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S.A.I.T. Asset Transference File: Chance

Personal Specifications

Species: Human (Mutant)
Name: Skye Summers
Field Name: Chance
Other Aliases and Nicknames: Miss Summers, Lady Lux, Lucky
Public / Secret Identity: Secret Identity
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Citizenship and Legal Status: American Citizen
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde (At birth). Gold (Post mutation manifestation)
Other Distinguishing Features: Hair is medium length and has dyed purplish ends.
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operations: Millennium City

Known Metahuman Abilities

Probability Manipulation: Skye Summers is a human mutant who's primary mutation grants her the unconscious psionic ability to constantly affect her environment, allowing her to alter the probability that incoming assaults will actually hit her or be fatal to her person or that something will work in her favour.

Enhanced Reflexes: Skye's reflexes are permanently modified as a result of her mutation, allowing her to possess a significantly lowered reaction time to both other humans and in some cases other super humans.

Enhanced Agility & Dexterity: Skye's agility and dexterity have been permanently modified as a result of her mutation, allowing her to excel both in physical and mental situations with ease when compared to other humans and in some cases super humans.

Enhanced Senses: Skye's senses were also permanently modified as a result of her mutation. Whilst her normal five sense by no means exist on a superhuman level, she processes information from her senses at approximately six times the speed that a human at peak physical condition is able to.

Enhanced Physical Condition: Skye's mutation permanently altered her physiology resulting in much higher than average body tissue density. As a result of this, her body is more resistant to impacts than a peak human and actually places her durability, strength, endurance and other physical traits within the super / meta human spectrum. This allows her to withstand hits from super human opponents if necessary and also allows her strikes to injure or in some cases (if she chooses to) incapacitate even super humanly durable opponents.

Sphere of Awareness: Skye is in possession of a "sixth sense" which operates within and outside her field of vision. In dangerous circumstances this sense appears to push her mutation into overdrive allowing her to achieve superhuman levels of durability for a short period of time by slowing her perception of time akin to that of "Bullet Time Speed".

Chi Manipulation: Chi Manipulation was not originally an ability that Skye was born with but was 'gifted' to her by an old team mate 'Myxster'. Whilst the applications of this ability are quite varied, Skye uses it mainly in three different ways:

Cellular Regeneration: Also known as "Healing". With this ability Skye can channel a personal amount of life energy from her surroundings and convert it into regenerative energies which allow her to heal at a steady rate for as long as she channels the healing effect. She cannot use this ability to aid others.

Chi Enhanced State: Skye can channel her chi energy to further enhance her physical state, allowing her to possess higher levels of endurance than her normal baseline of enhanced endurance. She has on occasion used this ability to enhance the strength of her attacks on superhumanly tough opponents with incredible defences. Skye has been trained to channel this energy through her mind, allowing her to increase her defences against magical or even psychic attacks on her mind.

Chi Enhanced Offense: Whilst Skye normally relies on her enhanced strength, gadgets and her knowledge of various different fighting styles to combat threats, on occasion, she will channel her Chi Energy in a highly offensive manner, empowering her strikes against her foes with deadly Chi energy. When infusing her assaults with her Chi Energy, her deadly strikes become fatal, so she does not often use this application of her powers.


Espionage Training: Skye received espionage training from S.A.I.T. and regularly employs her skills in the field whenever they are called upon. Her espionage training included a variety of skills such as advanced gadget usage, bomb disposal and data retrieval & acquisition (computer hacking skills) among other things. She almost always carries a variety of gadgets with her and will employ them in the field if she needs to.

Martial Arts: As part of her training for S.A.I.T., Skye was put through several forms of martial arts, managing to master a number of martial styles including T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Taekwondo, Wushu & Karate and is highly experienced in other fighting styles such as Kickboxing & Shaolin Monk Kung Fu. Skye was also taught a specific type of martial art exercise routine derived from original and well known techniques known as 'SAITercize'.

Flight Skills: Skye is capable of flying a range of different vehicles as well as able to achieve personal flight via the use of her jetpack.

Previous and Current Affiliations

*S.A.I.T. (Superhuman Agents In Training)'s 'Elite Three' (PREVIOUS)
*Project: On Call (CURRENT)

Psychological Evaluation

Miss Skye Summers or Chance, as she is known in the field, is a psychologically stable individual. Skye's personality at base level seems to be oddly neutral and she seems quite attentive to the actions of others as well as their opinions but also manages to come across as quite assertive and at the same time approachable.

However in combat situations or when given an assignment she can appear highly driven and focused. More often than not, if in an unfamiliar situation Skye's [---REDACTED---]

Further information regarding Skye's psychological evaluation has not been made accessible at the wishes of the client. The finer details of the report remain confidential. After this point, it is advised that if more data is required, seek the permission of the client (Miss Summers) before contacting me. ~ Dr. Singh

Personal Background

Skye Summers was born into a middle class family in Detroit and remained blissfully unaware of her status as a mutant until she entered middle school. In middle school a series of enlightening events occurred which made Skye aware of her mutant status.

Ever since "The Softball Incident" & "The Talk" Skye has been working to discover the extent of her mutation and understand the sub mutations that stemmed from her primary one. Skye, with her father's help, managed to skilfully balance her life with trying to control and understand her mutation.

Although her mutation is not incredibly apparent and her parents did their best to keep Skye's mutation a secret...Skye managed to attract the attention from a certain secret government organization (S.A.I.T.) looking to recruit young mutants and train them.

Overwhelmed at the prospects of joining, Skye accepted the invitation and began secretly training with S.A.I.T. during her 7th Grade and continued till she reached her senior year at MC High. Whilst in S.A.I.T., Skye's skills were honed and she was taught how to be an effective agent through a series of espionage training courses. Her innate talent for martial arts, enhanced physical condition as well as her ability to learn quicker than most allowed her to master various fighting styles in a shortened period of time. However, when she reached her senior year at MC High, the organization's funding was cut under mysterious circumstances.

During her time with S.A.I.T., Skye took on the alias 'Chance' and learned how to use (and has kept) a variety of gadgets as well as her mutation to complete assignments.

Skye/Chance is pleased to have been accepted as a new member to Project On Call. Her happiness is appropriately tempered by her concern at the supernatural creature who almost killed her last team, known only as "XIUHCOATL" and the threat it may pose to her new allies.
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