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PRIMUS Database File: Silhouette

Personal Information

Real Name: Esmeralda Darkholme
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Silhouette, The Void Queen, Esme, Esmeralda, Miss Darkholme
Public / Secret Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Dulwich, London
Citizenship and Legal Status: UK Citizen, Legal Immigrant (Possesses A Green Card)

Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs (155 lbs when not using abilities)
Eye Color: Blue (previously), Violet (normally), Solid Purple (when using abilities)
Hair Color: Black
Other Distinguishing Features: Black hair has natural purple streaks in it, due to power manifestation
Known Relatives: Henry Darkholme (Father), Elizabeth Darkholme (Mother), Richard Darkholme (Brother), James Darkholme (Brother), Charles Darkholme (Brother).
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operations: Millennium City

Known Metahuman Abilities

Dark-Force / Dark Energy Manipulation: Due to an awakened connection to a semi sentient dimension known as ‘The Endless Void’, Esme has the somewhat unnerving ability to create, shape and manipulate dark energy. Esme can use this ability to gather enough energy to negatively affect a variety of things such as objects, organic and inorganic opponents by attacking them with her dark energy. Due to her being influenced by ‘The Endless Void’, Esme is constantly sheathed in dark-force energy, providing her with significant resistance to injury but also increasing her weight. She can generate more dark energy to protect herself further, but this requires significant concentration to maintain. Her abilities also lend themselves to various different applications:

Umbrakinetic Constructs: Her dark energy abilities allow her to accomplish a wide variety of umbrakinetic feats as she can channel this power to create an absence of light, solid constructs, shadow beings and shields/barriers among other things. In addition to this Esme can manipulate it into gaseous and/or liquid forms which can be shaped/manifested in various ways, both for attacks and surveillance.

Teleportation: Upon understanding where her powers came from, Esme discovered the ability to visit the ‘Endless Void’ dimension and use it to travel between points in space and time within Earth’s plane of reality. She can also open up dimensional rifts, creating temporary link points between ‘Endless Void’ and Earth, allowing her to store and summon items or semi-sentient shadow servants to attack her enemies. She can also use this ability to escape dangerous situations as well as to visit the ‘Endless Void’ dimension.

Flight: Esme can transform her physical body into a wraith-like construct, usually in the shape of a human skull, which is capable of flying at high speeds through various different mediums, including outer space and water. Whilst in this form she has no need for air or food or water but she cannot fight in this form.

Dark Displacement: Esme can travel at extraordinary speeds by manipulating the dark energy around her to almost eliminate the friction between her and the ground she may be standing on, allowing her to "run" at unnaturally fast speeds. She can also, to some extent use this ability offensively by reducing the friction around her enemies, forcing them to lose their footing, although this skill takes greater concentration to extend to others outside herself.

Fear Inducement: A by-product of having spent a long period of time within ‘The Endless Void’ as well as her connection to it through her powers, has enabled Esme to sense the fears of others and induce feelings of real fear within them through her dark energy attacks. Esme has fine control over her fear inducement, meaning that she can make someone slightly fearful or push them into a complete psychotic break.

Endless Void Exposure: Having fully understood where her powers come from, Esme is able to briefly summon a shard of the 'Endless Void' into this plane of existence. Exposing her enemies to even just a shard the 'Endless Void' is enough to fully cripple the minds of her opponents, causing them to be a slave to their fears which in turn means they briefly serve her.

Life Force Manipulation: Esme can sense, generate and manipulate a fundamental force that allows most forms of life to appear/exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe. She is able to control her own personal life-force and as a result can constantly replenish her own life force, allowing her to heal herself at significantly accelerated rates and control how she physically ages. She naturally ages slower than normal humans. She can also manipulate/drain the life force from her enemies and use it to actively replenish herself. She can extend the benefits of her healing to others to a point. Being able to sense life force means that Esme, knows when to stop so she does not actually kill someone, unless the situation demands it. She has not fully explored this particular ability due to its nature, so in time, she may be able to accomplish extraordinary feats with it.


Arcane Knowledge: Whilst Esme's arcane knowledge does not grant her the title of mage or a true independent user of magic, she is capable of casting a select few spells from her slowly growing book of shadows. Her specific magical focus is on necromancy. Unlike most who wield necromantic power, Esme is unable to bind undead servants to her will for longer than an half an hour as she simply lacks the necessary magical might. Despite this she makes use of undead servants from time to time, although this isn't a skill she normally calls upon in combat. Aside from Necromancy, Silhouette has learnt other skills such as levitation through her study of the arcane and regularly uses this in combat where her wraith-like form would be too imposing.

Apathy: Although this is not directly a 'power' or 'ability', due to her exposure to the Endless Void and her connection with it, Esme tends to be extremely apathetic. This is most observable whilst using her powers and sometime after using them. As she is constantly connected to the void she is always at some level apathetic, however the severity of it depends on her power usage. Typically, she can come across as an unnaturally emotionless being. Whilst her capacity to feel actual emotion is diminished, she is able to understand on an intellectual level, how she -might- feel given a situation. This is often a hurdle for others to overcome when trying to get to know her.

Previous and Current Affiliations

Esmeralda has no previous affiliations that PRIMUS is aware of.

- Project: On Call (CURRENT)

Personality Profile, well there's no delicate way to say this but she is a pessimist and most times seems to be void of any emotion. Very little has moved her to express emotion of any sort, including anger, fear or happiness. She once identified as a Nihilist but has not spoken about this since, instead calling herself a Realist.

It is unclear if Esme enjoys socializing at all, as she tends to keep herself to herself but does not shy away from social events but is by no stretch of the imagination the life of the party.

Her speech regarding the 'Endless Void' dimension she speaks of, is unusual. She refers to the dimension as if it is somewhat intelligent and sentient. She has frequently referred to it as "speaking" to her.

Esme overall is a quiet young woman with a dry and sometimes decidedly dark sense of humour. Although her quietness should not be mistaken for a lack of interest or a lack of observational skills.

Despite her claim of being largely apathetic, which in the most part she does live up to, she does as much as she can to assist innocent parties.

Origins / Background Information:

Despite her current appearance and outlook on life, Esmeralda Darkholme was born into a happy upper class family in Dulwich, London. She grew up resenting the moulding her parents had tried to carry out on her to turn her into the 'The Perfect Daughter' by forcing her to attend their overwhelmingly upper class gatherings each week, wear 'proper clothing' and conduct herself in 'a way befitting an upper class English lady'.

Esme hated every minute of it, wanting to rebel but too stifled by her parents she wasn't even sure how to rebel against them. Every time she felt the urge to rebel a chilling sensation ran through her body which shook her to her core, but felt strangely familiar. Not knowing what was causing this, Esme simply repressed her feelings and moved on.

Her repressed feelings finally reached a boiling point, during a heated argument between her and Mrs Darkholme, her mother, regarding her eighteenth.

Esme snapped.

Having held in her resentment for too long, the sudden explosion of her repressed emotions shot her dormant supernatural powers to the surface in a violent display of uncontrolled power. Esme was sheathed in a thick swirl of dark energy and was lost completely in the sensations.

Only the weak sound of her mother's wheezing cut through the shroud of dark power, giving her the strength to pull it all back in. Looking down on her mother, who was now mostly a withered husk with only a few drops of life left in her, Esme screamed for the family servants, who rushed in, horrified at the sight as they called the emergency services.

Shortly after they arrived Esme collapsed, her once blue eyes had a purple hue seeping into them. As she drifted in and out of consciousness, the purple hue took her natural eye colour over entirely and her skin turned from a slightly tanned complexion to an ashen grey.

Fast forwards a few years and her mother was fully recovered but refused to even live in the same house as Esme. Her drastic change in appearance and the account of what had happened, related by her mother, made the rest of her family highly suspicious of her.

Esme managed to overhear a heated but hushed discussion between her siblings and her parents about what to do with her. Their fear of social repercussions and actual fear of whatever it was she had become was easily sensed by Esme. Unable to listen to the conversation any longer or remain where she was clearly unwanted, Esme decided to run away.

Having discovered the source of her powers, a semi sentient dimension, a few months earlier, Esme allowed herself to be guided into opening a portal to this dimension and escaped there.

That was three years ago.

For reasons unknown, Esme has recently returned to Earth in the past seven months, but this time as the self-dubbed heroine "Silhouette" in Millennium City.
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