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PRIMUS Database File: Mr. Stone

Personal Information

Real Name: Richard John Stone (R.J. Stone)
Other Aliases and Nicknames: R.J, Mr. Stone, Boss, Rich
Public / Secret Identity: Secret
Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
Citizenship and Legal Status: American Citizen

Age: 31
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 pounds
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Other Distinguishing Features: Always wears his Aviators or some form of eye covering.
Known Relatives: Marcus Stone (Father), Shonda Stone (Mother), Tyler Stone (Brother), Felicia Swan (Sister)
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operations: Millennium City

Known Metahuman Abilities

Note: Whilst R.J. technically has access to these powers, he has not fully pushed the 'limits' of the powers he currently feels comfortable using. In comparison to what R.J. should be able to accomplish, his current power use is relatively restricted. However, R.J. is improving.

Geophysical Matter Manipulation: R.J is an altered human who has been magically empowered with the ability to control and manipulate the element of Earth, as well as associated forces, to a certain point. This ability is strongest whilst he is physically grounded on some sort of surface which contains earth or when he is actually on the ground. This ability allows him to mentally manipulate earth in different forms (rock, minerals, soil, sand, lava etc) and shape them into virtually any construct he can imagine to assault his enemies. In addition to this he should be able to create and control localized earth quakes. This primary ability has opened up to R.J. the ability to direct his abilities in less conventional ways.

1 - Esoteric Earth Manipulation: R.J. is capable of manipulating and absorbing earth with supernatural properties, and is able to use it for various purposes.

Geothermal Healing: R.J. can channel geothermal energy through his body, which somehow translates this into regenerative energy which he can use to heal his injuries. This ability is limited to his ability to focus. R.J. should be able to extend this ability through the earth or himself in order to heal others within a specific range from him.

Geophysical Matter Surfing & Movement: A few months after he received his abilities R.J. realized he was capable of riding on the earth itself as well as in it. Whilst this was difficult at first, he soon mastered the ability to fly on large chunks of earth, allowing him to reach very high places. He is also able to continually part and collapse earth around him, allowing him to effectively 'tunnel' through the earth beneath him at high speeds.

Enhanced Durability: R.J.'s connection to the Earth has enhanced his body in several different ways, most notably is his sharp increase in durability in comparison to his body without superhuman powers. Impacts such as bullet fire, blunt forces and general attacks even super powered ones have less impact on him due to his enhanced durability. At times of real danger, R.J. can harden his body into an almost stone-like form. This is more apparent when he is solidly connected to the ground.

Enhanced Endurance: R.J.'s connection to the Earth has enhanced his ability to remain focused at tasks, allowing him to remain without food, air, sleep or water for significantly longer periods of time than a human in peak condition. He can also carry out strenuous tasks for significantly longer periods of time than a human in peak condition.

Minor Perceptual Manipulation: R.J. appears to be able to consciously alter how he is perceived by those he encounters or those who see him. R.J. uses this ability mostly to protect his secret identity by creating a minor perceptual distortion (shifting his visible features slightly) on his face. It is possible that with focused effort and much more training, R.J. could develop some ability in creating larger scale illusions. It is unclear where this ability comes from.


Natural Strength: R.J. spends a lot of time training his body to the best it can be, especially since becoming a super hero. He can utilize his strength in situations where his powers may not be able to assist him. He is able to bench around 190 pounds. It is unclear if this has been enhanced by his Earth abilities, but he has reported feeling stronger when close to Earth.

Fast Learner: R.J. is very unlikely to repeat the same mistake twice, this is especially apparent against enemies in combat. If an attack has not worked the first time he is unlikely to try the same thing again and will adapt accordingly.

Quick Thinker: Whilst R.J. isn't super intelligent or able to think as fast as some heroes. He is exceptionally good under pressure and can make snap decisions and act with impressive and sometimes surprising speed in an otherwise dangerous scenario.

Magical Aptitude: R.J., according to a recent disclosure by the Scottish super villain Cairngorm Stoneblood, R.J. has the ability to utilize magic, specifically 'natural magic'. This has not been directly confirmed or disproved.

Previous and Current Affiliations

"Mr. Stone" has no previously recorded affiliations.

- Project: On Call (CURRENT)

Personality Profile

Richard, or R.J. has he prefers to be called, is a very laid back yet industrious man. He has mixed views about his powers, but for the sake of the greater good, has tried to force himself to embrace his abilities fully. However, this is a bit of a struggle.

R.J. can be caught up in his emotions, especially when witnessing injustice. This usually results in dramatic consequences, for better or for worse.

He enjoys socializing on occasion but prefers to spend his time in the gym. His fixation on his physique is not uncommon but can sometimes come across as obsessive and somewhat intimidating to others.

R.J. has expressed some level of discomfort from being away from or not being able to detect any earth or some sort of natural mineral he can manipulate for long periods of time.

Origins / Background Information:

Mr. Stone was your above average night club owner who dabbled in the pimping business from time to time. He was financially secure and every "bad guy" and sometimes even "good guys" would slip into his 'After Dark' Night Club and pay through the nose for his...'services'. Although the side business of pimping was less than respectable, he firmly believed he did his best to make sure his employees were taken care of like people. He severely punished reckless patrons who thought they could get away with pulling stunts with his employees, both at his nightclub and his side business.

On one occasion, a member of Cairngorm Stoneblood's Druid followers kidnapped two of his workers. R.J. managed to track them down moments before they were to be exposed to the power of one of the four elemental gems, the Earth Gem. Seeing not just his employees but also, his friends in beaten up and helpless in danger completely consumed his ability to think rationally. Thinking fast he jumped in front in an effort to save them from the seemingly fatal, now ruined ritual. The ritual reached full power under mysterious circumstances that were out of the druids control and the power from the Earth Gem hit R.J. with full force, warping his body. The residual magical energy managed to affect his two workers as well, knocking them out. Having ruined the ritual with his actions, R.J. was left where he lay and the druids fled the scene leaving the three for dead.

R.J. awoke a few hours later coated in a fine layer of earth, which had moulded itself to his body shape, as he moved the layer fell apart instantly. Bringing himself up he managed to prop himself up on a funny looking piece of earth nearby. As he looked around at the slowly dying flames and the faint smell of ritualistic potions he looked back to his employees and his eyes widened.

They had been transformed into pure stone statues. Still frozen in their unconscious poses.

After processing this, the building they were in began to rock and shake violently as if an earthquake was occurring. This new and dangerous situation compelled him to action and after vowing to his now petrified friends and in his heart to find out who was responsible R.J. left the building, bursting through the warehouse doors and back to his car, just as the warehouse collapsed.

Too stunned by the recent events to notice that the rest of the area did not seem to suffer from this earthquake he experienced...

Fast forward a few years and into the new year of 2015, R.J. took on the alias "Mr. Stone" and has started to embrace his Earth related abilities. Instead of regularly using his powers to get what he wants and on occasion knocking some bad guy heads together, his attitude went through a complete transformation, and started viewing his powers as a blessing more so than a curse.

In addition to this, R.J. cleaned up the reputation of his night club "After Dark" quickly propelling it into the spotlight by utilizing social media and investments, changing it into a hybrid venue, an upscale restaurant and night club. As a result, "After Dark" soon gained some celebrity clientele, including the pop sensation and superhero Sapphire, who gave the venue highly positive reviews, which have since attracted high end clients. R.J. has his commitments as the owner, but is working to ensure he can play a more supervisory role for his business and throw himself more into the hero side of his life.

As the years have gone on since he gained powers and entered the world of crime fighting, R.J. noticed that more and more heroes are forming super teams and fighting together. Since early April 2015, R.J. has had a few opportunities to work alongside other heroes but has never really asked to join their organization but has really wanted to. After eavesdropping on a few conversations above ground, R.J. has heard quite a bit about Project: On Call and is honoured to have joined their ranks.

Although R.J. has some trouble embracing his super hero identity, he manages to fight alongside his team with vigour and spirit.
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