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Real Name: Malcolm Quartz
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Mercuriel, Mercury Mercenary, Merc
Public / Secret Identity: Not applicable, Manimal.
Place of Birth: Long Beach, California.
Citizenship and Legal Status: Detroit Citizen

Age: 34
Height: 5' 9"
Weight:230 Lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Other Distinguishing Features: Scale-less experimental manimal.

Civilian Occupation:Motorcycle and drone mechanic. Small parts machinist.
Known Relatives: Erikur and Sophia Quartz, human parents living in Long Beach.
Marital Status: Single

Known Allies: Fellow manimal super "Mutt", MCPD.
Known Enemies: None, has not been active in the field for long enough to draw any ire.
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: None, but responds in the Champions Respond and Protect network.
Base of Operations: Downtown high-rise studio apartment.

Known Metahuman Powers: Ferrokinesis, control of refined metals. Superhuman endurance.
Other Remarkable Abilities: Knowledge of monsters and paranormal activity, often due to needing to return to Monster Island for materials for his machinist hobbies.
Equipment and other Items: High-yield grappling wire and hook, personal thin-layered armor suit, smoke canisters, personal headset/communication equipment.

Limitations: Merc's abilities are intense, but only project into a thirty-foot radius around himself. Merc also is unable to lift intensely heavy metal objects with his Ferrokinesis. Thusly, Mercuriel is limited to medium-and-large bladed weaponry, metallic gear options such as grenades and throwing stars/knives, or slow-moving projectile weaponry such as dart guns or pellet rifles. Mercuriel cannot bend bullets, as they travel too fast for his powers to catch.


Malcolm Quartz spent everything he had to book a flight to attend a robotics university in Millennium City. However, with the cost of living, the cost of the classes, and the general cost of his part-heavy career, Malcolm needed money. VIPER's clandestine recruitment and payment of test subjects was too good to ignore, and Malcolm was 'hired' by being paid minimally, and tossed into a cage bound for Monster Island.

Upon the aftermath of the experiments, VIPER had failed to replicate a serpentine Manimal to be used as a foot-soldier, and Malcolm found himself as a mentally augmented dragonesque creature. Rather than wait to be disposed of, he used his newfound metal-busting abilities to break out of his enclosure in the dead of night by twisting the lock on his cell into a mangled mess. The dragon-man escaped away in stealth, carried by a crash course tutorial in his new ability to make metal answer his mind.

Without anything else to do, and his home thousands of miles away, Malcolm found his way to Bureau 17, and regained his resident at Millennium City. It wasn't long until his control of metals landed him a job repairing small machines and equipment at local hobby stores, and his funds increased enough to bring about the existence of the Mercury Mercenary.
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Character belongs to @KalasEruthain , Thanks for considering my application!
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