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Warriors of Mettle Part 2 : Boogie Wonderland

Date: Feb 01, 2019
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: SoulStar
Alliance Event: Yes
Miguel Richardsons has now just became the most targeted person due to recent events.
(Details here)
In order to protect this prisoner he is being moved from one facility to another until things can be resolved once and for all. However it seems outside forces have ramped up their own efforts in his capture for their own reasons. The confirmed killer known as Boogie is now released and will do anything to get to him. Rumor also has it he 's been given an unknown upgrade to strengthen his efforts. Do whatever is necessary to take him down before it's too late but especially protect Mr. Richardsons.

Had a hard time getting a good date due to the holidays but I've settled for Friday February 1st at 20:00 Server Time(8:00PM EST) to be the premiere of this rp event.

All of it will take place ingame. If rping on discord is easier for all then we can adjust to that whatever is best. If interested just sign up or tell me in private tells
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