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Warriors of Mettle Part 1

Date: Sep 21, 2018
Time: 12:00 AM
Posted by: SoulStar
Alliance Event: Yes
Warriors of Mettle Part 1
" So you think you're lonely"

The group known as Warriors of Mettle are in the middle of a large scale battle against a downed PRIMUS convoy that was sent out to New Orleans to investigate a possible nest of paranormal related creatures. It is currently unknown why they decided to strike at the vehicle and its soldiers but something is not quite right either. Project On Call has been sent out to intervene and figure out what this is all about.


This is going to involve several characters at once so it's really best that this segment of the three part arc is a forum rp. You may use as many On Call characters of yours as you prefer from both the main team and the ASAP Division portion of the team.

This entire rp will be estimated to take a few weeks at best and if it takes any longer I will speed up the process the end it early. You will be given two to three days time to post with your selected characters as well.

Will start on Friday September 21st

If you wish to know more about what's exactly going down then I made a recent summary update that spills out mostly what's been happening.

Summary of No One,The Deck of Many Things, and The Warriors of Mettle
If you are interested in joining this then merely signup or say something in the comments below thanks!
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