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#12240818 Apr 04, 2016 at 10:32 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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I don't know where else to put these, but I figured this could be helpful to new users like my friend who just joined. This will be where in-game bios will be posted as templates for those who know less about formatting and just want a quicky post.

<font style=game_header_large><b>
Primus Database Info:</b></font style></p><br><font color=Cyan><b>Name:</b><font color=White> -Insert-</p><font color=Cyan><b>Alias:</b><font color=White> -Insert-</p><font color=Cyan><b>Race:</b><font color=White> -Insert-</p><font color=Cyan><b>Gender:</b><font color=White> -Insert-</p><font color=Cyan><b>Age:</b><font color=White> -Insert-</p><font color=Cyan><b>Marital Status:</b><font color=White> -Insert-</p><br><br><font style=game_header_large><b>Background</b></font style><br><br>-Insert-</p><font style=game_header_large><font color=hotpink> RP Hooks</b></font style></p></font style><br><br>
<b>* -Insert-:</b> -Insert-<br><br>
<b>* -Insert-:</b> -Insert-<br><br>
<b>* -Insert-:</b> -Insert-<br><br>
<font style=game_header_large><font color=red><b>(( Mature RP )) Walkups Welcome!!!</b></font></p></font style>

Simply remove the pieces you don't like and replace -insert- with the relevant information.

This is how it will look once you fill everything out:

*(Edit from soulstarisborn: I decided to pin this on the character applications page as I feel this is very valuable info to have either way :) )

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#12243294 Apr 05, 2016 at 03:17 PM
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I get a lot of flak based on my Marital Status in my bios. If you do as well, just explain it this way.

The Bio's format is meant to reflect the information PRIMUS would know based on the registration or what have you. Marital Status would be a huge thing for them to know, that is at least I believe it would be. Same with how the government would care if you're married.

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