, this means an unwary adversary, in say, a library, could find themselves bombarded with an impromptu airforce comprised of the 'new fiction' section, choked by the curtains, and staring down a ramshackle golem made from the combined upholstery.

Other Remarkable Abilities: Has limited experience leading a platoon. Once did a stint commandeering a steampunk airship battling flying privateers that are all too common in her world.

Limitations: Owing their existence to the nature of the relationship between our world and the Faerie, wisps cannot exist for long outside it, essentially tethered to a source of power, namely the backpack, and therefore have a limited range of effectiveness. And while a potentially unlimited number may travel through the way-point into this plane, their capacity to animate and coordinate effectively is restricted by the strain on Piper's concentration.

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