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Application: Caomhnóir
Real Name: Aodhan Ó Coileáin
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Black Stag
Public / Secret Identity: Keith Kelly
Place of Birth: Armagh, N. Ireland
Citizenship and Legal Status: Resident Alien, US

Height: 6'1
Weight: 225
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Other Distinguishing Features: None

Civilian Occupation: Construction
Known Relatives: Kelly's of Ulster, large family
Marital Status: Single

Known Allies:
Known Enemies:
Previous Supergroup Affiliations: None
Base of Operations: None

Known Metahuman Powers: During stress associated with combat, Caomhnóir takes on the ritualized form of the guardian, known for some time as the Black Stag. The Black Stag is a large black humanoid, almost devoid of color, with an animal-like countenance cheifly identified by a large rack of antlers and ominous white eyes. The black stag is elusively ethereal, fast healing, and a powerful melee combatant.

Other Remarkable Abilities: When in the form of the Black Stag, Caomhnóir retains a connection to the spirit world. He is able to communicate with the dead and other denizens of that realm that are occasionally willing to make bargains with the living, or have a story to tell. Despite his huge size and gruesome visage, there are some situations where Caomhnóir can move about without being seen. This is not stealth, nor is it true hermetic invisibility, but has to do with his ability to interact with a force/barrier known as the Veil; an ability to slip between the real world and spirit realm for short periods of time. While not immortal, Caomhnóir has returned before from a death-like state, and may do so again whether he'd like to or not.

Equipment and other Items: Caomhnóir is known to make some use of Druidic or Shamanistic ritual objects, fetishes, and or dress.

Limitations: While in the form of the Black Stag, Caomhnóir is relatively blase about technology. It is easy for him to overlook or underestimate technological devices. In combat, Caomhnóir can be a little reckless due to his elusive fighting style, penchant for mocking his opponents, and his fast healing. In the past it has gotten him into trouble, and even cost him the respect of his allies on occasion it also allows him to overextend himself and get badly hurt.


Aodhan Ó Coileáin was selected from birth, based on some very old and complex astrology, to take on the role of the Caomhnóir or Guardian. Through extensive ritual magic and some very old Irish traditions invoking long forgotten gods, he is able to assume the form of the Black Stag in a way that is somewhat reminiscent of lycanthropy; the Black Stag erupts from his body in much the same way as a werewolf transforms but is not dependent on the cycle of the moon. Instead, the Black Stag is demanded to defend the weak against the strong, and failing that, seek revenge for loss. The meaning of his credo is vague, but by communing with the spirits in the world beyond he is guided towards encounters that test his mettle and provide him ample opportunity to establish himself as an aggressive and irascible force for good.

Keith Kelly, by day, is an multi-talented construction worker. He pours cement, pounds rivets, and walks the narrow steel beams high above the city as it rebuilds from each encounter with villains and heroes. He's brawny, handy with tools, and loves operating heavy equipment. He makes a modest living, he loves the new craft beer craze, and eats like a horse. High girlfriends, when he has been good enough to keep one for any length of time, tend to be lively and young. He has never had much use for protectionist people with long term plans. For Keith Kelly, life is a series of moments strung together by a force of fate that he doesn't feel he needs to understand or question.

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