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Real Name: Eric Fuller
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Electro Spider
Public / Secret Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: The Facility simply known as the Underworld Site. Location unknown at this time.
Citizenship and Legal Status: Clone

Age: Physically, a few months.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 120 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Other Distinguishing Features: snake bites piercing

Civilian Occupation: Unemployed
Known Relatives: Aaron Roberts (Genetic template), William Mengele ("Father"), Alexandra Fuller ("Mother")

Marital Status: Dating

Known Allies: Safe Room, Tarantula
Known Enemies: William Mengele
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: None
Base of Operations: William Mengele

Known Metahuman Powers: Tarantula/human hybrid Physiology, Superhuman strength, Superhuman stamina, Superhuman agility, Superhuman reflexes, Superhuman durability, Minor Electro-kinesis, Spider senses, Regenerative healing factor

Other Remarkable Abilities: Expert hand to hand combatant, Various knife fighting styles, Master Acrobat
Equipment and other Items: A pair of combat knives, Webshooters, Lightweight armored suit.

Limitations: His Spider sense are rather weaker than usually, as he's not used to then yet. They can also be disabled completely.

Backstory: Created by one, William Mengele - from DNA from the formerly deceased superhero, The Shock, and from DNA of the Tarantula Spider. Named Eric, and given the last name of Fuller, after Dr. Alexandra Fuller. Electro Spider is another on of Mengele's creations from the facility simply known as the "Underworld Site", Eric spent the next few months of his life being trained in the art of combat, and Dubbed the Electro Spider, Eric was sent to Millennium City to hunt down, and assassinate Isaac Anderson, CEO of Perfection Technologies. After two failed attempts at Anderson's life, Eric had been told a terrible truth, by Isaac himself. The truth was that William never had intended to simply allow Eric is live after killing Isaac. Eric took the news as well as he did. He then washed his hand clean of William Mengele, and went to set out on his own, find himself a place in a world he's, technically not suppose to be apart of. He hopes ON Call is a good start.
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