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Real Name: Sabanto Teku
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Sabanto MK 3, Seb, Robo Girl
Public / Secret Identity: Sabanto
Place of Birth: Robotics Institute, ???
Citizenship and Legal Status: Registered Robot, complies with all laws.

Age: Meant to look/act 20, date since MK1 5 years.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 280 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color:Black
Other Distinguishing Features:Has receiver antennae for ears, robotic boots on always, and segmented artificial skin.

Civilian Occupation: None
Known Relatives: Dr. Teku (Creator)
Marital Status: Single

Known Allies: Sabanto
Known Enemies: CH0C014T3, Mechanon and Co,Scrapper
Previous Supergroup Affiliations:Order of Justice
Base of Operations: Robotics Lab in Westside.

Known Metahuman Powers: Super Fighting Robot
Other Remarkable Abilities: Can modulate voice to speak in other languages with native accent.
Equipment and other Items: Specialized Armor, durable frame and high strength motors, basic scanning capabilities.

Limitations: Only resistant to something like an EMP or high powered electrical attacks. Is water proof, but is heavy and will sink, and is fire proof up to the point of steel melting but her circuits are not. She can also run out of power after 2 days of constant operation.

Backstory: Originally designed to be the meeting of man and machine. To emulate to the best of today's technology, a human with real emotion and thought. And the idea is mostly a success, as Sabanto ends up being rather innocent in her demeanor. She was outfitted for combat after Mechanon destroyed her first body. Her AI was recovered. Thus began the work on Mk2, which was a prototype of combat systems. In an all out fight however, she was once again damaged....This time, Mk3 however, she came back a fully realized version on herself.
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