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Real name: James "Jamie" Connolly
Place of Birth: Millenium City, Michigan
Citizenship: U.S. Citizen

Height: 5'9
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Redhead

Civilian ocupation: M.A.R.S. Officer
Known relatives: Cassidy Connolly (Mother, Alive) Karol Connolly (Sister, Alive)
Marital status: Single

Known Allies: MCPD, PRIMUS.
Known Enemies: Pending.
Previous affiliations: None.
Base of operations: Millenium City.

Known metahuman abilities:
Weapon aura: "[...] Mister Connolly has recently shown an unexpected... Progress, as a result of project [Redacted] Mister Connolly has been able to 'assimilate his abilities to those of his weapon' (In this case a shotgun.) and has reportedly developed... Super strength (Which is theorized to have come from the weapon in question.), Hmmm, the event reports state that 'Officer Connolly was 'thrown' away by the impact caused by the suspect, when said suspect used their metahuman strength to incapacitate Connolly's team, successfully escaping imprisionment and separating said team's members... Hmmph, and then proceeded to deliever a killing blow to officer Connolly, who's weapon had been damaged due to the impact, who in an attempt to defend himself, grabbed the damaged weapon by it's barrel, at this moment the reports of the other team members talk about a blue aura flowing from the damaged weapon up Connolly's arm, and as the suspect noticed this they stopped, exposing themselves for the following move from officer Connolly, who demonstrated a metahuman level of strength by 'hitting the side of the suspect's head with a shotgun, which sent the suspect flying through a wall and had minimal effect on the weapon and officer themselves.', i therefore use this as evidence to recomend starting the Enforcer project, and as grounds for further research of Mister Connolly's abilities."

Enhanced sences and abilities: Another result of the PRIMUS research, it was discovered his sight and hearing were enhanced together with his natural strength and endurance.

Other remarkable abilities:
Experienced with hand-to-hand: Having partaken in one instance of the MCPD boxing championship and having gone up against his share of fighter suspects Connolly has learned to fend for himself.

Equipament and items:
SG-1 prototype shotgun: A prototype shotgun that uses a specialized power cell derived out of unstable alien tech, the shotgun is able to fire a diverse array of specialized shots with each going through different percentages of the cell's power.

Kendrium handcuffs: "Hey if they are giving'em to me, might as well. Never know when they can be useful... Even as a 'hero'."

Capturefoam grenade launcher: "Ah that thing... Can't muster on how useful it is, though its pretty bulky to be running 'round with. Usually keep it steady though... Wanna take it with me to the arsenal i'll get on the On Call building... Well if they accept me that is."

Standard .45 MCPD sidearm: "Well hey, thing has saved my life too many times to give up on it now."

MARS pacifier: "Don't like to use it... Although having one or two in hand definitely helps against the bigger guys."

"Screaming mimi" MARS grenade: "Metahuman flashbang... Yeah..."

Enforcer suit: "Not that creative are they? It's made of kevlar and... Eh... What was that thing called again?

Needs a gun: He can't use his powers without a gun, at least not holding one... For now.

Mostly human: Enhanced and enduring but not inhuman.

Newbie hero, not newbie cop: Headaches, nausea, you know how it goes.
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